Astrology of Now: Blue Wave

Tuesday November 6th 2018

In case you’re not being deluged with US news wherever you are, I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s Election Day in the United States again. Not for the prez but for a proportion of the members of Congress, various governors and sundry state elections.

However, rarely has a mid-term election been freighted with so much importance. Currently, Donald Trump’s Republican Party controls both houses of Congress, but only by a whisker. If the Democrats can wrest control of the Hill, they will be able to put the brakes on the Trumpmobile that’s been doing wheelies through the White House for the past year.

This is not just important for America, of course, but also for the rest of the world.

Democrats have been hoping for a “blue wave” to sweep across America. We’ll know the results in a few hours, so there’s not much point speculating, but let’s test the astrology anyway. Here are two charts to look at.

Since the USA is such a vast country, the polls do not all close at the same time, but rolling across until the very last polling station closes somewhere out in Alaska. So although it makes sense to pull up a chart for the capital city, Washington DC, it might be fun to look at a chart for the far west as well.

Anyway, here’s a  chart for Washington, which shouts big Democratic victory. First of all there’s Neptune on the MC — the blue wave itself.

The ruler of the Ascendant would be the incumbents — Cancer ruled by the Moon in Scorpio. Moon is about to be New (in fact at its darkest or weakest).

And the opposition would be the ruler of the Descendant — Capricorn ruled by Saturn in its own sign (hence powerful) smack on that spot.

Pretty clear.

Now, here’s a chart for the furthest polling station to the west — presumably the real, real close of polls for the US.

This one is interesting because the Ascendant actually conjoins President Trump’s Sun at 22° Gemini. And indeed this is a referendum on his presidency so far — it’s personal.

This time the Republicans are shown by Mercury in Sagittarius. Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius, of course.

The Democrats are shown by Jupiter in Scorpio. This is OK, so another Democratic win. But does this one show the clean sweep of the other? I’m not sure — Jupiter at 29° is interesting. Will Jupiter burst out with Sagittarian exuberance on the morrow? It looks like a fight to the death…

Notice how many planets are at 29° today, too. It’s the end of something much bigger than Trump.

Let’s see what the results are tomorrow, and whether the charts work

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  1. Kathryn says:

    Nice. Thank you.

  2. Les says:

    If you want to go further west, the US territory of Guam just elected their first female governor, Democrat Lou Leon Guerrero. 🙂

    • Christina says:

      Yes, I wondered about Guam. I found the Alaska trick worked for Trump’s election — more accurate that the Washington one. Close of polls is easy to do here because we’re in one time zone.

      • Les says:

        Guam doesn’t have representation in Congress, which is what we were looking for with the Blue Wave. But we have a huge influx of women – 100+ elected to Congress, mostly Democrats, and so many young, new, many firsts (black woman, Latina, Muslim, gay, Native American). And the House will be led (again) by Nancy Pelosi. So a pretty good night for women.

  3. Aqua says:

    So far its looking as predicted, Senate Republican, House Democrats.
    That 29 degree has manifested in my life literally.

  4. Angelena Boden says:

    Sanders just said Trump won’t change his direction so stalemate me thinks.

  5. Christina says:

    So the second chart with the emphasis on 29° (void of course Jupiter) looks better for this election so far. The first one is too strongly Democrat.

  6. Christina says:

    It’s more of a Blue Ripple than a Blue Wave. I’m afraid there’s going to be a lot of anger after this with that Uranus back in Aries too.

    • Aqua says:

      Thats because they were overenthusiastic in selling the situation, and the media now just looks for another snappy headline.
      But despite their disparagement, theres nothing wrong with a ripple, ripples effect change, just like a butterfly wing…they did really well given the voting shenanigans etc
      And theyve become engaged very quickly, unlike us lot.

      Congratulations Dems, and all those who got off their bottoms to vote, particularly the younger generation and especially the myriad of #GOPvotingblue who put country before party.
      I found that especially heartening.

      • Christina says:

        I agree with you — a ripple is still wonderful because it’s a ripple in the right direction, like the very beginning of a tide turning.

        • Aqua says:

          Although given Trumps behaviour re Jim Acosta and the most EXTRAORDINARY gaslighting…
          Ive come to the conclusion that while not a new thing and something that speaks to the gemini sides of our character, that Uranus in Aires is very engaged in the process.
          The unwillingness to back down no matter how much in the wrong one is, combined with a very blinkered [literally] view of whats real, almost as if “I feel it, so it must be true’
          Ive also come to the conclusion that Uranus is a bit of a bastard.
          Vat do u tink? 😉

          • Isy says:

            Speaking as a multiple-Aries who’s had Uranus gronking and slogging through my 12th house (where my Aries is) for yonks… I could be very wrong here, but I do wonder:
            Does Uranus’ attachment to the future, and Aries’ disposition to cluelessness about anything beyond what we feel right now, explain this blindness? Much future, much energy, much feeling, much frantic idea-ing, much potential — but no kinesis, no ability to apply all that, except when affected by something more practical, like Saturn or Sag?

          • Aqua says:

            Thanks for that.
            God there was so many things going on then wasnt there? Anonymous definitely yes, with that healthy dose of secretive Pluto, and individual activism generally.
            In fact that whole David and Goliath dynamic with Uranus/Pluto seemed to constantly swap positions.
            Sometimes David was Goliath, and sometines visa versa. Online activists who support misogyny are a good example. I suppose then that would include Isis given there ideology of extreme toxic paternalism.
            Yes definitely Jupiter in Sag belief and ideology, and I expect the ongoing challenge to the courts and legalities re voting that we are seeing now, to expand more and more, preceeded by the appointment of Kavanaugh.
            And of course Mueller…
            By the way have you seen any credible charts for Florida?
            What with the dodgy vote count in 2000 and now, its a hot mess in undermined Democracy.

