Astrology of Now: Venus Down To The Bone

Saturday October 6th 2018
Portrait of a girl by Elisabeth Sonrel

Portrait of a girl by Elisabeth Sonrel

Every eight years, Venus, the planet of harmony and beauty takes a prolonged trip into the Underworld of Scorpio, where everything she stands for — from money to social skills to femininity — comes into question.

As she goes deeper, she leaves behind her jewels, her silks, her satin slippers, her smile, her silver laughter – until she is down to muscle and bone, gracile and strong.

But there’s more to this retrograde than a trip down below – and this is critical. After weeks in Scorpio, she goes back even further into her own sign Libra, where she will also spend a four weeks, the whole of November, reviewing just what makes her strong – beauty, harmony, charm.

Venus in Scorpio
9 September 2018    October 31

5 October –– Venus stations retrograde 10’50° Scorpio

Venus in Libra
31 October –– 2 December

16 November –– Venus stations direct 25’10° Libra

Venus in Scorpio
2 December 2018 — 7 January 2019

So we have already experienced a big chunk of Venus in Scorpio. Since she normally spends three weeks or so in a sign, you can see why this is an emphatic energy. And frankly, you don’t need an astrologer to point out some of the events in the news that one could associate with Venus in Scorpio.

On the day Venus turned retrograde, Nadia Murad and Dr Denis Mukwege were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for services to rape victims in wars.

On the day Venus turned retrograde, Nadia Murad and Dr Denis Mukwege were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for helping and advocating for wartime rape victims.

This 1500-year-old sword was found in the bottom of a lake by a little girl called Saga. Her find was announced to the world on the day Venus went retrograde.

This 1500-year-old sword was found in the bottom of a lake by a little girl called Saga in Sweden. Her find was announced to the world on the day Venus went retrograde.

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski protesting outside the White House. She was arrested later that day. This was the day Venus was stationing retrograde.

When she is in this sign, Venus becomes a she-warrior, and she often has to be brave, learning from her own experience of emotional trauma.

This year we are also at the tail end of Jupiter’s journey through this same sign — a sign which is also about trauma, memory and, eventually emotional healing. So Jupiter has put a magnifying glass over some of those memories, helped, of course, by Pluto in Capricorn.

Scorpio is also the sign that rules the genitals – to be absolutely blunt about it. You see the connection with allegations about past sexual conduct (mis and otherwise).

Zodiac Man - with the rulerships of each sign for parts of the body.

Zodiac Man – with the rulerships of each sign for parts of the body.

Venus is a planet that concerns herself with social relationships — and desire. Undoubtedly, some of us – particularly those with a lot of Scorpio or Taurus in the chart – will be reviewing relationships. And some of us may be diving a lot deeper, or becoming more intimate.

Venus and Scorpio share another interest: money. Scorpio is about debt, loans, big, big wealth; Venus rules cash, copper, money.

Last time we had this retrograde,  “quantitative easing” was in full flow. That is central banks printed money to alleviate the effects of the credit crunch. QE sent stock markets soaring — and circumvented a total meltdown of the economies in Europe and North America. However, you may ask yourself whether that just kicked the can down the line, so the garbage has to be swept up later. Like, say, around now? Also, Jupiter was in Pisces in those days, and Saturn was in “balance those books” Libra. Now Jupiter is in Scorpio…

When she’s in Scorpio, can Venus turn shit into silver, a sow’s ear into a silk purse or muck into brass? Can she turn a black hole of debt into fairytale copper coins? At some point in every fairytale those coins go back to being cold dust or whatever…

I’m not a financial astrologer, but it seems possible that there may be a “correction” in the next six weeks. In any case, on a personal note, it’s not a bad idea to take a look at your own books. This is especially pertinent, because Venus’ re-entry into Libra could help bring some balance to your personal exchequer. And it’s definitely wise to be careful about what you buy.

And on that note, it’s worth looking at exactly where this retrograde falls in your chart. This is considered quite a signficant part of the entire Zodiac. This is the Via Combusta, “Burning Way“, which was ascribed all kinds of nasty by the ancient astrologers. It runs, depending on which source you trust, from around mid-Libra to mid-Scorpio. However, as is often the case with Medieval astrology, what was considered bad, deviant or just plain wrong then, is often a place of female power. This makes this an exceptionally potent part of the Venus cycle.

She moves from traditionally a most uncomfortable sign, to a most comfortable one. From anger to harmony — and then back to anger again when she goes back into Scorpio in December. But by the time that she enters that second Scorpio tour (from December 2), she will have gained some experience and some wisdom — and possibly some ammunition. She will be a warrior with plenty of arrows in her quiver, and copper in her purse.




