Alexander Nix: His Business is Discord

Tuesday April 17th 2018

Alexander Nix, suspended head of Cambridge Analytica, the data firm accused of manipulating voters around the globe, has just ducked testifying before a British parliamentary committee. So it seems he’s a coward as well as a liar.

I guess even he would have a hard time explaining the video that caught him explaining how his company uses honey traps to smear politicians or the testimony of his ex-colleague Chris Wylie.

But you’ve probably read enough about Nix elsewhere. For a good profile in The Washington Post, click here.

Suffice to say, Nix’s business is corrupting the political process. So how does that show in his chart?

Obviously I don’t have his birth time, but we do have his birth day, so this is a sunrise chart.

Where would you look for corruption in a chart? The signs Pisces and Scorpio have rather bad reputations in this regard. The planet Pluto is a corruptor too, and in traditional astrology Saturn is associated with decay. Nix made a business out of fabricating stories, so Neptune, the Prince of Lies, would also have to be involved. It’s interesting that he has a solid Taurus Sun, but you can tempt a Taurus with the promise of mountains of cash and a life of luxury.

The most notable thing about his chart is the Grand Cross in Cardinal signs — Jupiter-Pluto-Moon-Saturn.

The Moon is somewhere within those mid-degrees of Capricorn, although where exactly depends on the right birth time. It’s certainly opposing Saturn, which suggests possibly a distant relationship with both parents — boarding school — and it can be a sign of coldness or lack of empathy.

Pluto is in Libra, one of the most political signs, and it opposes Jupiter in Aries which conjoins Eris. Now that is significant, since Eris causes chaos. She threw the Apple of Discord into the wedding party and set off the Trojan War, which is pretty much what Nix did with fake news. Jupiter amplifies Eris. Eris is also exactly squaring cold Saturn in Cancer, the sign of homeland, patriotism and family.

The whole time that Cambridge Analytica was manipulating our data, Uranus, associated with the internet, of course, was transiting through Aries and across Jupiter, Eris and Chiron in Nix’s chart. What is more, as CA was going global, attracting huge investment from the Mercers, Pluto, the corruptor, was also activating the Grand Cross. At this point in his career, Nix was being hailed as a kind of internet superstar by among others Wired magazine.

Essentially, Nix was involved in mass psychological manipulation, termed psyops, which would fit with Neptune (the illusionist) in Sagittarius (media). That Neptune has been squared by transiting Neptune in Pisces (very powerful) for several years.

Notice how Nix’s Mars in Pisces is currently being transited by Neptune himself — that can be a loss of mojo, or direction, a depletion of energy, a chemical castration — and that the Mars in Pisces makes a hard aspect to the natal Neptune, and hard aspect to the goddess of harmony herself, Venus in Gemini. Indeed Venus in Gemini gives you a way with words, an ability to communicate.

No birth time.

Mars also makes a soft aspect to Saturn — maybe he’s doing this for Daddy.

Alexander Nix is just about to have his Uranus Half-return. The Disruptor will go into Taurus in May. Nix has had quite a ride with Uranus in Aries — now he’s coming down to earth with a bump.

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  1. Vesta says:

    This is great. Thank you, Christina.
    So he’s like a human WMD. And he did it for himself and maybe his daddy, forever seeking approval/love, never getting it. I have similar aspects in my chart, my Sag moon and mars square Pisces saturn, so I can kind of relate to this.
    His moon and Saturn oppose each other, and square his sun. I was about to say something starting with “at that level”, but that buys into elitism. I think that paradigm is being shaken right now. So I’ll start with “rich elitists who remove themselves from the rest of society and don’t bother to socialise or learn any social skills at all and call it a better way to be…” Have to feel sorry for them. They don’t know what love is so any attention will do, but it’s withheld by unsocialised, cold parents, and so subjects try harder. And here we are. A human WMD. (I gave up on my parents, gave up seeking anything from them at a young age and looked within, which is when my interest in astrology started, funnily enough!)
    That jupiter on eris, in Aries no less, really is significant when it comes to trying harder! Whew.
    The psyops he engaged in was military grade, which is Aries and Scorpio too, the signs of warriors. I read once that Roman soldiers were either Aries or Scorpio. Don’t know if it’s true but it makes sense. I’m sun Scorpio. Whilst I focus on being better, growing and evolving, I won’t be crossed. I spent most of my adult life afraid of my anger, it’s only as I got older I learnt to harness it. It’s just energy, up to me how I use it.
    My mars is in Sag, I know that feeling of neptune square depletion. The planets really have been hammering me these last few years. In me, it became part of my breakdown. So in Nix, the human WMD has now been deactivated.
    His lunar nodes are like mine and in similar degrees, but the other way around. I was just reading about them. His north node in Sag is about fame, the big wide world, global platform. Again, the theme of going big. South node in Gemini, the natural communicator, information, data. He was at home with all this.
    The grand cross in the cardinal signs is significant. They’re close to the same degrees as the angles in my chart, and I really suffered during the uranus/pluto years. I’m not sure whether to feel sorry for him or be disgusted with how he chose to be. That’s been my biggest lesson recently, that we get to choose how to be, we have agency. In him, I’m seeing an immature, unevolved big baby human WMD. Which makes sense because he was never socialised, his sort aren’t meant to be, because they buy-in to the illusion that they’re separate from the rest of us, and money makes them ‘better’ people. When they lose their money, they lose everything down to their identity. Which is something I am going to look for when uranus goes into Taurus from next month.

