A Short Moment of Libran Momentum

Friday September 29th 2017
Francois Boucher — The Swing

Francois Boucher — The Swing

Today, September 29, is the birthday of three truly great painters — all masters of colour and movement.

Here is Boucher, whose decorative, feathery, rococo paintings defined the taste of 18th century France.

The Birth of the Milky Way — Jacopo Tintoretto

Here is Tintoretto, the Venetian colourist, “Il Furioso”, who’s mastery of movement and gesture make his figures fly.

The Inspiration of St Matthew

The Inspiration of St Matthew — Michelangelo Caravaggio

Here is Caravaggio, the dark master of the Baroque — intense realism, fanatical attention to detail and passion.

Hope that takes your mind off things!

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  1. Vesta says:

    I don’t know the orb, but I remember reading somewhere that 25 September and thereabouts is about beauty, and people born around this time are very beautiful. My sister-in-law is, and she really is beautiful, she can wear anything and look amazing. My AC is 7 Libra, I don’t know if that’s close enough, but I hope some of it rubs off of me. My skin’s alright and my face hasn’t changed tooooo much yet…
    I’m not surprised beauty extends to art as well. Thank you for these!

  2. A very belated correction here. Fragonard b. 4 April 1732 painted The Swing. What’s very Aries about Fragonard overall is his stress on the kiss and heads together. The Swing is admittedly a more Libran sort of picture from Fragonard and it’s true Boucher was a Libran. This involved a certain emphasis in his painting upon the buttocks which Libra rules and the philosophe Diderot, another Libran, found rather disgusting particularly when Boucher had used his wife as model. More famously it was Louise O’Morphy’s derriere in a Boucher painting certified her role as Louis XV’s mistress.