Juno and the Axis of Desire

Tuesday July 24th 2018
Niall MacGinnis as Zeus and Honor Blackman as Hera in Jason and The Argonauts (1963)

Niall MacGinnis as Zeus and Honor Blackman as Hera in Jason and The Argonauts (1963)

This year Juno, the asteroid named after the goddess of marriage and commitment, will be spending a long time in Taurus, a sign associated with passion, desire, obstinacy and obsession.

Taurus is, of course, the opposite sign to Scorpio — also a sign known for obsession, obstinacy and lust. Together, these two, fixed earth and water, create a powerful axis of desire and ownership across the Zodiac.

Taurus asks: “What do I want?”

Scorpio replies: “I can give you what you desire, but you must pay the price.”

These signs are associated with sex and money, jealousy and enslavement. The Shadow wants its pound of flesh.

So what happens when the king and queen of the Zodiac face off across this axis? For Jupiter is, after all, in Scorpio until November.

Juno and Jupiter will oppose each other on August 3 and again on November 2 across this axis of desire and money.

We may see struggles about money and alimony. Who owes who? And how much? Jupiter appears to be calling in some debts right now and maybe helping some debt to balloon.

Struggles around jealousy and possessiveness too. After all, Juno and Jupiter had a famously rocky marriage — with serial infidelity and argumentation.

But this opposition suggests a balance of power — equal forces across the Zodiac. It bodes well for partnerships between equals. It’s also interesting that it makes a hard aspect to the eclipse point of July 27. Maybe some talks will come out of deadlock.

It’s worth investigating the stories around Jupiter and Juno. Juno is often portrayed as a sort of Olympian fishwife in the stories we’re told, but in fact it might be more useful to see her as a matriarch, politician and protector.

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  1. 44 and counting says:

    Honor Blackman … phwoar … her Leo sun is a degree or so off my Juno ! At 92, she still looks fabulous. And I bet her brain is just as sharp.

  2. Denise says:

    Juno-Jupiter/ Taurus-Scorpio. Very timely observation for me, and one I’ve not seen elsewhere. Thanks!