Astrology of Now: “Be here, now!”

Tuesday September 4th 2018
Saraband 1985 by Bridget Riley

Saraband 1985 by Bridget Riley

When you find a planet or asteroid at 0° in a person’s chart, it’s likely to be significant. It may contain a great deal of the pure energy of that sign, and the individual may need to manifest that during his or her lifetime.

Since today, Pallas Athena, the asteroid of wisdom is at 0° Virgo, I was curious to see who has this interesting combination of sign and asteroid at that critical degree — after all both Virgo and Pallas are associated with craft.

I love it when sometimes astrology is so clear, and so visual.

This is a painting by Bridget Riley, the British op artist. It’s actually really big, the size of a wall. Consider that Pallas is associated with pattern-making, and here we have someone who has spent her working life making patterns repeatedly. Riley’s technique is precise, meticulous, intellectual, a little dry. To hear her talking about her own painting, click here.

Bart, Marge, Homer, Maggie and Lisa Simpson: a nuclear family.

Bart, Marge, Homer, Maggie and Lisa Simpson: a nuclear family.

It’s fascinating that two of the most influential comic writers of the past 50 years — Alan Moore (V for Vendetta, The Watchmen) and Matt Groening (The Simpsons) — share this placement. Of course, Moore, a Scorpio, writes about a dark and dangerous world. V for Vendetta is a revenge fantasy, which spawned the famous Anonymous masks. Groening, an Aquarian, turned an ordinary family into an extraordinary surreal metaphor for everything. You can see how these two very different Sun signs are at work in their creations.

But that Virgoan Pallas is there in the craftsmanship and pattern-making in terms of story-telling. Virgo is, of course, one of the great writers of the Zodiac. These two writers have produced long series that meticulously document alternate worlds which reflect and dissect our own times and recent history. Both are orderly writers. In other words, plots slot together neatly, loose ends are tied off.

Ram Dass, the philosopher and writer, also has Pallas at 0° Virgo. His book Be Here now, published in 1971, a manual for conscious living which traced his own spiritual journey, was a seed for the mind-body-spirit  connections that are now mainstream in the West. Pallas is, of course, an asteroid of systems (of ideas in Virgo). But in classical Virgo fashion, Dass’ ideas were practical — meditate, practice yoga, “be here now”.

So back to now. We are at a moment of pure Pallas in Virgo. Interesting to reflect, look around to find this and act on the advice of Ram Dass. Do you have any planets at 0° Virgo — or Pisces, Gemini or Sagittarius or one of the earth signs. Here is a piece by Arvo Pärt, the Estonian composer, who has Pallas at 5° Virgo. I think you can hear it.


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  1. 44 and counting says:

    Being born in 1971, I have Neptune at 0Sag. In recent years I’ve come to feel that I’m living in the wrong decade as I’ve always naturally believed in many of the spiritual ideas of the New Age and Hippie movements of the time. This being in complete contrast to my parents or family.

    So it’s doubly interesting to read that Ram Dass’ book Be Here Now was published in 1971 as that would surely have been a big influencer for the Neptune in Sag era.

  2. Vesta says:

    My progressed MC is 0 Virgo. I have other things in the early degrees too, but that’s exact.

    • Christina says:

      PR MC at 0° — beginnings! With the help of the goddess of wisdom — nice.

      • Vesta says:

        Really?! 🙂 My face isn’t used to smiling lately. 🙂 🙂
        Haven’t looked at my progressed chart in a while. I opted to have all the aspects showing, and there’s a grand square. PR MC is in Virgo, 11th house. POF is 5 Virgo, moon is 5 Sag conjunct SN 6 Sag 3rd house, square Saturn 10 Pisces 5th house, square NN 6 Gemini 9th house.

        Transiting Saturn will conjunct my IC in December or thereabouts. That will be a biggie, I think.

        PR MC is sextile my Sun. And sextile my natal Jupiter 1 Cancer. Jupiter is part of a grand trine with Saturn and Sun. And that Saturn is part of a t-square with u/plu and mars/venus.

        When your chart lights up like a christmas tree, do you take everything into consideration? It looks like a snooker table or one of those pinball machines, the way they’re connecting. It doesn’t make sense to me to draw lines and try to separate energy, that’s like trying to separate air.

        Looking at all these aspects is fun. I’ve got another grand trine, this time in air, which also makes a kite, I think. And there are two yods. And progressed moon is exactly conjunct progressed AC in Scorpio.

        I am daring to hope, even though it’s not time yet. It’s probably my Sag stellium, glass half full, getting ahead of myself. But then I immediately drag myself back to the present, feet on ground, deal with right here, right now, today, and back to anxiety. New beginnings doesn’t necessarily mean good, which is why I’m looking for clues. :/

  3. Denise says:

    Lovely music, though a bit stark – reflects its’ geography -northerly and on the border between Europe and Asia. Deceptively simple – I bet Part’s music is not easy to play well.

    I have Vesta at 0 Virgo, but do not know the asteroids well enough to say what that means to me; also Asc. in late Virgo.

  4. Isabel Tifft says:

    My sunburnt Mars is at 0:56 Taurus, just a few degrees from my Aries Sun. Looks like a perfect or near-perfect trine to the Mercury/Pallas transit on the cusp of Virgo. Might explain a few things lately, including the fraught importance of saying just the right thing and keeping my spinning thoughts under control and well-ordered; a life may depend on it. Or not. (Things are topsy turvy, and this is me saying that.)