Double Retrograde for A Reactionary Throwback

Wednesday September 6th 2017

Oh the splendidness of astrology.

I was listening to that Jacob Rees-Mogg, a 48-year-old elderly schoolboy who may actually become the next leader of the British Conservative Party. He is a caricature of “posh”, with the faux self-deprecating, smooth-bumbling of an Etonian (super polite and very rude simultaneously), and the opinions of, well, a bigot.

So, I was grinding my teeth, when I thought, I bet he’s a got Mercury Retrograde in Gemini.

Lo, dear reader, he has — and more.

No birth time so cast for sunrise

No birth time so cast for sunrise

Rees-Mogg’s “young fogey” act makes good TV, just like Trump’s “you’re fired” thing, and Boris Johnson’s bumbling idiot thing. All three are Geminis. Get on TV enough and people think they know you; people think they know you, and they end up voting for you. So maybe he’s not as old fashioned as he makes out.

The character that he plays — eccentric aristocrat — may be a throwback, but the medium he uses is full 21st century.

Just look at his chart — and marvel. Both Mars and Mercury are retrograde (looking backwards) in the signs associated with media and communications — Gemini and Sagittarius — and they are opposed. If you listen to what he says, rather than being distracted by how he says it, you might just be appalled.

For the benefit of readers outside the UK, here he is on TV from this morning. You may note the evidence of a stellium in Virgo. During this Mercury Rx in Virgo, Rees-Mogg has been all over the media…




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  1. MaryB says:

    I watched the two television clips of this person twice just to make sure I understood a tiny bit of who he was, since I’m an American. I have a thought or two, to wit: Why do I get the feeling that he wants us to think that he’s Benedict Cumberbatch? And, two, why does he think that Victoria is still on the throne and that the British Empire is still intact? I don’t know. First impressions are often wrong and I could be wrong about him, but is this what Britons really want in a leader? Please don’t make the same mistake that we did. I’m waiting for Donald Trump to start a shooting war with South Korea.

    • Vesta says:

      The Conservatives would have everyone believe the British Empire is still a thing. They even believe it themselves. It’s come as a shock to them that those post-Brexit trade deals haven’t come that easily. I think they were completely stunned by India’s response.
      Tory schtick on Europe is ‘they need us more than we need them’. Incredible arrogance, based on their delusion British Empire still exists. It was effectively over, what, 50 years ago? After Suez anyway, and certainly by the early 1970s. The UK has been hanging on the coattails of USA and calling it power. Our politics copies America’s. From what I can gather, it goes back 50 years, which coincides with the end of empire.
      That’s what’s collapsed now. The American empire is over too. The USA is having a Trump tantrum, turned its back on the world and announced it’s not playing anymore, unless it’s war in which case the toys are being lined up. Where does that leave Britain and its pretence of empire? Nowhere.
      We have these cartoon caricatures like Rees-Mogg who play at stereotypes. I’m not sure why, to appeal to lazy voters who can’t be bothered to keep up with the news? To stop proper grown up politics? Personality politics and performing for the media?
      In a way, Rees-Mogg is a bit like Trump in that it’s a peak of sorts. Trump is peak white supremacist, abuse of power by business, mediocre white male with more power than he knows what to do with. Rees-Mogg is the ineffectual mediocre white male who finds himself among the ruling elite. He is known for falling asleep in parliament.
      In each case, the appeal is their money. Trump’s is partly inherited and partly self-made. Rees-Mogg’s is entirely inherited, I think. Their base is people who are dazzled by it, who think ‘he’s rich, he must know what he’s doing’. People who give their power away.
      The right wing seem to have got incredibly lazy. Either that or they have nowhere else to go with their tired old routine. I’m seeing the start of an unstoppable shift to the left. It started a few years ago and it’s starting to pick up pace. It puts right the unstoppable shift to the right that began 50 years ago. But I’ve gone a bit off topic. 🙂

      • soab says:

        Gone off topic – not at all.

        It actually all came to a crash, when the British Pound stopped being the reserve currency, but that is not to say that you are wrong. Its all been a series of steps downwards. The Americans are soon to lose the reserve currency position. Hell once the petro-dollar collapses, and China this past week has put a nail in the coffin of that, with enabling the conversion of oil-gold-yaun, then America will experience the same as Blighty has done over the past 100 years.

