Astrology of Now: Touched by the Moon

Monday September 18th 2017
Florence Mary Anderson

Florence Mary Anderson

This week, Mercury, Mars and Venus, the three rocky little planets closest to our own planet Earth are visible at dawn, and today, Lady Luna sails in front of those planets in a multiple “occultation”. What is more, the Royal Star Regulus is part of the show too.

“The last time the moon slid past three planets within 24 hours as it will this week was on March 5, 2008 (when it was Mercury, Venus and Neptune), and the next time will be in 2036, according to EarthSky. During this year’s event, as a bonus, the moon will also interrupt the light from Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation Leo, a few hours after it passes Venus.” — from The New York Times

Mars and Mercury are currently conjunct in Virgo. Venus is at the end of Leo — pretty much on the eclipse point of August 21.

Wherever the Moon travels in the Zodiac becomes activated, but as you can imagine, this time around it’s more so. The Moon is, of course, our irrational, sensing nature. The Moon is mothers, intuition and nourishment; food and tribe.

If you have any points or planets between 28° Leo and 9° Virgo, they may well feel sensitised. If the eclipse hit you, you may have a ripple effect.

This Lady Luna is opposing Neptune, the Sea Lord now also. There is a lot of wet, emotional energy around, likely to snuff out anything else. But there is also a potential for greater spiritual awareness, a little awakening.

There is something overwhelming about this energy, as we approach the New Moon on September 20, which makes an exact opposition to Chiron in Pisces, a place of collective wounding — or healing.

Be sensitive to yourself today, and to other people.

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  1. Vesta says:

    what an annoying day, ruined first thing with a phone call. Looking at the news, it seems like everyone’s on stupidity pills. ugh
    I suppose Monday is Monday. :/
    My progressed MC is the eclipse point. I can’t shake my anger now it’s been triggered. I know what it is, it’s just the energy, but once you’re shaken up, it’s incredibly hard to get the calm back. Today feels ruined. 🙁

  2. 44 and counting says:

    I’m still waiting for the eclipse to affect me! Five planets and two asteroids within 2-4degs conjunct and square of it. Back in 1998 the same eclipse point was a definite moment when life changed but so far not this time around. This new moon falls within a degree of my Pluto and sextile Jupiter.

    Something has to show up sometime …

    • Christina says:

      Keep us posted, 44. The eclipse was actually on my ASC & I’m finding the unfolding surprisingly internal so far.

      • 44 and counting says:

        The eclipse formalised or triggered the grand trine that occurred in May between the North Node, Saturn and Uranus. For me, those occurred in my 4H, 8H, 12H respectively and hit my 4H Leo Sun/Moon/Venus/Juno as did the eclipse.

        Throwing in that I had progressed moon in late Aries during that period and it’s definitely crossed my Taurus ascendant the last couple of weeks. I’ve become “self-absorbed” to use someone else’s phrase which was probably because I stopped using Facebook at end of June and have been pruning som relationships. I’ve developed tunnel vision this last month or so and I’m no longer second-guessing myself like I used to.

        So yes, there’s a lot of internal change been going on although most of it was done in May/June especially as it’s been my ‘internal’ houses getting hit.

        More of those Uranus/Saturn trines coming up in Oct-Nov and will be happy to get Jupiter across my descendant and on its way to its fourth return in Scorpio!