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  1. Vesta says:

    “However, as is often the case with Medieval astrology, what was considered bad, deviant or just plain wrong then, is often a place of female power. ”
    I’m glad you said that, otherwise my whole life is crap! :/ My sun is in the Via Combusta and my progressed AC is moving through it. Mid Libra to mid Scorpio is my 1st and 2nd house.
    In the past, when venus has retrograde in Scorpio, my 2nd house, I’ve fallen in love. Venus is my chart ruler so I might be susceptible. I’m not expecting to this time, and I didn’t make good choices before anyway. Although they didn’t feel like choices, they felt fated. Anyway, I’m too busy with other Venus stuff this time round, and Jupiter is digging up all sorts. I’m having a tough year. 🙁
    There’s a huge recession that’s been pending last few years. A lot of people are worried about it. The more time passes, the worse it’s looking…
    My chart angles are the same as the UK’s, so Via Combusta is, again, 1st and 2nd houses. Theresa May is Libran, born 1st October, ruled by Venus. I have forgotten the chart for the Tories, if you did one, I think you did. From what I can tell, they’re facing extinction after 340 years. They abused their power and it backfired. It’s their ideology that directly harmed the planet and all life. If there’s a reckoning in the next 6 weeks, I hope it includes them. Their paradigm is over, they’re just clinging on to power by their fingertips now. There’s the image from ‘1984’ of a boot stamping on a human face – forever. Well there’s a new image now of a boot poised to stamp on greedy selfish grasping stinking rotten fingers desperately clinging to the edge of a cliff face. The picture of the future Orwell predicted has changed. The powerful have lost what power they had. It’s literally combust. We’re looking at the end game. Be interesting to look at the transits to the UK chart again.

    • Christina says:

      Yes — the falling in love aspect of the Venus Rx is rarely emphasised enough: it’s about going deeper.

      • Christina says:

        Also Tara Greene has a nice post on the Via Combusta. It’s linked in the article.

        • Vesta says:

          Ah thanks 🙂
          I was going to say something witty about my defences being down, but I couldn’t work out how without sounding flippant. It does seem to be something along those lines. I used to say those partners found a way to reach me under the radar, there was a sense of surprise along with the fated feeling. So although I’m not expecting it, a part of me knows it’s a pattern and maybe try to be wiser this time. It’s true about never saying never. And I’m a fixed sign scorpio saying that. 🙂

          • Vesta says:

            There it is: “Libra is the Fall of the Sun while Scorpio is the Fall of the Moon. Furthermore, these two signs contain the two malefics. Libra is the Exaltation of Saturn (Greater Malefic); Scorpio (by classical ruler, contains Mars (Lesser Malefic).’
            Fall of the sun and fall of the moon = my defences down. Each time, I felt powerless.
            Saturn is also commitment. Mars is attraction and taking action.
            One of my partners from this time proposed. Which came as a shock because it hadn’t crossed my mind! Another turned out to be twin flame, which I probably mentioned here before. The astrology between us was nuts and I am still processing what happened. This was also when I really learnt more about astrology, I wanted to understand. Interestingly, my solar return MC will be exactly the same degree as his moon, which opposes my neptune/sun-moon midpoint (so that will be my SR IC, lot of inner work). It’s like the universe is pushing me to grow and showing me in which direction.
            I am interested to hear other people’s experiences, it can’t be just me.

  2. Aqua says:

    Just a thought, but from bitter experience and lots of observation, I would be supercareful about putting too much importance on that ‘fated’ meme. It can so often be a get out of gaol card for taking control of ones path, being ‘overwhelmed’ rather than powerful means one can abnegate responsibility for ones choices. Particularly if your a woman, and particularly when neptune is a strong factor.
    And of course through the New Age and the media it ties right into the medieval mythos of romantic and courtly love that collectively tortures us to this day.

    And even if it twere fated rather than just subconcious patterns of familial familiarity, who is to say from our limited perspective we can understand the point, or even if there is one.

  3. Aqua says:

    Great post and thanks for that portrait, I love it.

    I guess given all that, more is on the cards for frat boy…

  4. Aqua says:

    Another thing that struck a memory in me about the Kavanaugh hearings was the overwhelming homeoroticism of the frat boy culture both in the day, and now in the halls of power.

    They always want their buddies in on the act, pulling a train, boasting about their conquests, mutual masturbation mental or otherwise.

    Im so irate I want to kick something, prefferably McConnells face.

    • Vesta says:

      Drama triangle. Doesn’t have to be one person who is the third party, can be any number.

