Mad About Each Other: Harry and Meghan

Thursday December 7th 2017
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the Princess Diana Memorial Garden

The look of love: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Let’s focus on some good news. Prince Harry, brother of the future king, is going to marry a successful, mixed-race, working woman in her 30s. She’s American, divorced and brought up largely by her single mother. Her family is not out of the top drawer, but out of that capacious middle one. All of those ordinary facts make Meghan Markle an extraordinary bride for an English prince.

In fact, Meghan Markle is special. She is born under the sign of special, Leo, and all Leos are kings and queens in their own realms. And this one also has her North Node in Leo, so she is moving away from being a commoner (South Node in Aquarius) towards being regal.

It’s obvious from her chart, that Ms Markle is not driven by status or money. Actually, her Midheaven is ruled by Mars in Cancer in the 12th house — that is a passionate carer, someone who wants to pioneer tenderness. She may have a bit of a world-saving thing going on too. (Princess Diana’s Sun was just 2° from Markle’s Mars — right on Harry’s Descendant.)

And what an extraordinary match between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry astrologically speaking. Unlike his brother, who managed to find his textbook astrological partner, Prince Harry has, as usual gone rogue. He and Ms Markle have chosen a relationship that’s going to make them both grow as individuals. Neither is the “safe” option for the other, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good match: just an unusual one.

When you look for synastry between lovers, you need to take into account the aspects between Venuses, Moons and Suns.

There is some traditional synastry here, but it’s not stunning. True, Markle’s Leo Sun sextiles the Princes’s Libra Venus; and his Virgo Sun is close to her Virgo Venus. That’s a loving exchange and a lot of friendship too, but it’s got some fizz and sparkle to it, since it sextiles. Also, they have opposite Rising signs — Capricorn and Cancer — which is excellent for partnerships.

Then although both Moons are ruled by Venus, Taurus and Libra are not that compatible. It’s an earth-air mix, so they will always have to work at understanding each other’s needs. This is airy ideas versus practical action. They will be drawn together by their need to create harmony.

The Suns are in neighbouring signs which might be considered friendly, but not necessarily. The compatibility is not by solar sign clearly.

Elsewhere in the chart, you can see this is a sexy, passionate relationship. Her Mars activates his Descendant, the angle of partnership (and maybe she does remind him of his mother a little). That can be pretty exciting, and her Pluto is on his Venus. Not only that, Markle’s Libran stellium lights up Harry’s 8th house — sex and legacy.

But you have to ask: what do these two get from each other? Because with charts this different, these two clearly have a lot to teach each other.

First of all, Markle’s planets across Libra and Virgo fall in Harry’s 7th and 8th houses. He gets a partner (her Sun in his 7th), and intimacy (her Moon in his 8th plus all that other stuff). It’s great for him that their relationship has, despite the odds, been so private.

Note that her Lilith-Uranus conjunction falls in Harry’s 10th house: a black magic woman breaking into the cold, stone establishment. In Markle’s chart, Lilith is a liberating force.

She gets something else though. His Sun falls in her important third house of communications (and siblings). Markle is a natural communicator, with that charming stellium in the third. That plus the Leo Sun: no wonder she took up acting so successfully. Prince Harry is going to enhance her “voice”; in fact, you could say that he’s going to make it “royal” (sunny). She probably has a lot to say too.

Then look at what Harry does to her fourth house of roots and family. Suddenly, a place that had only the lone Pluto is filled with power and purpose (and love).

Perhaps the most interesting contacts between these two chart are the mutual Moon-Chiron aspects. Harry’s sensual Taurus Moon is right on Markle’s Chiron, the highest planet in her chart. Chiron is, of course, the planet of the healer — but also of the maverick, the outsider. It could be that despite her beauty and talent, Markle has felt like a social outsider (Chiron in the 11th). Harry’s going to solve that one for sure. Then her Moon-Jupiter-Saturn makes a nice trine to Harry’s Chiron in the 5th, the wounded child. I suspect that he was hurt even before the death of his mother — maybe around the age of eight his childhood was stolen. Markle can repair that for him, allow that child the privacy and space to breathe.

What is more there are also Moon-Uranus connections in both directions — this is an emotional catalytic conversion. It’s exciting — and maybe a little crazy-making. They stir up each others emotions — no wonder they seem to be madly in love. And it’s interesting that in their sweet “we’re engaged” interview, they both said that what brought them together was their desire to change things. Now that is Uranian. These two are compassionate idealists, but they share a practical approach. For both of them, the planet of compassion is strongly placed. The Prince has Jupiter Rising in Capricorn — and this has become more and more evident as he gets older. His efforts to help disabled soldiers and broken children have been remarkably hands-on and dynamically practical since he left the army. His Jupiter in Capricorn is echoed by her Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Libra, the sign of partnership.

As well as plans to change the world, these two have another scheme: babies. I think they are both eager to be parents — although there may be some unusual aspect to their parenting (maybe they are going to adopt a whole rainbow tribe), or there may even be some difficulty.

