Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony

Thursday September 27th 2018

Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony against US Supreme Court judge nominee is heart-wrenching. I’ve just listened to it.

Here is the chart for the start of proceedings this morning in Washington DC.

It’s absolutely stuffed with symbolism. Here are just a few of the things that jump out.

• Venus in Scorpio is rising. In fact this Venus is stationing to turn retrograde. There she is recalling the deep past. In Scorpio, Venus is uncomfortable because she has to go somewhere dark, but she’s also a warrior, Inanna.

• This is an issue of women’s rights, quite simply. Don’t forget that if Brett Kavanaugh becomes a Supreme Court judge, he will seek to make abortion illegal again. So it’s interesting to note that Lilith, the Dark Moon, who one might associate with the mother’s power to take life as well as give it, is just passing through the US South Node. And then she’s also just coming out of a conjunction with Mars that’s trining the Sun in Libra, the sign of justice.

• Meanwhile, Saturn in Capricorn, which is very powerful is making a tough square to those Libra planets. This is the establishment digging in its heels.

• The Moon was applying to conjoin Uranus in Taurus. This is about change, and changing women’s role. As my colleague Coeli Carr has pointed out it’s about the voice, ruled by Taurus. And Taurus is also about learning to listen

The US is having a nodal return right now (NN at 6° Leo). Will this be a turning point? I am sure you can dig out even more from this chart. For example, what do you make of Vesta? Among other things, she is literally the one woman hired by the Republicans on the committee to question Ms Blasey Ford.

Those of you finding this brings back your own memories, know that this is part of a Venus Retrograde process. She will be squaring the Nodes — this is pivotal.

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  1. Aqua says:

    What a day for ripping the scab of womens pain globally, and a deeply symbolic chart.

    Reading the inumerable responses of women online has been excruciating.

    Aside from all the aspects you mentioned what jumps out at me is Mars in Aquarius as the apex of that Tsquare between Uranus /Moon opposite Venus.

    Aside from the multitude of anecdotes from women, I have also seen a groundswell of support from men, for the first time in a very long time, crystalised in the New York Times ad

    ‘1,600 men sign full page New York Times ad in support of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’

    Feminists started the campaign but Men signed it, to emulate the letter written by black women in support of Anita Hill all those years ago. Maybe it does speak of equality and justice despite the resistance of the Saturn/vesta square the sun, as Mars in Aquarius is in tight trine to that Libra Sun. Perhaps its the honourable men who will help right the ship.
    Ive seen many comments from baby boomer males who supported women in the 70s.

    And that conjunction of Mercury and Ceres is combust in Libra…ouch
    And Chiron has slid back into the last degree of Pisces and Universal suffering.
    Or as Dennis Ewell would say Chiron = audacity, so then that could be read as the Audacity of the Victim as well as Obamas Audacity of Hope [Chiron in Pisces in the first] , which if we look back at Chirons soujourn all through Pisces, seems very appropriate.

    It would be very interesting to do a comparison between the chart of Anitas hearing and this one.

    • Christina says:

      Yes it would, but I can only find October 1991 so far. I’ve been looking.

      • Christina says:

        Also, I agree about that Mars in Aquarius — it’s about men who are confident enough in their masculinity to be women’s allies.

        I’ve been watching Kavanaugh now b. 12 Feb 1965. Blech!

        But guess what, that Mars retrograde began on his Venus in Aquarius back in June, and it’s coming back.

        • Aqua says:

          Thats interesting re mars retrograde, do you think he could still come down?
          It looks like Flake [what a name] is calling for an fbi investigation. I should damn well hope so .
          Brett is utterly vomituous, not that kind of Aquarius… the other kind 😉
          Have you seen Marina Hydes takedown of him? Really nothing else needs to be said.

  2. Blue says:

    I am not sure I understand the association between vesta and the woman hired by the republicans – could you elaborate?

    • Christina says:

      Well, I am seeing that Saturn as the Republicans in this instance — conservative, reactionary daddies– and I wondered about Vesta being so precisely conjunct. It’s an entirely male committee.

      Vesta is the keeper of tradition — usually this is great. She keeps the fire burning. But as someone said tradition is about passing on a flame, not worshipping a pile of ashes.

      Anyway, that female archetype is right in the heart of Saturn.

  3. Megs says:

    Anita testified on Oct 11, 1991

  4. Faye says:

    And not to forget that Mercury conjunct Ceres! Looking forward to joining you Christina when I’ll be talking about Ceres role in women’s rights this weekend! An older woman speaking up for all the younger ones – Yes!

  5. Sonja Foxe says:

    the vestal virgins in Republican Rome were sort of ur-legal secretaries … keeping the valuable legal documents, wills, etc safe … vesta herself the keeper of the hearth. from kavanaugh’s behavior you could see how mean a drunk he could be … the issue now is a matter of proper procedure … investigation, fact finding, to determine the facts … Chicago Bar Association went on record cautioning congress to investigate prior to decision … the old reagan maxim — trust but verify … or an old mayor daley zen koan — if yer innercent why are you bleeding

  6. AquarianMoon says:

    That Saturn-Vesta blend doesn’t trouble me so much. It was and it wasn’t bad optics … men outsourcing the questioning to a woman vs … who they picked, which is a career professional from Maricopa County, AZ, literally going by the book doing exactly what she does everyday, which is interact with sexual abuse victims in a nonthreatening but fact finding process.

