New Podcast: Your Month Ahead, June 21-July 21

Friday June 22nd 2018

Sally Kirkman & me floating on the Oxford Canal and musing on the month ahead — which looks, well, rather relaxing. Enjoy.

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  1. Shirley A. Madsen says:


    I see a lot of times where astrologers put the sign of Cancer on the 21st of June when it does share with Gemini. I was born on June 21st at 2:20 PM and my Sun is at 29.34 of Gemini, and I have claimed Gemini all my life. I have Libra rising and Moon in Aquarius, lots of air, but my Saturn makes me quite stable. I know the cusp shares two signs but Gemini claims at least 2/3rds of the time element and I feel it should stay Gemini. Just my two cents worth. LOL

    Thank you for your emails, I love reading your postings!
    S. A. “SAM” Madsen

    • Christina says:

      You are quite right Shirley. And it changes from one year to the next slightly. This year for example, the Sun moved into Cancer at 11.07 GMD and actually it will move into Leo on July 22 at 22.00.

  2. Severne says:

    Lovely to listen to you both as I am packing up the place we’ve lived for more than 5 years. The cap full moon of course in my 4th house. The interesting thing is that we are finishing up things but standing by on the new, definite one.
    I am still keeping an eye (or heart) on that mars rx/ SN combo on my acqua Venus…
    Sally, my youngest is an Aries sun, Scorpio rising (and natal mars is rd) so it will be interesting…