Mutti, the Wunderkind and the Naughty Chair

Saturday June 9th 2018
Picture of the G6 + 1 released today by the office of Angela Merkel

Picture of the G6 + 1 released today by the office of Angela Merkel

This extraordinary photograph taken at the G7 summit was released today by the office of Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany.

It kind of says it all — and it’s a great composition too.

From the right by Sun sign: Trump (Gemini, eternal child), Bolton (Scorpio, grand vizier/power behind the throne), Abe (Virgo, meticulous pragmatist), Merkel (Cancer, Mutti), Macron (Sag, internationalist wunderkind), May (Libra, equivocator), Kudlow (Leo, roar).

Not sure who the men flanking Abe are…


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  1. Denise says:

    Truly a picture worth a thousand words.

    What can I say – as an American I am embarrassed on a daily basis and deeply concerned about the well-being of my nation and its role in the world. The majority of Americans did not vote for this man – he received 2.86 million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. He is president because of our electoral college system. The system was created to ensure that less populous states had a voice in national elections, but political manipulation of voting district boundaries over many decades has distorted election results. And of course, other influences on the election are still under investigation.

  2. mimi says:

    the eternal child is not going to comply – look at his arms crossed in front of his chest. Mutti Merkel can try and try again – he is simply not going to give in.

    It is going to be an interesting summertime with Mars going retro in Aquarius.

    Denise, please don’t be embarrassed, the Universe is just teaching the Americans through the person of Donald Trump and so the rest of the world is learning a lesson too.


    • Wait when Donald after his Birthday enters the Virgo-Sign. He is going to loose his Mars-Leo-Power gradually… (Huber-Method, Astrologic-Psychology)

    • aqua says:

      But the ‘universe’ didnt elect Trump, Americans did.

      • Aquarian Moon says:

        Technically, the Electoral College chose him to as the winner, even if HRC had more votes by the popular vote.

        Also we all must not forget that at this point in time, Mueller has 19 indictments, and 5 convictions. Of those 19, they include 13 Russian individuals and companies.

        Russian interference is also specifically still a concern for the American 2018 midterms.

        • Christina says:

          Here — the guy who bankrolled the Leave EU campaign Arron Banks, turns out to have multiple contacts with Russians. Born on an Aries New Moon with Mercury Rx at 29° Pisces.

      • Mary says:

        Or did we? As a pragmatic Capricorn, I am loath to support conspiracy theories. But we may never know how fully our electoral process was tampered with.?

  3. Aquarian Moon says:

    Is it just me or am I one of the lucky few who is amused by how the man in the middle ground between Mutti of the Free World and Abe is breaking the 4th Wall and looking at the camera? I’m getting a distinct impression of The Office (either version, take your pick) here.