Pallas Athena: Part Two

Tuesday October 16th 2018

The second part of my talk at Trinity in September.

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  1. Jan Martin says:

    Thank You, Christina!
    Uranus at 17 Gemini trining Pallas & Mars in Aquarius. Seems like I should have a bit of that vision, but I’m afraid mind stuff sort of gets offset by Pisces stellium (though in 1972 I did dream an entire eco-thriller about a journalist who fights to keep a corporation from derailing plans to power cities using their own waste).

  2. Iris says:

    Fascinating, Christina. Love the Mercury question and I got excited about the matrix idea, feels astute. Yes, getting the big picture on something and seeing how it all fits together. And it’s like it’s just there.
    The segment on writers caused me to go and look at the charts of Doris Lessing and Ursula Le Guin. Both have complex, detailed, structured, BIG ideas and both wrote about systems within systems and with ULG there was a lot of war in her worlds. I remember when The Wizard of Earthsea came out she’d developed a whole language to go with it; you could buy the tape and learn it; there were maps, symbols…she has Pallas at 28 Pisces in H12 opp Venus & sq Saturn. Doris Lessing (fascinating chart) no birth time for her but she has Pallas at 13 Aquarius. That seems fitting, for her astonishing, forensic understanding. Trine her moon in Libra and sq Mercury in Scorpio.
    Then I had to look at Margaret Atwood – she has Pallas tightly conjunct Pluto – hah! In Leo in H3. Perfect.
    If you care to share, what are your thoughts about Pallas conjunct BM Lilith?

    • Christina says:

      Oh my now there’s a question! That might be a placement that could go very wrong or very right depending on the circs. Of course, sign placement is important too. But as you know with Lilith, she can add a dimension of deliberate taboo busting.

      I was so curious about this that I had a look through astrotheme and found rather oddly that the first person who came up was Valerie Trierweiler, France’s “first girlfriend” (when Francois Hollande was Prez), JFK, and Bill Clinton. I have to admit that the first thing that comes to mind that’s Lilithish is the “the other woman” theme there. But the point is that these were all people in high office. You’ll see later in my talk that Pallas is linked to democracy. So these people all cheated or were cheated on while either as heads of state or partnered to one.

      That’s only one theme though. Then there’s Robert Redford — with a super tight conjunction in Libra — who organised (Pallas) the biggest indie (Lilith) film festival on the planet (Sundance). Stephen Colbert, the American comedian/talk show host, who’s thing is extreme irony in the face of Trumpism. Lilith does seem to help comedians, because she gives them an outsider’s vantage, but he’s critiquing “government” of course.

      Then there’s Frida Kahlo — Lilith in Gemini, Pallas in Cancer — very tight though. And I started to wonder about her (Pallas) association with the creation of a personal mythology, discovering the warp and weft of one’s life. Her Pallas is at 0° Cancer, and she created a whole pattern of story around her own Lilithishness. Of course, there’s also that theme of betrayal too.

      Just thinking aloud here. But you can many different patterns with that combination — so fascinating.

      • Iris says:

        Oh my, so very fascinating and rich. So much in that I need to ponder, thank you.

        Earlier I looked at Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s chart, the US Supreme Court Justice who brought a number of seminal gender equality cases before the US Courts. She has Pallas at 19 Aquarius widely conjunct Saturn and tightly sextile Uranus. On Wikipedia the word ‘strategic’ is used about her several times.

        On a side note, she has Vesta conjunct Lilith in Gemini although with no birth time maybe that conjunction is not reliable.
        Christina you’ve lit a fire!

  3. Gilly says:

    As a former journalist who only ever skirted the edge of conflict zones (but knew a lot of war correspondents, including a couple you mentioned) – I can add they’re dressed that way, not only because they’re in dangerous places and need the protection of flak jackets and helmets, but because, if captured, they’re less likely to be executed as spies if they’re in uniform.
    And thank you for such a fascinating, absorbing talk. I’ve never considered Pallas Athena before, at all. So I’ve added her to my chart found her at 26 Sagittarius, conjunct Mars and Jupiter and trining Uranus – also exactly square my nodes, exactly sextile my MC. I’m a journalist turned fantasy novelist. This is… interesting. And now I need to know more (and that’s my day shot). 😀

  4. Gilly says:

    And while this is all spinning in my head, I remember David Bowie wrote a track called Pallas Athena: he has her conjunct his Aquarius MC.

  5. E says:

    Thank you, this is wonderful!

    I have Pallas Athena in the 9th in Virgo in a tight sextile to my MC. I generally tend to get the whole of the ideation of my big art or writing projects in one burst of an hour or less. I carry a notebook to capture the flood when it comes.

    Did Lynn Bell put up the video of her Juno talk anywhere?