Your Month Ahead: Podcast

Saturday September 22nd 2018

It’s the equinox! Hooray. One of the four corners of the year. Here, we are turning into autumn.

Sally and I met at Cliveden, a very beautiful stately home outside London, famous, or infamous, for political intrigue. That seemed appropriate for the month ahead with Venus, the planet of love, digging around in sexy, secretive Scorpio, while the Sun sails through social, polite and political Libra.

It’s all pretty intriguing to say the least.

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  1. Christina says:

    Just noting that #WhyIdidntreport is trending on twitter. There’s going to be more like this with Venus Retrograde and Jupiter in his final weeks in Scorpio.

  2. Christine Faith says:

    Your latest great podcast gave me some food for thought, albeit possible cause for indigestion: we just put a deposit down on our first house, exactly on the equinox. Aspects appear favorable, but you mentioned that Venus retrograde….This will take about 2 months to come to fruition. Encouraged by your “fresh beginning” mention. From our alpine perch, Mars is sitting right on my Asc. in Virgo (rising was Cancer in U.S.), with transiting Jupiter 20 degrees, exactly on my natal Scorpio Sun in 2nd house, along with Venus. Trans. Saturn and Pluto in 4th. Husband was double Cap in U.S., here Asc. Cancer, Pisces moon, transiting Sun 0 degrees Venus in 4th (conj. Mercury today). THANK YOU for any insight–whether settling or otherwise. Strong enough to take the medicine, firm enough to stand our ground come what may!

  3. Christina says:

    Jupiter on the Sun in the 2nd — there’s the big purchase. Plus the trSun etc to husband’s chart is all about real estate.

    I like trans Saturn in 4th for major move to another country.

    The signs are good, but Venus Rx does suggest there may be some issues with money — possibly extracting it from somewhere? Or in the transaction, a delay. Allow the delay and don’t push.

    This is a transit you can use to ensure all the money boxes are ticked and correct though. In short, investigation is good, tread cautiously. Sometimes with Venus Rx you can snaffle a bargain — especially if the house is old or decrepit. In other words, Venus Rx can be good for seemingly second-rate goods.

    Hope that helps.

    On a general financial note, there looks to be trouble in the last ten days of October for currency in general. I am not a financial astrologer, but that is my gut when I look at the skies there. Debt has ballooned even further out of control under this Jupiter in Scorpio.

    Also, what is your natal Venus doing?

  4. Pamela says:

    Am I missing something? The month ahead ended yesterday Sept. 22nd. How about Sept. 23rd through Oct.?