All The President’s Crimes

Saturday August 25th 2018

Trump fans, stop reading now. You won’t like it.

US President Donald Trump may have done Americans a favour by revealing just how much the system has rotted, and how much needs repairing. While Obama was like a lovely bandaid on the running sore of corruption in American politics (with a touch of Bach Rescue Remedy), Trump has acted like a great big magnifying glass.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, as the living personification of the “ugly American”, he’s done “the best” job.

So this week, some of his crimes have been exposed in court. And some of his proclivities — whoring and adultery — have turned out to be a bit of a problem. What was happening in the skies? It looked until now as if he might get away with behaving like a deranged Mafia don in the office of President.

As many astrologers have pointed out, including Jude Cowell, the Sun returned to the exact spot of last year’s Great American Eclipse this week, which happens to be Trump’s Ascendant. On that day Paul Manafort, Trump’s creepy campaign chairman, was found guilty on 10 counts, and his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, while pleading guilty to bribery and corruption implicated the President in a crime. Since then — and this is only Friday — two more of his close allies have asked for immunity (in return for turning state’s evidence).

It’s quite funny that it’s the hush money that was paid to the women he slept with that may bring him down. By transit Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, is in his 5th house, the house of, among other things, “swiving” as my predecessor William Lilley might have put it. Pluto’s been there for about a decade, and making tough aspects to the Donald’s money planets in Libra for about half that time. He must have felt he was throwing hush money down a bottomless pit.

This week, Venus in Libra (women and money) went over the Donald’s money planets and is coming in to square that Pluto on Monday. Both transiting Saturn and Mars Rx are also in that house of flings — and Mars is conjunct Lilith, the cast-off woman who seeks revenge. Mars has already made two exact conjunctions to Lilith this summer and will make another one at the end of September — after Lilith passes through the South Node.

This week, the Moon went over that cluster of points — Saturn, Pluto, Mars Rx, South Node and Lilith — in Capricorn and Aquarius that square Trump’s Libra money planets.

But that does not quite explain why Trump towers is being so shaken this week.

Take a look at his progressed chart — for today.

• Pluto squares his prChiron — a direct hit in the Achilles’ Heel.

• His prMoon is exactly on the eclipse degree of August 11, 2018 — ouch.

• His prASC is at 28° Libra exactly squared by transiting Mars Rx (in the pr House of News and information). In other words, Mars Rx digs up all the dirt and throws it at his face, the ASC.

• Mars Rx has gone back over his prIC over the summer, and opposed his prSaturn on the MC. This must be pretty destabilising. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Mars goes back over the IC and opposes prSaturn again and then both natal and prPluto.

• His prSun at 1° Virgo is in the spotlight under the transiting Sun, but also caught in the practical Earth Grand Trine. Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn make nice supportive angles to that Sun (in theory). But what if you haven’t played with a straight bat? How does Saturn respond to that? And his prSaturn has been at 2° Leo for some time. Now it’s being squared by trUranus in his house of allies — erstwhile friends may become enemies.

Trump’s natal Ceres, the planet of abundance, is interesting. It’s opposite Pluto and in his 6th house of work. But by progression it’s at 0° Aquarius and right in the middle of that Mars Rx tangle.

As Mars turns direct on August 26, things are likely to gather momentum. This autumn’s Venus retrograde in Scorpio could bring further revelations about dirty money and prostitution. We’ll see.

If the US justice system prevails, it will show that not even the President is above the law in the United States – and that really is great.


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  1. Faye Blake says:

    Yes the women are interesting – this too … I posted this on the 22nd:) Women to the rescue? Is Nr 45 in trouble because women are speaking up? Ceres the planet of democracy squared his Sun yesterday – squarely testing his authority. And Venus – another woman was right on Chiron – a wound of his. Fascinating to see it unfold.

    • CJ Cranston says:

      PrJuno, wife who suffered her husband/daughter incest, is in PrHouse of Secrets. She’s pressuring Donald (conjunct PrAsc), squared by TrMars Rx and ready to make news when TrMars goes direct. PrJuno is in natal House of News and Information.

    • Christina says:

      I was wondering about your take on Ceres in this Faye. She appears to be pivotal.

      Ceres is, of course, also an angry mother.

  2. Liz Verran says:

    I also see Ceres, as the harvest. You reap what you sow.

    • Christina says:

      I think it’s significant that Ceres is opposite Pluto in the natal chart. Pluto is, after all, criminality — and it’s in Leo. We see the product of his criminality in his ludicrous golden towers.

  3. mimi says:

    This is really fascinating, I wonder what will happen when Lilith goes through the south Node and Jupiter will arrive at his natal Liith at the end of the year.


    • Christina says:

      Yes. I noted in a previous article that there is a Lilith signature which he shares with Ivanka and Ivana too.
      Would be interesting to check this.

  4. Thank you! That’s very interesting! Shall we hope something similar happens to Italy too?! Or perhaps it is already happening. Love the Rescue Remedy analogy.

  5. Fiona says:

    Also, when Mars goes direct – to conjunct his prCeres and then opposing his prSaturn !