      Also this, from a few days ago:

      • Aqua says:

        Sorry Im not sure I follow, what does ‘Drama triangle. Doesn’t have to be one person who is the third party, can be any number’ refer to?

        • Vesta says:

          ‘Drama triangle’ is a term you can Google. There’s a lot written on it but basically it’s the dynamic between a bully, victim, and a third party. I was saying the third party doesn’t have to be just one person, it can be third parties, plural. In Kavanaugh’s case, it was his friends.

          • Aqua says:


          • Vesta says:

            Yes. All the roles can switch. Bully/victim/third party. That’s exactly what Kavanaugh did, play the victim. He was going for an Oscar! He was trying to imply that Dr Ford was bullying him, but the whole world saw she stated the facts and nothing more. She didn’t play the drama triangle, ie play the bully after being a victim, she stepped outside the dynamic and was just a mature adult. Doing that exposed Kavanaugh clearly. He was out of his depth, had no idea what to do, he didn’t have the maturity, life has never pushed him to grow. Appalling choice for the Supreme Court.
            There are two types of third party as well. There’s the accomplice/sidekick. In Kavanaugh’s case, they were his peers. Sometimes, they’re just lackeys and get bullied themselves. Sometimes, they’re dragged in to support the bully or the victim. The second type is something we see online a lot, where we’re dragged in as the audience/voyeurs. In Kavanaugh’s case, literally, the world was watching, which he knew, his performance was for our benefit as well. The third party can be manipulated to be bullies/victims too.
            The only way to win is not to play. Dr Ford gave us a masterclass.

          • Christina says:

            oops Freudian slip there — I meant portray himself as the victim.

          • Christina says:

            And interestingly, it can switch round. And we saw Kavanaugh attempting to do that and portray himself as a bully.

      • Christina says:


  5. 44 and counting says:

    This venus retro is all over my Scorpio descendant. I’m getting a strong theme of being tired of being sideswiped by the surface appearances that Venus puts up. Have met so many women who seem to think a successful relationship is about the having the right house, car, furniture, holidays, clothes, makeup etc, etc.

    I heard Alexander O’Neal’s old 80s track “Fake” yesterday which contains the lines … “You’re a fake baby, you can’t conceal it, know how I how know, cause I can feel it”. Says it all really.

    • Aqua says:

      Thats bizarre of them, I avoid people like that, although admittedly I havent met many. Maybe venus retro in Scorpio on the descendant is a good time to purge ones circles to align with ones values?

  6. Denise says:

    Have not seen any comments yet about Mercury stationing retrograde the day after Venus stations direct, and passing through most of the same territory. It’s not over until it’s over?

    Financial astrologer Raymond Merriman has written about this Venus retrograde on his free weekly blog.

  7. Denise says:

    oops -no – Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius, not Scorpio. But still. The next day after Venus goes direct.

    • Christina says:

      And it’s still important — a loss of faith perhaps. Thanks for the Merriman tip. I haven’t been over to his site recently, but I find his astrology applies very well outside stock markets too.

      • Denise says:

        Yes, I agree – Raymond Merriman’s observations often apply to more than finance, which is mostly why I read them – I’m not much of an investor.

        Have to say, too – the first three paragraphs of this article are a fine summary of Venus retrograde. Of course the rest is good too, but I had read a few other articles, and when I read your first three paragraphs, I said to myself – that is it. Thank you!

        • Vesta says:

          I was trying to remember his name the other day, I’m so glad you mentioned him. I used to read his articles during the uranus/pluto square years, then I don’t know what happened, I got out of the habit. He is excellent.

      • Christina says:

        Also on this note, I’ve just listened to a piece on the UN report on Climate Change. One of the most significant things you personally can do about Climate Change is to move your investments — including pensions — out of any carbon-chomping industries.

  8. AstroAng says:

    Scorpio is my 3rd house. Neptune sits at Zero opposing tr Uranus in Taurus squaring Natal Uranus in Leo at zero. I’ve just been approached by a publisher for my astro memoir ( my 4th book).
    Don’t know if this is significant but as a Cap who will be hit by the Saturn Pluto conjc 2020 ( feeling Pluto’s approach now) I am keeping my eyes peeled.

    • Christina says:

      Just written a post that’s relevant to this. So much is happening during this Rx. You need to keep it authentic — that’s the key.
      And also congratulations.

  9. Thanks. I’m writing as the real me this time so that’s about as authentic as you can get… perfect timing.

  10. Oh thank you so much. Unless people let me know or drop a review I never know how it is being received. My new one is out now. I will email you the links to that and The Future Can’t Wait. You have made my day x