Juno in the Garden (Part One)

Thursday July 5th 2018
Profile with Peacocks, Edgar Maxence

Profile with Peacocks, Edgar Maxence

“Th’ whole world’s in a terrible state o’ chassis”
Captain Boyle in Juno and the Paycock

In Sean O’Casey’s play, Juno and the Paycock, Juno Boyle is the matriarch of a broken family. While her children are wrecked and her husband is a wastrel, she carries on providing, protecting and planning.

The roles of the divine Juno — hugely popular among the Romans — are notoriously multifarious, but perhaps not so dissimilar from her Irish namesake. She was protector of the community, matrons, demobbed soldiers, and newborn babies. She was a goddess of childbirth and marriage, civic order; spear-bearer, consort, queen. And in some of the myths, especially those that come from her Greek counterpart Hera, her husband was a bit of a wastrel.

One thread that runs through all of these concepts is the idea of maintaining the continuity of family and community. Juno Regina, like Juno Boyle, keeps the family, even if that family is a a nation, together.

You can look at some charts to see how this works in practice. The Queen has a Jupiter-Juno conjunction in Aquarius in the first house — her role in life is to be a very important queen. Beatrix, the much more retiring Queen of the Netherlands, has Juno conjunct her North Node in the 8th house — queenship was her destiny. Barack Obama, the first African-American president, has Juno at 0° Aries (which suggests that he was the start of a new kind of politics, not the end). Brad Pitt, intriguingly, has an exact conjunction of Neptune and Juno in Scorpio — I’m looking forward to his next marriage to a romantic movie star.

Juno in Taurus

1 July — 30 September

12 October — turns retrograde at 0° Gemini

24 October — Back into Taurus

24 December — Turns direct at 20° Taurus

25 October — 11 February

But let’s talk about Juno Rx in Taurus; the Queen in the Garden. This is not a frequent occurrence. Here are the previous occasions over the last 118 years, with some historical events that may be relevant (although not necessarily: this is a first sift through the evidence).

1922 — 4 October, 21° Taurus — 11° Taurus, December 16
Three months of political change
End of Ottoman Empire, founding of Irish Free State, Fascist takeover in Italy, German hyper-inflation, end of Russian Civil War

1935 — 12 September, 1° Taurus — 0° Taurus, October 2
German Jews are stripped of citizenship under Nuremberg laws, unfolding Abyssinia Crisis (Italy’s invasion of Ethiopia)

1970 — 8 October, 26° Taurus — 16° Taurus, December 22
US Environmental Protection Agency founded, Canada’s October Crisis, civil war begins in Cambodia, Willie Brandt’s “Warsaw Genuflection”, Portugal attempts invasion of Guinea, UN General Assembly condemns apartheid, “Vietnamisation” of Vietnam War

1983 — 16 September, 5° Taurus — 0° Taurus, October 25
Japan’s ex-PM Tanaka found guilty of taking bribes from Lockheed

No theme really leaps out of the history books — except that 1922 was quite tumultuous in terms of power grabs. Pluto, the planet of transformation, was in Cancer, which is the sign of tribe and country, so that probably had more to do with the big historical shifts than Juno Rx in Taurus. In fact, Pluto was in a Grand Trine with Uranus in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio.

So we may need to think more thematically to understand where Juno in Taurus might be leading us. Here’s a picture to think with.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands getting her gloves dirty

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands doing some volunteer work. Her Juno in Cancer makes a perfect sextile to her Virgo MC.


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  1. aqua says:

    Interesting thoughts Christine.
    And on the 13th it is conjunct Uranus forming an out of sign T square with the Cancer New Moon and Mars in Aquarius.

    That also happens to be the date of the big march against Trump in London and nationwide. Yikes!
    Its called the Carnival of Resistance which seems so appropriate given the Scary Clown archetype which was everywhere as a kind of psychic warning running up to the 2016 election, the spooky hall of mirrors we find ourselves and the whole Trump cult is predicated on Punch and Judy dynamics.
    I hope the right wont bring their blasted Tiki Torches. Given the lunation will have cruised over the UKs natal Moon and transiting Pluto, it should be an interesting day for US UK relations.
    Given Junos placement it will be interesting to see how much of the Good Wife May will play…

    I hope you all will come, itd be great to have Astrologers against Trump A.A.T 😉

    • Roman says:

      Trump has mars on regulus you could say he is divinely allocated to rule to take on the neo Marxist & their Satanic one world crusade which the masses have been brainwashed by the illuminati MSM to activate their reptilian hive mind so they no longer think for themselves

      • aqua says:

        I have North Node ‘on Regulus’ and Im definitely divinely allocated to rule.
        When I ascend the throne I shall be bringing a very large broom.

        • Christina says:

          Yes, I have Regulus on the Ascendant and wear a magical crown, invisible to all but the most discerning!

          • aqua says:

            Ive seen your crown, its beautiful.
            Clearly we will have to share our divine rule and our Crowns and Brooms.
            Its currently too hot for my moon so I bags being Goddess of all we survey in Winter, you can assume rulership over Summer and we can review the arrangement later.
            What do you say to them apples?

      • aqua says:

        Is there some kind of alert one can recieve everytime theres a mention of Trump online?