Astrology of Now: Perfect Legs

Thursday August 23rd 2018
Busby Berkley loved ladies legs, symmetry and triangles.

Busby Berkley loved ladies legs, symmetry and triangles.

When the planet of disco balls and silver suits, that is Uranus, dances in perfect time with that stately waltzer Saturn, you know you’re in a peculiarly potent sort of season.

Of course, Uranus and Saturn have been doing this all summer from early Taurus and Capricorn respectively. This is a frictionless but productive aspect.

This week, the Sun will join Uranus and Saturn from Virgo, creating a perfect Earth Grand Trine and triggering that energy into a circuit. All Earth signs — and Aquarians — could feel a wave of ease and energy. If you want to make something happen, now’s the time.

What is more, the Full Moon in Pisces on August 26 creates an aspect known as a kite with these two mighty motivators. Boom.

With Mars about to turn direct after months asleep, suddenly anything seems possible.

Use this Full Moon to complete a magnificent grand jete into September.

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