    • Christina says:

      Yes. I think that’s an especially interesting point about Uranus in Taurus. Will the value of money be the same …? Will rich people be valued in the same way? Will Uranus be a leveller?

      • 44 and counting says:

        Christina – when’s the Uranus in Taurus post coming? Lots to discuss and predict!

        • Christina says:

          Yes – definitely soon. Just finishing up some other stuff — but so many ideas!!!

          • Vesta says:

            I’ve heard it said that war is a great leveller. So I thought that was what happened after WWI and WWII. Don’t know about before though?
            I also recently learned that the UK was the most equal country in the world in the 1970s. I was going to look that up, but maybe someone here knows more?

          • 44 and counting says:

            Cool – looking forward to it. Just momentarily thinking about your comment about whether the rich will be valued in the same way or whether it’ll be a leveller.

            Think you might be right. My grandmother was ‘in service’ during the 1930s – being a housemaid. It was dwindling by then compared to the Victorian era but the late 1930s were the last passage of Uranus in Taurus and with the coming of WWII women began working in factories while the men were away fighting. Domestic service had essentially ended and it was a form of liberation/equality in how they earned their money.

          • Christina says:

            It’s only just occurred to me — I’d like to look into it further. Times before that were 1850s and 1770s.

      • Aquarian Moon says:

        You know, I’ve been chewing on the inverse of the Alex Nix’s of the world… those who are born into obscene wealth [those who hustle for it, like Bill Gates, are a different sort of creature] who have pro-scocial, public service ideals instilled in them, such as the British royals or the American political dynasty of the Kennedy family.

        There is … a distinct difference in socialization, the way in that Princes William or Harry have no grasp of what it is to be a normal person. How could they, when their family wealth has more money than G-d, as the saying goes.

        (I’m thinking of that one scene in Arrested Development where the matriarch Lucille asks her adult son, the moral compass of the show/family, Michael, about the cost of a single banana. What can it cost, she asks him, for a single banana? $10[USD]?)

        And yet, both scions of the British Royals and the Kennedys served in their respective armed forces with the rest of the plebeian masses, and have been involved in humanitarian charities. With these cases, there was a concerted effort in instilling the gravity of being a utility of The People, from a young age. Whatever their personal foibles and policy based political missteps, JFL and RFK both ardently believed and lived their pro-social, humanitarian, serve the common people, values.

        This line of contemplation percolated around the recent media attention to the latest Kennedy scion. Yes, I think we need continuous new blood in politics and less money in it. However, when there are the human resources of a person groomed since birth to lead a life of upper echelon public service, with an emphasis on the importance of the common people it seems something of a waste.

        The shadow side of this whole thing, is of course, the Alex Nix’s, these human embodied WMDs who have no apparent signs of *not* being ‘Greed is Good’ style ravening sociopaths.

  2. aqua says:

    All in all a power hungry gossip monster with major parental issues.

    Moon Jupiter square was flagged up to me years ago by a well known Australian Astrologer as a strong indicator of overt dishonesty [along with Venus square Jupiter], more so than Neptune contacts.
    I didnt pay much heed at the time thinking he was exaggerating 😉 but its always stuck with me. Looking at its placement in charts over the years makes me give him more creedence.
    Im wondering if youve noticed that?

    Obviously in this case there are multiple supporting factors.

    • Christina says:

      “power hungry gossip monster with major parental issues.” Oh I wish I’d written that aqua!

      • Christina says:

        Moon-Jupiter contact. That’s interesting. I couldn’t say definitively — but it does betoken a difficulty with feeling “at home” which may lead to a kind of dishonesty about the self. What do you think?

        All that lying is in the Water Grand Trine — Neptune-Mars-Saturn — and it’s interesting how the Moon is held steady by the Saturn opposition — (taking into account the lack of birth time).

        • aqua says:

          Thank you darl.
          Yes something to do with expansion/exaggerationn of subjective emotional states.
          Exaggerating ones feelings and a kind of aspiration run amok?
          Also just excessive lunacy 😉

  3. Angelena Boden says:

    1849 Gold rush.. folk seeking fortune and escaping famine. Ireland? Potatoes? Maybe?