Harry has a Ceres-Moon conjunction in Taurus. These are the two mothering, nurturing planets in the sign of hugs. He must be an absolute softie when it comes to children. He’ll make a doting father. That conjunction will be getting a yearning opposition from Jupiter this year, so he’s ready to go. Her Ceres speaks directly to his Mercury in Virgo, which must have been activated by Jupiter when they first met — and of course she has the Moon-Saturn-Jupiter conjunction that is eager for the responsibility and joy of parenting.

Finally, take a look at their composite chart and the lovely Moon in Cancer, which speaks of a famous tribe, or famous parents, the Venus-Mars conjunction in the 12th (a secret passion), Libra Rising with Saturn and Pluto (a powerhouse partnership that get things done),

These two will be a force for change. They already are. Meghan Markle is the change. When Harry’s great-great etc grandpa was gadding about with gout, ermine and actresses, hers was chained in the bottom of a slave-ship. Not so very long ago…

And look at the composite chart. Uranus, the catalyst, opposes Chiron, the wounded healer. This is a common aspect, but here it creates a T-square with the Sun in Virgo. Perhaps they see themselves as servants (Virgo) of the broken (Chiron) and the outsiders (Uranus).



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  1. 44 and counting says:

    Great write up Christina, you really managed to put a positive emphasis on this.

    When I looked at the synastry – the mass of squares and oppositions jumped out at me and that their relationship seems to be more a product of the transits each of them have been undergoing. (t-Pluto square his Libra Venus and t-Neptune opposing her Virgo Venus as well as Saturn among others).

    As I wrote in your Prince Harry article from 2012-13, he really does seem to have matured very well over the past five years. Great credit to him and hopefully he continues to grow with the challenges this relationship will surely bring.

    I think he sees a lot more of his mother in her than anyone realises. He actually referenced Diana saying that he believed she and Meghan would have been “thick as thieves … best friends”. Beyond the cancerian mars link, maybe Meghan’s Uranus opposing his Moon creates a similar feeling to Diana’s Aqua moon.

    Any thoughts on the impact of her Sag Neptune being square his Virgo Sun at 22degs?

    • Christina says:

      Yes, I think you’re right about the Diana thing — especially in her humanitarian guise.

      I think she has really big ideas that she can realise through him. I also think he finds her glamorous.

      • aqua says:

        Excellent post Christina, thank you.
        But will Harry solve her alienation issues when she is in such an alien place?
        I suspect this will be a replay of Charles and Diana at some point, primarily because that moon ceres in Taurus is deeply resistant/inflexible and deeply mother fixated.
        I suspect her mars in Cancer has reactivated all that.
        Hopefully he will be concious of the dynamic this time round and it then becomes healing for them.
        That moon saturn jupiter in libra square mars looks a tad chilling…but I guess encourages the need to be socially appropriate.

        • 44 and counting says:

          Harry’s not just a Taurus moon, he’s a Taurus moon with Scorpio Saturn exactly opposite it. That’s a person who is deeply fearful of change, not just someone who is a bit intransigent.

          And to add to it, his wife-to-be has her Leo Sun exactly square both of them. Now as Christina says, this is a relationship all about growth and her Leo Sun can show him that life isn’t just about security but will he take up the challenge?

          It’s like banging your head against a brick wall to get a Taurus person to do anything unless they can see it’s to their benefit. At the moment, he’s got huge incentive to be responsive to all her wants and needs because he doesn’t possess her hand in marriage. But what happens once she’s made those vows?

          Yep it could be Diana all over again.

      • Christina says:

        Have to admit I had to dig…

  2. A Reader says:

    Great post Cristina. Always enjoy your insights.
    -Their composite Sun conjuncts her natal ceres. Perhaps this will help with fertility.

    A lot is happening with the fixed star is Regulus the Royal Star.

    -Regulus, the Royal Star has moved into Virgo. Their composite Sun is conjunct this star, they are the Royal couple of this New Age.

    -With her Ceres conjunct Regulus, she will give birth to Princes and/or Princesses. Its all very exciting.

    I would worry more about the Moon mismatch if not for Harry’s Venus in Libra. Its out of orb, but must help with feelings of simpatico?

    • Christina says:

      Hey, thanks for that Regulus insight. Also, the move into Virgo is reflected in the Princes both marrying commoners.

      Agree about the Moon, but it can work if you’re aware of it.

  3. Urania says:

    Transiting Neptune has just made an opposition to Meghan’s natal Venus but when the transit ends things may change from sweet into sour.

    • 44 and counting says:

      I’m concerned for her on that. Nothing good ever came out of my neptune opposition transits and I’m pretty good at seeing reality. Yet things just dissolved very painfully in ways I could never have predicted or foreseen.

      In her case, she’s mid-30s and generally most of the women of that age I’ve ever met are desperately terrified about being left ‘on the shelf’ and not finding someone to have children with. All their friends are getting married and having babies, they wonder why they can’t too.

      So here she is, just coming off a divorce and she starts dating the younger brother of the future king of England. In fact he’s massively into her and he’s fun, handsome and an all-round nice bloke. And on top of that he wants to do charitable work and of course money is never going to be an issue.

