When Taurus Loved Scorpio: the Passion, the Madness

Sunday December 10th 2017
Laurence Olivier (Taurus) and Vivien Leigh (Scorpio)

Laurence Olivier (Taurus) and Vivien Leigh (Scorpio)

“I woke up absolutely raging with desire for you my love … Oh dear God how I did want you. Perhaps you were stroking your darling self.”

— Olivier to Leigh

If sensual Taurus and sexy Scorpio can get it together, the earth really does move, after all these are (arguably) the two most intense signs in the Zodiac. When Laurence Olivier met Vivien Leigh, they were both already married, but that didn’t stop them from falling wildly in love.

Laurence Olivier (Taurus) and Vivien Leigh (Scorpio) were the Brangelina of their day. Glamourous, beautiful, talented, passionate …  Their union lasted longer than the Brange though: they divorced after 20 tumultuous and, professionally at least, extraordinarily successful years.

“I am only existing until I see you again and only just managing to do that.”
Olivier on being separated from Leigh

Their attraction to each other seems to have been electrifying. You can see a mirroring in their charts simply by sign — Venus-Venus, Sun-Sun, Mars-Mars. There may have been a narcissistic element to their desire. But it’s not immediately obvious in the synastry just why they were so mesmerised by each other.

Charts from astrodatabnk

“Oh sweet Baba. If we were together I expect this would seem quite exciting, but then that applies to everything in life,” Leigh to Olivier

Take a look at the composite chart though — and the charm becomes clear. Look at the Moon on the angle of partnership at the most intense degree of passionate Scorpio. Then there’s the glamourous Venus-Neptune conjunction agitated and destabilised by an opposition from Uranus.

“I want to say thank you for understanding it all for my sake. You did nobly and bravely and beautifully and I am very oh so sorry, very sorry, that it must have been much hell for you.” Olivier to Leigh, years after their marriage was over.





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  1. Hanna says:

    Thanks Christina-Very interesting article and a fascinating couple. I have Taurus Moon opposite Mars/Pluto in Scorpio natally and yes, these energies are strong, sometimes destructive; i.e. when I’m really upset with myself I almost always feel a need to hurt myself physically and only by intelectulising this I am able to stop myself, most of the time at least. Anyway, perhaps this opposition is so destructive with my planets but I can imagine it must be super intense in synastry.