Astrology of Now: The Darkest Moon

Sunday December 17th 2017
Ancient Egyptian canopic jars containing the organs of the deceased.

Ancient Egyptian canopic jars containing the organs of the deceased.

Yesterday morning, you could see the Moon like a great grey coin in the dawn sky, reflecting just a tiny sliver of light. Today she is already in the sign of the centaur, Sagittarius, where she will be utterly obscured at around 7.30 am (UT) on December 18 (tomorrow) when she is in conjunction with the Sun.

Five hours later (around 2.10pm), the Moon meets Saturn, staggering to the end of his tour in Sagittarius. Less than half an hour later, Lady Luna steps into Capricorn, her fall.

So the energy of the Moon in Sagittarius is here now — we are in the “Dark Moon” phase. This is the final Dark Moon before Saturn’s departure on the very edge of this sign. It’s part of the stately dance discussed in the previous post about Mercury Retrograde.

This Moon is about endings. It is the darkest hour, and a crucial opportunity for burying or burning or deleting things that are no longer useful, necessary or fruitful in your life.

I feel that we ought to refer to the conjunction as the “Dark Moon”, since before the age of exactitude, the New Moon was officially when you could see the tiny sliver of light. But I would be pushing against the tide there. The point is that it’s more accurate to think of this moment as a darkening of the light and an ending, and the sliver of light in a few days, as the very first stirrings of a beginning.

The “New Moon”, or conjunction of the Sun and Moon, takes place at 26°31 Sagittarius, so if you have any points or planets close to here in any of the mutable signs — Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius — it’s important. And if you have anything here in Leo or Aries also, you may feel it directly too, but this is an easier shift. In general, take a look at the house in which this New Moon falls.

The Dark Moon draws in themes from other spheres too. Today, the Moon will square Chiron and trine Uranus before meeting the Sun tomorrow morning. Yesterday, the Sun made those same aspects. Remember, both Chiron and Uranus are changing signs in 2018, so there are endings here too.

This Lunation is part of a major shift in the collective, and possibly in your life. The Moon can trigger the heavier planets.

On December 21, with the Solstice, we are at the very, very beginnings of a new chapter. Between the New Moon and then, perhaps we are at the first intake of breath before the first word.

This is from the archives and a useful reminder of what Chiron in Pisces means. Uranus in Aries has, of course, been revolutionary beginnings…

Chiron: Weaving Together Body and Spirit




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  1. Io Saturnalia! You are not the only one going against the tide. I have been for months now observing the energy of the Dark Moon and the Crescent Moon. I have to say to me it makes more sense considering the Dark Moon as the end of the cycle and the Crescent Moon the being of the new one. It might be that in the Maltese culture the Dark Moon is called “Lost Moon”.

  2. 44 and counting says:

    The new moon falls in my 8H making an exact trine to my Leo moon.

    I noticed yesterday that we have all the inner planets in Sag and Scorpio which are my 7th & 8th houses and I’ve begun to rediscover a bit of the desire for relationships that’s been missing for the past 2-3 years. Or more precisely some of the fear and distrust that has been present with Saturn seems to have lifted.

    I’m looking forward to Saturn rolling into Capricorn and my 9H, I immediately feel the change in energy with big ingresses. I remember when Pluto did it in 2008 it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I became more interested in understanding the bigger picture.

  3. Vesta says:

    The new moon is exactly conjunct my progressed sun at 26 Sag in the 3rd house, so that’s communications, siblings, journeys. It’s wide conjunct venus at 19 Sag, too far for mars maybe which is at 16 Sag, but with it being so powerful, maybe I shouldn’t discount it. Mars/venus are part of that t-square with uranus/pluto in virgo, and saturn in pisces. The way I’m feeling, I think it’s all been pinged.
    I need to speak truth to power and so far, I think this energy is helping me. Is karma part of this? I feel very saturnine as I focus and say what I have to say. Maybe that’s my progressed sun so close to transiting saturn. I couldn’t do this during the dark of the moon, I could only rest and wait till today.
    My progressed MC is at 29 Leo now, so it’s been trine transiting Saturn. The Galactic centre has been quite important for me last few years with it trine to my progressed MC and conjunct my progressed sun. Not sure what it all means exactly, but the words abyss and black hole come to mind! I read about downloading upgrades from the universe. I think I definitely did that with my direct access to the galactic centre. As for aliens, I have never felt more alienated from everybody.
    I don’t feel self-pity (all the time! only some of the time!) I know I will never repeat any of this again, even my next saturn return will be easier. I’ve known all along, so curiosity and wanting to get the most out of this period has helped me at least try and have a positive attitude. I am very lucky to have my north node in Gemini in my 9th house, helping me want to learn, so I looked forward to upgrades from the universe. Something that really helped me a lot was when I needed an answer, I asked the universe and waited. The answer came when it came, I just had to recognise it. Like a crossword puzzle, when you can’t think of an answer and leave it, and the answer comes out of the blue later on. I feel like I was thrown out of society and ended up connecting with the universe. Not in a weird way. 🙂 News and current events, and regular threats from the powers that be make sure I’m grounded. But I do feel disconnected.
    This is a dark time and we have the darkest moon. Everything feels concentrated. I don’t feel overwhelmed though, maybe I’ve got used to it. I can feel the collective shift, although I hardly dare believe it’s here. There’s a long way to go yet, but I started to feel the collective shift last week. Not sure about personally yet.
    The darkest hour is before the dawn. Maybe that’s what this new moon is about too? Is it the end of my dark times? Last time saturn was in capricorn, I changed jobs, saved up, and went travelling. Those years were the making of me, I always say they defined me. So after u/plu and chiron disintegration, looks like it’s time to rebuild myself. Can’t do that without leaving dark times behind, so that’s exciting, if I’m nearing the end of the tunnel.

  4. Off subject but had to share. Mercury retro and so many of us authors have had reviews on Amazon disappear in a puff of smoke over the past 24 hours. Must be about to station before coming out of shadow. Twitter is on fire with rage over it. I want to shout out it’s Mercury xxxxx retrograde but I’d be marked as bonkers.