    That this Vesta’s cross examination has been described as ‘falling flat’ is not the fault of either women, Vesta had to ask basic questions bc the FBI had not been allowed to fully investigate Blasey-Ford’s account, and so Vesta had to go back and forth, quite in the dark, wasting everyone’s time about when the witness Blasey-Ford asserts was present was employed at which grocery store.

    I think we can see this in the Vesta/North Node not-quite Opposition. Potential Growth, Opportunity [North Node] literally being almost at odds [03 Leo vs 02 Capricorn] with the way of diligent, dedicated [Vesta] due process and following of established protocol [Saturn]

    Also picking up that theme is Pallas (strategy) Opposition Neptune (Illusion)

  7. Severne says:

    What do you think about Venus going rx before having a chance to meet Jupiter in Scorpio?

  8. I would also look at JUNO which I believe is not the patriarchal long-suffering trophy wife of Zeus but the original female form of genius. Zeus= Jupiter. There was a masculine and feminine form to everything. Genius is specifically a masculine term, Juno is specifically feminine genius and is illustrated by her 8 arms and women’s genius is multi-tasking. Juno is sitting on Algol the most feared star in ancient astrology which is Medusa. Pre-patriarchally I believe Medusa was an Amazon warrioress from Libya and her snakes for hair was her dreadlocks and the Amazons were indeed feared by men. This is star mythologizing of the patriarchy destroying the goddess workshopping religions. Juno is in sextile to Chiron the wounded healer at the very last most karmic degree of Pisces our collective spiritually suffering and wounds. Pisces is the symbol of the myth of Christianity, the sacrificial god. This can also signify the final end of Christianity and also the sexual abuse by Catholic priests and the Catholic witch burnings and the end of those illusions, delusions, religions and addictions which women, Juno is in Taurus the first earth sign and the Sign of the Age of Taurus when the Matriarchal religions were worshipped. This is so utterly karmically symbolic that we are at an end of great ages and the rebirthing of new consciousness. I believe if women call upon their own Juno’s and work collectively and women use all their arms to support each other then we can recapitulate {literally} Medusa’s lost head, cut off by Persues and create new mythologies. This is my intention.

    • Aqua says:

      Medusa was raped by Posiedon/Neptune according to Ovid, and her death stare was a result of that.

    • Christina says:

      Thank you for this brilliant insight, Tara.

      I completely agree with you about the power of Juno. No wonder she was recast as a “jealous wife” in the latter retelling of the myths — she was far too powerful and dangerous.

      Although astronomically she is small. She is the brightest asteroid in the asteroid belt, visible occasionally with the naked eye.

      I wish you could have been here for our goddess weekend. Lynn Bell gave an excellent talk on Juno.

      One astronomer’s theory — worth pondering — is that the asteroids were once one planet which was shattered…..

  9. Jane says:

    A distressing story with so many layers….I haven’t gone through the whole chart, but two fixed star alignments I noticed are really descriptive. Pallas is aligned with Zosma, 11 Virgo, in the constellation Leo. According to Bernadette Brady, ‘this is not a star of glory and fame but rather of the invisible work of dealing with the victim, either in oneself or in one’s work.’ She also writes that the myth of the Nemean Lion, crushed by Hercules, is ‘a symbol of the point in Greek and Roman mythology where the older, goddess-centred beliefs were extinguished.’

    Ceres and Mercury are aligned with Diadem (8 57′ Libra), in the constellation Coma Berenices, or the Woman’s Crown. The principle of this star, again according to Brady, is ‘a woman’s sacrifice’. She also links it to feminine strength, and the desire to serve a greater purpose.

    I suspect there are other fixed stars channelling their messages and symbolism through alignments with this moment in time. It’s up to us to listen carefully though. Otherwise, as with the lessons, largely ignored, of the financial crisis of 2008, I fear little will be changed in the immediate future.

  10. This is a very belated reply to a subject I haven’t been much into astrologically. But I do notice this. It just happens that asteroid CHRISTINE conjuncts LIE and opposes Kavanaugh’s Mercury which puts the lies into the media spotlight. Personally I believe both parties are liars. I don’t believe K assaulted Ford, but I do suspect K was a teenage drunk as several former classmates have witnessed, and he won’t admit it. He has sun square both Sun and Mercury which could incline him to tipple and stretch truth – even believe his own lies.

    I did watch a you tube video from an expert in body language and it was both hilarious and convincing. Once you see the patterns and trace the added details like how and when F clears her throat through trying to add emotions that aren’t there, you can’t doubt Ms Ford is playing one big game. Perhaps it’s the astrology of America which should most concern us most because this is a society full of corruption and falling apart at the seams; but as many have been saying, it’s a bad day for democracy everywhere when we let go of the principle of innocent till proved guilty. People are getting carried away with emotion in dangerous ways and sympathizing with people neither of whom are deserving of it.

    • Christina says:

      It’s not a case of innocent until proven guilty. He was not on trial. It’s a case of deciding whether he’s a fit person to be a Supreme Court judge. There are three straightforward reasons this was a terrible decision.

      1. Kavanaugh lied about his drinking. Even if you don’t believe Blasey Ford’s testimony, his excessive drinking was attested by many colleagues and friends.
      2. His demeanour was not that of a judge. He was rude, whiny and failed to answer direct questions.
      3. He did not show himself to be politically impartial in his opening address.