Solstice Blessings

Tuesday June 20th 2017
Satan watches the caresses of Adam and Eve —by William Blake

Satan watches the caresses of Adam and Eve —by William Blake

It’s true the world around us is in upheaval. We are in a time of transition, with all the dangers, obstacles and dramas which that entails. And astrologically on this Solstice we can expect the collective emotional temperature to be turned up to boiling point — (with Mars and the Sun in Cancer soon to oppose Pluto in Capricorn square Jupiter in Libra and finally Uranus in Aries.) This summer is already too hot.

However, within this maelstrom, there are some outstanding positives on which to focus here at the turning point of summer. The shape of the planets on this day is said to flavour the following three months — until the equinox in September.

The Sun at 0° Cancer, the turn of the year

The Sun at 0° Cancer, the turn of the year

First of all, Venus and the Moon are conjoined in Taurus — and both are exceptionally powerfully placed. This already steadies the atmosphere somewhat. Venus, the planet of peace, is in her own sign. Here she is both practical and sensuous. She is the goddess of spring, of love and of natural beauty. The Moon is “exalted” in Taurus — empowered yet not overbearing. This is an incredibly fecund pairing. Something initiated at this Solstice could bear luscious fruit. It’s also an emotionally sound, kind pairing. Look to where Taurus is in your natal chart to see how you can tap into this.

Secondly, Jupiter, the planet of generosity, judges and priests, has turned direct in Venus’s other sign, Libra, the sign of fairness. Jupiter is on the point of a “finger of god” or Yod aspect, from Venus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces. This gives that planet even more propulsion, forcing it to act. The Yod is an aspect of change and adjustment. Both Venus-Moon in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces speak of compassion and hope. Watch how compassionate legislation (Jupiter in Libra) is pushed forward. The danger is, of course, that legal action is taken in an emotional fog, but we are accentuating the positive here.  On a personal level, this could be about making sweeping (positive) changes in one-to-one relationships, stopping them from stagnating. All of us may be able to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes this summer (or should that be swim a mile in flippers given the planets involved? Maybe it’s a triathlon.)

Thirdly, look at what Saturn, Uranus and the North Node are doing. They are in a fiery Grand Trine. Now some astrologers would argue that the North Node casts no aspects — however, I think planets certainly cast aspects to the North Nodes — and a trine is an easeful change. This does look as if you need to make an effort to activate it, though. If you have planets or points in the last 10° of a fire sign, you should be able to tap into this creative Grand Trine. It’s could be about taking practical steps to make a big project become real. Saturn in Sagittarius wants to change how we think about organising information — publishing, broadcasting, universities; how we tell big stories. Last time Saturn was here we saw the door open for shock jocks and desktop publishing. Uranus in Aries demands that we be bold and take the initiative — or that we bring fire to the people…

So although the temperature collectively is too hot, on a personal level, the time is ripe to dare, to make change, to hope, to be brave and creative.

Solstice blessings.











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  1. mike says:

    Christmas is only six months away! Yee gods. So much has happened between solstice 2016 and now…difficult to remember it all, difficult to make sense of it all. I was a late teenager with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the 1960s and the summer of love seemed so radical, fresh, alive…unlike the repressive, dull, duplicitous, crotchety summer we face under May and Trump. I’m a bit jealous of the French and Canadians, though no one is immune. The solstice chart has Mercury, Venus, and Neptune in their signs of rule, with Venus the final dispositor of the other planets. Those three planets could make for a fine summer of indulgent escapism, if one is able or inclined. I suspect there will much desire to flee the mundane. Happy solstice!

  2. Unmystic Mom says:

    Today is also the start of this Session of Parliament. I look forward to seeing the influence of Jupiter in Libra (very literally, senior people/the ruling class/legislators being in a balance/hung parliament).

    Venus in Taurus can be interpreted as the EU, Europa (Venus) on a bull (Taurus).

    Could Neptune in Pisces be interpreted as the Leavers and/or the nation living in a dream world? I would presume that Neptune in its own sign of Pisces means that the dreams/illusions are particularly heightened.

    In either case, the Yod can be interpreted as the EU and Leavers driving/putting pressure on the balanced legislature.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    • Christina says:

      Neat interpretation, I like it.
      You could take it further too, since that Venus-Moon is making a nice trine to Pluto in Capricorn & zippy sextile to the UK Moon in Cancer opposite that Pluto. Pluto is, of course, on the Tory Party ASC right now. Golly, maybe the EU will put us out of our misery… like a sad wounded bulldog. 🙁