New Podcast: The Month Ahead

Monday March 19th 2018

What’s in store for the month ahead? Which Sun Signs are up? Which are, well, coasting? What dates should you take a risk and when should you stay at home? And why was last month so … last monthish?

I’ll be chatting with my friend and fellow astrologer Sally Kirkman about our favourite topic – the language of the stars — at the start of each astrological month

Our starting point is the Sun sign of the month and the major astrological events coming up, but we’ll see where that takes us… This month it’s Aries and that pesky Mercury Retrograde…

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  1. Severne says:

    Very helpful and fun to listen to!

  2. Starfish says:

    April New Moon coincides with nodes at the same degree of the prior TLE in Leo -so re-activation of that event is likely for people with 11 degrees -any sign – prominent. Also the personal change potentials of Uranus conjunct Aries at NM are accompanied by a 21 degree combo of Pluto Jupiter and Venus. All combined – situations offering a new sense of personal empowerment, self esteem/self worth, self assertion, mojo, for those with factors around 21 degrees. The ease or difficulty of reaching the optimum dependent upon the type of match with personal planets.