          • Christina says:

            Yes. The Jim Acosta moment was precisely the kind of thing I was expecting — and that’s just the stuff we see. Imagine what it’s like inside the White House…

            It’s always good to pay close attention to the news in the week of Jupiter’s ingress into a new sign for a flavour of how things will be. Note the “blasphemy riots” in Pakistan following the release of Asia Bibi.

            I find Uranus is extremely multifarious. Personally, Uranus transits have been good for me always — and that’s despite being born under the Uranus-Pluto conjunction opposite Chiron-Saturn. But collectively it’s different — and Uranus in Aries does seem to have been curiously blinkered. It’s interesting looking back at the posts on this site about the Arab Spring for some more on that.

            The Arab Spring was a great rebellion of individuals who couldn’t really organise beyond demonstrations. Also they may have been too much in their own “heads” (Aries) to understand who the enemy really was, or how dangerous.

            I note that Uranus in Aries had something to do with Anonymous too, and headgear in general White Helmets, hijabs (as symbols of diversity), and the black hoods of ISIS.

  7. mimi says:

    there is a yod between Uranus 29 Aries / Jupiter 29 Scorpio and Pallas 0 Libra !
    How will this play out ?


  8. Tracy says:

    I’m in New York. Last night, not only was the polling place packed, there were quite a few first time voters. I think that will make a difference in the years to come.

  9. Vesta says:

    I saw a tweet this morning along the lines of, ‘It’s nice to wake up and not feel like the world was about to end.’ 🙂
    I think that about sums it up. We’ve turned a corner, I think. Possibly the beginning of the end started in 2016 and now it’s peaked? Last night, we watched the beginning of something new. This is what’s rising from the ashes. Birth of a new paradigm. The diversity! And all those amazing women! So many firsts.
    People are angry today. … Oh – Jeff Sessions was fired? Wow. And there’s more. Ugh. Popcorn. Think we’ve had enough of the old paradigm meltdown. It’s what’s just been planted that will grow that’s more interesting and deserves our attention.
    Although… I keep thinking, we really should look a little closer at the shadow stuff. New beginnings sounds nice and lovely, but without being too grim or depressing, what’s the dark side? Now’s a good a time as any to look, it’s Scorpio season. Not to bring anyone down, but to protect ourselves and be fully prepared to fight back, or at least strategise. That old paradigm that’s collapsing is about to get nasty. Think we need to go a bit Art Of War. Know when to act, when to step back. But maybe I would say that, being sun Scorpio …
    I was listening to Five Thirty Eight podcast after the results came in. One of presenters argued it is a blue wave, it’s how you define it. Can’t remember his exact words, but basically he was saying it was unrealistic to expect a huge Democrat win across the board. Taking over the House was big deal. Now there’ll be checks and balances, and there’s already a list of things they plan to do.

    • Christina says:

      The shadow side of this will be the vicious Trumpian backlash, I’m afraid. One side of Jupiter in Sagittarius is unboundedness — you can see how that is dangerous. So this is not a time to sit back and relax and assume that everything’s going to be fine now. It’s one small step at a time with a lot to push against.

      • Isy says:

        It will be unbounded indeed, and I think one thing that will become apparent is how much the branding (Dem vs GOP) is b.s. to the old power brokers. Pelosi and Schumer, the old blue guard in the House and Senate, have billions invested in the old guard of money and power.

        In order to effect real change, the Dems will have to wed themselves to the future rather than remain bedded in the past. The pro-corporatist policies that place people well behind private profits (laws which the Dems helped formulate 20 and 35 years ago, btw) are simply not going to age any further, with any sustainable success.

        Of course we need corporations and big money. We need them in proportion, though. A truly viable economy has about 80% of its businesses as small/local/family owned. We haven’t seen that since the 80’s. The great lesson of history: the powers need the populace a lot more than the populace needs a given set of powers.

        If that lesson isn’t learned, and learned well, we’re all in for a very rough time.

      • Vesta says:

        Gaslit Nation podcast also said they think it is a blue wave.

        There’s something happening with Tories this week, but we’re not getting the full details. Press aren’t allowed to report, probably. I wondered what might be ending for them, and how they might lash back.

  10. Denise says:

    If you extend that 29 degrees to just short of 28 degrees, that includes Juno and Ceres. I sure hope it is the end of much more than Trump. When the State of Kansas elects a gay native American woman, I think just maybe people are paying attention – this is a woman who earned her ivy league education and distinguished herself – the sort of person I like to see in Congress. (Toto – are we really still in Kansas?) And a Muslim woman, elected despite the rhetoric of fear – this is also progress.

    • Isy says:

      A pocket f great hope 🙂 The degree to which Native Americans generally, and Native American women particularly, and Native American queer women especially, are targeted for absolute, most-vicious-possible erasure has long been an issue I have felt like I’m shouting into an empty room about. This was stupendous! Stupendous! 🙂

  11. mike says:

    Every red state has been heavily gerrymandered by their Republican state governments, not to mention voter suppression in various forms, so it’s surprising that any Democrat in a red state won anything, The blue wave may appear smaller than hoped, but it had to have enough force to escape the Republican entrenchments. And thank gawd for the House win!