Video: July’s Eclipses

Thursday July 12th 2018

This month’s eclipses …

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  1. I love your wisdom in astrological matters.
    PLEASE SPEAK INTO THE MICROPHONE. I do NOT have hearing issues and have my speakers turned up to 100% and still can hardly hear you.

    • Christina says:

      I’m really sorry Lynn. It sounds perfect when I play it. I don’t think the problem is my microphone.

      • Candy says:

        Yes, I agree, can barely hear you!

        • Christina says:

          I don’t understand, I’m afraid, because the sound is really pretty good on the recording. I will look into it.

          • 44 and counting says:

            I can hear the sound on this ok. It’s not as loud as some from a couple of months ago but the “July Horoscopes” is the only one that’s been too quiet to hear unless the house is silent!!

            Liking the cleaned up site pages – only downside is not seeing other people’s recent comments means not triggering too much discussion. Of course that makes it easier to moderate for you!!

            Astrologically the Cancer new moon eclipse has had me watching my parent’s old cine films and editing them to remove some of the drossy bits where my dad used up the last 5-seconds with footage of a birds nest in the garden or sheep in a local field …

      • Denise says:

        Good insights as the political became more personal for me this week. I could hear it ok.

  2. L says:

    “Mars rx is a lover of Venus.” I’ve never heard that before and I like it. Could you elaborate?

    • Christina says:

      Mars is a warrior much of the time, but when he lays down his arms, he is a lover. In a chart, Mars marks our libido as well as other stuff of course.