        Personally I think that we need to go back to a gold standard, should we keep the monetary system. But really I think money is a barbarous relic. We have machines that can mass produce, but people still go without – as charlie chaplain put it. But now I am off topic, and its too progressive for conservatives anyway 🙂

        • Vesta says:

          What’s happening with money is *really* interesting. 🙂 I don’t understand it all, I don’t have the background, but there’s much to suggest money and its value is in question. There’s also new currencies like bitcoin that are changing things, but I’m not au fait enough to comment.
          It’s kind of mixed up with the politics of scarcity, which, going back on topic, people like Trump and Rees-Mogg exploit. Politics of scarcity ties in with what we’re seeing with inequality, a gross abuse of power where the very rich are on the take, steal from everyone, and call it ‘hard work’ or that they somehow ‘deserve’ it. People hear them bleat about their entitlement and believe it without question. If we dumped the bs and switched to politics of abundance, no one would go without. Basic income would be an example of politics of abundance. Those machines that mass produce being required to pay a higher tax to fund it, in reparation for loss of jobs. Not something Trump or Rees- Mogg would like! I no longer care, people are going hungry, struggling to survive, while they claim privilege based on how much they have in the bank.

          • Vesta says:

            @Christina, I’m hearing that too, that money is going to change completely. It’s why I’ve been looking at new ideas and trends with a different eye. I don’t see them as alternatives so much as hints/clues towards where we’re heading.

            @soab, I don’t know about ‘alt’, but yes, new ideas definitely, and trying to understand as best I can. 🙂 We’re not taught about where money comes from or how the economy works, so it’s a bit of a learning curve. Yay internet though! I love that I can look things up. There are some great economists and thinkers I am paying attention to right now, you can probably guess who they are given what I’m saying. 🙂 They are influential, but also, and this is the most important point in my opinion, they’re imaginative. Imagination seems to have died under neoliberalism, along with our humanity and compassion. It needs to come back and fast, someone needs to imagine a new economic model for a start. And we need to stop voting for cardboard cliches like Trump and Rees-Mogg. 2D TV fodder with nothing but soundbites and the clothes they’re standing up in. Trump is so erratic he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but Rees-Mogg does, he’s all about seizing power whatever it takes. They’re both nazis, if only people would see it. And that’s not an exaggeration or overstatement, it’s what nazis look like today. That’s slightly off topic, although, retrograde? Something from the past returning? Maybe I’m still on topic.

          • Christina says:

            I think “money” is going to change completely during Uranus in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn period…

          • soab says:

            I see like myself you peruse the alt-economic sites.

            The problem with basic income is that just like now with the gov complementing the wages of working people with welfare, the employer can then go-on and pay even less income; it just becomes a gig-economy. Not unlike what Christine the astrologer does here.

            What I would suggest is with machines taking jobs, is let machines take all the jobs. Let the machines mass produce, and we would benefit. We could get rid of money all together. But I do not think TPTB would like that, as their power is linked on the main with their riches. So it will take a long time for that to happen.

            Coming back to a gold standard. A gold standard would pretty much stop inflation. It would stop banks being able to print money out of thin air. It would stop gov from spending what it does not have. You would be able to put a thousand away and know that in a years time, or three, or five that you would be able to buy the same amount of stuff with that money. Inflation is a tax.

            I myself know very little about crypto’s. I should have bought when they were £100 a coin – should have, would have, could have. Their on a tear, as capital flight in the quest to avoid devaluation and earn an income is pilling into crypto. I have gold and silver but have pretty much missed the boat on crypto.

            Oh well!!

    • soab says:

      I presume you mean North Korea. But lets not forget Afghanistan, and Venezuela.

      The Conservatives mission is to drag the country back into a previous centiry. Thatcher tried for the Victorian age. Cameron for whatever age came before that. I think May is aiming for Henry VI age (magna carter). May this one will aim for the dark ages.

    • Christina says:

      Ha ha — well spotted — he went to the same school as Cumberbatch, where they turn ‘em out like that.
      Yes, I keep on wondering if his on-line “admirers” are actually in Ukraine or Novosibirsk.

  2. soab says:

    @vesta – I got the term ‘alt-economics’ not that long ago off the web off course:)

    Trouble is with BBC economics – as I call it – is that they give perspective without awareness. That is they tell you that the ‘official’ inflation rate is 2.31%, but dont explain why. Its deliberate, as they dont want the masses to be interested in economics, so they make it as boring as possible. it need not be like that. Economics is interesting. Doesnt Mike Maloney say that knowing about economics is the most important thing you could know – or words like that.

    My suspicion about Trump is that TPTB are containing him – just like what happened, or at least the PTB tried to do with Herr Hitler in the thirties. It makes me wonder what will happen in this country should Jezz get into power in Downing Street. It just goes to show that whoever you vote for, you are not going to get.

    The economic policies of any party are half-baked anyway. They talk about saving money, and make cuts in this regard, yet allow the printing of money to continue unabated. Its just false economy.

    @Christina – I dont know about that. Will have to wait and see. But it could be positive if/when Uranus comes into contact as a trine to Pluto.