      Isn’t that a perfect Neptune story? And hard for Virgo to find a single detail to criticise about it.

      I guess once they’re married she starts to notice he leaves his clothes on the floor and doesn’t put the toilet seat down.

  4. Elisabeth Ann Wexler says:

    Thank you for this Astrology comparison and composite of these two. You share a lot of interesting details. This future royal couple seemed very well matched. You may want to reconsider the line you wrote in the first paragraph which is both untrue and unnecessarily judgemental, “Her family is not out of the top drawer.” Meghan Markle’s mother in particular has been portrayed in the media as less than and of lower worth. This press was created to bring Markle down, rather than to create empathy or acceptance. The devaluing of human beings is something that the American media does so much of the time. Why add to this kind ot judgement and lack of acceptance?

    • Christina says:

      Except I don’t believe the top drawer is worth more than the lower drawers. Indeed many of us keep our finest treasures hidden in the bottom of the wardrobe. That is precisely why I chose that expression. Her family is not aristocratic — and good for them. It’s only judgemental if you believe that those born with a silver spoon in their mouths are better than the rest of us.

  5. Jo says:

    It is not going to last. There will be many fights. The sex is very good, but a Leo woman is way too powerful and aggressive for a Virgo man to handle in the long run. Harry needs a Capricorn, like Kate or a Taurus woman. Nothing else.

    • Andy says:

      You are right. This marriage us based on sex rather than “lasting love”….Harry will grow but not in a nice way….pluto conjunct Venus is not meant to last long….too many fights.
      The inside given were too far kind and nice IMO.

  6. Andries H. Cats says:


    Progressive aspects and some transits.

    Prince Harry.
    16-Jun-2016 023°,11’43 Libra Sun 60 C-12
    27-Nov-2017 027°,20’30 Sagittarius Sat 90 AR05 transit
    27-Nov-2017 025°,06’11 Aries Ura 0 AR06 transit
    27-Nov-2017 017°,43’04 Capricorn Plu 90 Ven transit
    19-May-2018 025°,06’11 Libra Sun 180 AR06

    Meghan Markle.
    16-Jun-2016 021°,40’53 Leo Asc 45 Jup
    27-Nov-2017 010°,56’15 Capricorn Moon 120 C—3
    27-Nov-2017 022°,19’02 Libra Mars 60 Nep transit
    27-Nov-2017 022°,23’00 Libra Mars 90 AR03 transit
    27-Nov-2017 022°,35’30 Libra Mars 150 Chiron transit
    27-Nov-2017 -07°,49’48 Mars # Ven transit
    27-Nov-2017 022°,40’35 Libra Mars 120 C-12 transit
    19-May-2018 022°,18’59 Gemini C-11 * EL NATH (MARS – )
    19-May-2018 022°,19’02 Gemini C-11 180 Nep
    19-May-2018 017°,03’40 Scorpio Jup 60 Pars transit

  7. sara says:

    i’m triple earth like harry (i’m virgo rising, sun taurus moon cap) and i could never ever see myself being compatible or getting along with an air moon sign and fire sun sign. so many no’s for me. i did their horary chart for the supposed time of their marriage (noon UK time may 19th) and their horary has so many squares and oppositions. unfortunately i think the general public is right- i don’t see this lasting in the longer term.

  8. Janelle says:

    Hey Christina,
    Great post, have you looked at the wedding chart as well? I’m not sure what time to use, so I chose after both said their vows around 12:40 local time. Cancer Moon in the 11th ( again the humanitarian & mothering slant) but a loaded 5th house containing Saturn, Pluto & Mars. I do wonder about fertility which I hope they’ll be able to overcome. But who knows, perhaps the world will become their baby through their works, they could also adopt or go for alternative care.
    I think they’re committed to healing each other & the world of its wounds and that takes strength, without these tough aspects they won’t be able to revolutionize the space.

    • Christina says:

      I talked about it on last month’s podcast, using noon as the time since that’s when the whole thing kicked off. But I agree about the vows moment — that’s the one.

      I also agree with your comments in general. Meghan is on a mission and he is backing her up.

  9. Ann says:

    You seem to have got Harry’s time of birth wrong. Wikipedia says he was born at 4.20 pm

  10. Elizabeth Cook says:

    First thing I noticed…his planets are all in the upper/Southern Hemisphere…outward/public facing…except for the emotional 4th house (Diana) moon in Taurus (why mom’s death hit him so hard) and Chiron (the wounded soul) making it a bucket chart…moon /Chiron as most significant handle. Hers are all in the emotional lower/Northern Hemisphere…a bowl chart…little but emotion and being self-centered. Pluto in the 4th house of Mother. The only exception is a debilitated Mars in the 12th. Her personal planets, excepting the aforementioned Mars, are in the first quarter …. me me me me . Opposite risings are normally positive, but in this case, they are almost a firm line separating the two given the planetary placements. I’m not a professional, but that’s where I always start…chart shapes are reliable personality shapes. That’s before you even get to one angle.