A Moment of Magic in Memory of Hubert de Givenchy

Tuesday March 13th 2018

The woman, the dress, the tune, the most poignant opening sequence….

Audrey Hepburn (4 May 1929-1993) wore it.
Sun in Taurus, Aquarius Rising, Moon in Pisces, Venus in Aries.

Hubert de Givenchy (February 20, 1927 — March 10, 2018) designed the dress.
Sun in Pisces, Gemini Rising, Moon in Libra, Venus in Pisces.

Blake Edwards (26 July, 1922 – 2010) filmed it.
Sun in Leo, Moon in Leo or Virgo, Venus in Virgo.

Henry Mancini (16 April 1924 – 1994) wrote the song.
Sun in Aries, Cancer Rising, Moon in Virgo, Venus in Gemini.

Of course, many more people were involved in the making of this moment — cameramen, stylists, etcetera — but here is the essential alchemical mix.

In memory of the great Givenchy.


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  1. I am in love with Henry Mancini’s music…

  2. Esme says:

    Lol! For YEARS I thought Tiffanys truly had a restaurant! I was looking forward to going when I grew up.

    Sadly, no coffee and croissants on offer at the store.
    But diamonds are always good! (If not delicious 😉