Astrology of Now: Ceres, Abundance or Famine

Monday September 4th 2017


Harvest worker — Mykola Pymonenko

Harvest worker — Mykola Pymonenko


As the goddess of grain and agriculture,  Ceres was one of the most important deities in Rome. The “world of Ceres”, a pit with a stone lid, was ceremonially opened three times a year – August 24, October 5 and November 8 – and offerings were left for the goddess of abundance.

Right now, Ceres is in moist, fertile Cancer. Cancer is, of course, one of the most fertile signs, but it is also associated with the sea, tides and the Moon. In many parts of the world right now, the earth is literally bathed in water.

Ceres has just had a meeting with Venus in Cancer, and an opposition to her mortal enemy, the kidnapper of Proserpine her only daughter, Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. It’s interesting that “the world of Ceres” was also underground. She was the one of the only people — gods or mortals — able to strike a deal with Pluto. When her daughter is Queen of the Underworld, the land sleeps — it is winter. But there is more than one kind of winter: there are famines and floods.

Of course these floods around the globe have fallen between the eclipse and the huge Full Moon in Pisces on September 6, which conjoins the Lord of the Sea himself, Neptune. On that day also, Ceres will make a perfect square to Jupiter in Libra — the sign of measuring the grain — and Uranus in Aries — the sign of the individual. This generational opposition — between Jupiter and Uranus — is due for its final hit on September 28, and Ceres is transferring energy between the two in a hard aspect.

It might be an idea to leave an offering for the goddess right now. Like Saturn, she wields a blade which cuts down more than John Barleycorn.


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  1. Alice says:

    My son was born this year on the day when transiting Sun was conjunct my natal Ceres 6 degrees Cancer ? In my 5th house.

    • Christina says:

      Perfect! And many congratulations. So lovely.

      • Alice says:

        Thank you so much! It was positive birth experience. Birth of my first son on 31.08.2009 was more plutonic, dangerous and when I looked at transits they show: Ceres on my Pluto in Libra in 8 house. Transiting Pluto opposed transiting Mars that was 3 degrees from my natal Ceres. Pluto had just entered Capricorn. That was horrible experience.
        Both boys share Mars opposition Pluto aspect in their charts. Older has than both squaring Mercury, and the little one has Mars-Pluto-Jupiter T-square.

  2. aqua says:

    The news so far leading up to this Neptune/ full moon Pisces virgo is painful in its accurate symbolism

    Daca and the Dreamers..
    Hurricane Irma, already the biggest storm seen in the area, following Harvey with Jose close on her heels.

    Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world

    And Putin discusses global annihilation.. and my mums having an opperation just now, with her moon in Pisces .. her sister just had multiple strokes and is also in hostpital…
    christ on a bike
    And how are you? 😉

    • Christina says:

      Well, I think I may have mentioned somewhere that this eclipse took place on my ascendant — (yes, me&Don!). I have radically changed my eating pattern (Ceres) which is making me feel much better — and had a massive revelation about my own neuropsychology!

      • aqua says:

        Um I may be misreading that, but if not deepest sympathies.
        Excellent news about the eating pattern, does it involve cutting back on grains , ceres opp pluto 😉