Pallas Athena 3: Writers and Astrologers

Thursday October 18th 2018

Part 3 of my talk on Pallas Athena in Oxford this September.

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  1. 44 and counting says:

    You’ve talked a lot about people with Pallas in nice aspects – either conjunct planets or angles, and some trines.

    How do you see a poorly aspected Pallas playing out?

    • Christina says:

      It depends really — but even nicely aspected ones can have nasty results. There’s a real horror coming up.

      However, I think blindness — metaphorically and literally — blinkered vision, irrationality, animal passions untamed….

      • Christina says:

        Also, I tend to find that even hard aspects can be good and soft ones bad, depending on who has ’em!

        • 44 and counting says:

          Thanks, yes I guess I was wondering what the bad expressions of it are.

          I have a tight t-square with Pallas oppo Jupiter outletting through sun/moon/venus/juno – all within a degree. And there’s a 2nd t-square linked into all that.

          I have very good pattern recognition and sometimes struggle to learn if I don’t know how it connects to other stuff or where it goes in the jigsaw.

          These days, I find the formulaic nature of some TV shows and films boring after a few episodes. And the Pluto in Cappy era is all about making things formulaic to reduce costs and using well-trodden ideas to avoid risk. Far too predictable once you understand the framework that they’re inserting ideas into.

          • Christina says:

            Isn’t that interesting about TV shows. They become impossible to watch.

            My partner, who has Pallas in Gemini making a lot of aspects, mentioned the word “wallpaper” in this connection the other day. I also think that the Neptune in Pisces lures us into a dream state, another world.

  2. Syd Shera says:

    Wow just wow. This makes my Sag Pallas placement so clear now. Thanks Christina! Conjunct NN Cap and in tight sextile w both Ve and Ne, which are in exact trine, your description of how Pallas works w her grey eyed vision gives me words for my heretofore inexplicably visiony art I make. I don’t develop ideas, images just come in full force and demand to be made. Lucky I work w clay so they’re relatively easy to sculpt. I find your work w the feminine goddess archetype invaluable. Blessings and thanks!!

  3. Iris says:

    Perhaps your research on Asteroids will suggest some new medical rulerships? Listening to this brought to mind Fred Hollows, an Ophthalmologist whose vision was about vision. Not sure if he’s well known in the Northern Hemisphere. He dedicated his life to treating avoidable blindness in developing countries and left a huge legacy, changed so many lives, very humble. Lot of Aries. Pallas is in Pisces, and forms a small trine with Pluto/Mars in Cancer and Jupiter/Vesta in Taurus.

    Oh did you look at Alan Turing the code cracker Christina? Pallas right at the very end of Cancer (nationhood) at 29º46′,conj IC and opp Uranus/BM Lillith in Aquarius on his MC. Fascinating.