  6. Bee says:

    “Bimbo eruptions” never stopped Bill clinton

  7. Artherian says:

    While the astro analysis and projections are great, to the degree I can understand the reporting, the Trumpster hasn’t actually been charged, let alone convicted of anything. Personally I feel compelled to reserve judgement until perhaps the Saturn and Pluto conjunction have had their way with the world and wrought further disclosure.
    I have a suspicion that what might be revealed about Obama, re: wide spread indiscriminate drone killings, illegal use of the FBI, DOJ, and State dept., and,for example, the $70,000 worth of ‘hotdogs’ purchased for a Whitehouse party, etc etc. , could make whatever ‘crimes’ Donald has gotten up to ( so far ) pale into triviality. We will see.

  8. Aquarian Moon says:

    I have been waiting for the hammer to drop regarding Alan Weisselberg ever since that first Cohen audio tape hit the airwaves. Given the history at play with these figures, The Accountant not only knows where the bodies are buried, he plotted out the cemetery himself for establishing patriarch Fred Trump.

    Hearing that The Money Guy has an immunity deal was quite the cherry on top of this eagerly anticipated treat week.

    Of course, no one expects the Saturn-Pluto team up in Capricorn [opposite Trump’s prSaturn, no less] to be pleasant but I can’t imagine how worse the situation is when you are watching those RICO charges piling up against you when you’re a career huckster.

    Further heartening is the news that a juror in Manaforte’s trial, even an avowed Trumper who plans to vote Trump in 2020, had the fortitude to examine the facts presented to her and determine that he should be found guilty.

    I have every confidence that the structures of American democracy, the inbuilt checks and balances, not to mention the fourth estate of a free press, will withstand this particular stress test of the body politic.

    By parceling out the venues which these trials and indictments are taking place in, Mueller has guaranteed that multiple processes are acting on the problem. Presidents can’t pardon State prosecuted crimes, so the charges against Adult Kids (& old buddy A Weisselberg) via the ‘charity’ foundation can’t be handwaved by Dad…. only that state’s Governor. And so on.

    • Christina says:

      The response of the American media to Trump’s presidency — from Stephen Colbert to the local papers — has been magnificent. I wish we had the same fervour here — we have to rely on one Carol Cadwalladr for a bit of truth-digging.

      • AquarianMoon says:

        I think that kind of investigative journalist pluck is the true seed of ‘American Exceptionalism’ if such a thing is taken as a given. Punditry has always been a necessary art, from the Court Jester onward.

        I can’t say if America is truly handling the Gilded Age lead up to the ’20s 2.0 – dadaism as culture, rising fascist fervor in the West, a weak global economy and so on any better than the EuroZone but here we are.

        • Christina says:

          I can’t speak for the rest of Europe, just the UK — and I think it would be a mistake to lump everyone together.

          But one issue here has been the dominance of state-run media — the BBC — financed by a license fee and hamstrung when it comes to investigating government; another has been the unrestrained vitriol of the right wing press, in particular the Daily Mail and the Murdoch-owned papers. Although, I note that Sky News (owned by Murdoch) has actually been asking some of the toughest questions re Brexit. Odd times.

  9. aqua says:

    Symbology abounds, the woman bringing him down, as predicted, and his wife are in the same line of business.
    Its text book Venus Saturn, the business of sex. Talking of symbology the simultaneous passing of Aretha Franklin Kofi Annan and now John McCain has highlighted the notion of Respect that crosses the floor and bridges racial and national divides. RIP Senator McCain.

    By the way have you seen this article about Trumps birthtime?

    Going by the claims in the article it puts the Ascendant bang on the midpoint between Mars and Pluto, and Venus Saturn in the 12th which strikes me as very apt given the endless hidden financial issues etc etc

  10. Joy Kajan says:

    Considering the numerous sexual philandering of Kennedy and Clinton and the lack of accomplishments during their administrations, I am more than willing to overlook Trump’s sexual behavior for the reason that he has jump-started the U.S. economy into record growth, he has created jobs and increased take-home pay…in foreign policy he has promoted fair and reciprocal trade, has exited TPP and renegotiated NAFTA to benefit Americans…he has rebuilt our military to improve national security and defense and has crushed ISIS…and he has reformed the V.A., including firing the 500 worst managers in the agency, along with providing health benefits for the veterans.

    No other president has done as much for America and he has accomplished this in less than two years…and no wonder, as his Sun conjoins the U.S. Mars: Trump stimulates the aggressive spirit and ambitions of the U.S. He is about his business of Making America Great Again.

  11. frankin says:

    I totally agree with Joy Kagan. I’m not sure I understand why Trump is hated other than a perception issue with the public. Frankly, this “hate” is a created manipulation by non-disinterested parties just as the applause/love for Obama was created. Society projects its perceptions upon others and creates idols and devils to be applauded and despised respectively by the populace. Do you recall the Vanity Fair Desiree Rogers article about the branding of Obama? And, the dissatisfied have no one to blame but their previous political choices; the problem with illegal immigration was created by the past practices of numerous predecessors; the problem with the US blue collar worker loss of jobs was excerbated by previous administrations. I agree that Trump is less than graceful in his interactions and tweets, but, by tweeting he is reaching out to the public and, presenting his side of the story. Like Roosevelt, who was also despised, who reached out to the public through radio. The press is so prejudiced and so lacking journalistic dispassion that it is disheartening.