Jupiter, Having Drunk Deep…

Tuesday July 10th 2018

The King of Cups

Jupiter, the King of the Gods, a roisterer, has spent many months now in the cool, clammy depths of Scorpio. He has drunken deep of the dark wine kept here in the cool caves.

Jupiter has opened the doors wide to the land of the dead — perhaps — and now what…?

When he is in this water sign, Jupiter likes to drink — and some of us may have chosen even to drink the drink of oblivion during this retrograde. There have been some unlikely high-profile suicides — Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade… But for some, Jupiter’s retrograde in Scorpio has been wonderful, helping us to dive deeper into our own psyches and find the treasure-chest at the bottom of the ocean, helping us to imagine larger seas, deeper voyages, helping us to connect with our ancestors — and to bathe and dress old, old psychological scars.

This Jupiter Retrograde has been part of a Grand Trine in water that has made this whole season — since late May — emotionally powerful, slippery, magical, glinting. We have learned to glide and glint ourselves perhaps.

It’s not over — by no means — but today (July 10) the mighty one turns direct, we may soon experience floods. Floods of emotion, floods of water, floods of refugees. And in typically contrarian astrological terms — droughts too.

Jupiter glances across the briny water and sees his wife Juno on the far, florid shores of Taurus. She seems to be having a tete-a-tete with Uranus in the fecund tropics. But Jupiter is not going to bother with them this time. He stays out of aspect.

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  1. Vesta says:

    I have a grand water trine in my natal chart with Jupiter in Cancer (9th), Sun in Scorpio (1st or 2nd), and Saturn in Pisces (5th). Saturn is part of t-square opposite u/plu conjunct in my 12th (where venus is going to transit), square mars/venus in Sag (3rd). So Jupiter going through Scorpio has been a big deal for me. Pluto is transiting my 4th where Mars Rx is too. My progressed Mars is 26 Cap (4th), transiting Pluto is applying, so tomorrow’s eclipse is powerful for me. That’s a lot of difficult energy in my 4th house!
    Apart from gaining weight that won’t shift (grrrrrr!! when will it gooooo?! lol it’s not responding to anything!) Jupiter has been pretty good. In an effort to shift those dratted pounds, I’ve cut down on sugar, alcohol, carbs etc, and stepped up cleaner eating. Not counting ice cream, we’re in a heatwave after all. 🙂
    The deep dives to hidden treasures is true for me. I wasn’t looking, I was kind of idly reading around, watching YouTube videos etc to take a break from the news, and answers came from unexpected places. I know that’s the universe responding to questions from my soul or spirit, call it what you will. It’s my subsconscious hard at work and now things are surfacing (water!). Lots of healing, compassion, forgiveness for myself and others. It’s unexpected and lovely.
    However…! Uranus is opposite my sun, and Jupiter isn’t being 100% good to me, there are storm clouds on the horizon and I have some horrible things to get on with that are really stressful. I am struggling to focus and get them done. But what I’ve learnt from this is how to reach out and appreciate what it’s like for someone to be there for me, really notice the effort they make. That’s another lovely surprise. I’ve learnt what love is what it looks like. This is priceless. I still have the horrible task to do, but I feel a little better supported. <3 Fingers crossed and please everyone wish me luck! I could sink or swim depending on someone else's random decision (uranus opposite sun) and I'm really worried.
    Transiting Saturn is going to conjunct my IC 9 Cap. Last time that happened, it was life-changing, so I know this is a big deal too. Kind of wondering what it will bring.
    Thanks, Christina! xx

  2. Christina says:

    Thanks for this, Vesta. It’s so illuminating to hear from people who have this aspect echoing around in their own charts.