Astrology of Now: Inferno to Paradise

Monday November 12th 2018

Fire devil, California, November 11.

A huge fire whirl, sometimes called a fire devil, roars down a road; people are incinerated in their homes; the sun is reduced to a glowing orange ball behind the smoke; chaos. Spin the globe, blood-red flowers drip from lamp-posts, memorials, statues; wrap around park benches, line streets, nestle in every buttonhole. Spin it again, fireworks, marigolds, turmeric; chaos.

Remembrance Day flames, London. November 11.

Red, orange, yellow – fire colours are everywhere.

Jupiter, the biggest planet, has come home to fiery Sagittarius, a sign where he knows no boundaries at all.

Excess in everything.

Image of Kali decorated for her festival celebrated November 6.

It’s always worth noting what’s in the news when Jupiter changes signs. The glowing orange giant is still only at 0° Sagittarius.

Wherever Sagittarius is in your chart, prepare for fires.

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  1. roman says:

    Is it worth mentioning that mars is exactly over the August 2017 eclipse position the Eclipse which traversed USA as the West Coast fires break out. I understand that eclipse positions are sensitive for several years after the event.

  2. Angelena Boden says:

    What magical writing.

    • Angelena Boden says:

      Oh and Jupiter is sitting on my Saturn mars conjunction but I am fired up with optimism. 4th house. The tribe from overseas arrives with a suit case of olive branches.
      It’s all gonna be ok.

  3. 44 and counting says:

    I’ve been wondering how Jupiter will affect the Pluto in Sag generation?

    This will be the first real experience of it for many of them.

    The eldest ones were born in early 1995 just after Jupiter exited Sag in Dec 1994. Even when it went through in 2006, they were only 10-11 years old at the time so not really conscious of its effects.

  4. 44 and counting says:

    8H Sag with Jupiter-Nep on the cusp. I could certainly do with Jupiter reinflating my 8H – it got wiped out by Saturn’s transit through their the past few years. It did the work it needed to do so no complaints, but I spend a lot less time around people than I used to and deepdown I know I’m not an island. Not even bloody Ibiza!

    Looking back I decided to buy my house two Jupiter revolutions ago when it moved into Sag at the end of 1994-95. In fact my mortgage (very 8H) began as Pluto moved into Sag a month or two later.

    Literally having double-glazing installed as I write this, and many more DIY tasks required to freshen it up that I’ve been delaying while 12H transits focused me on introspection. The process of 8H decay and transformation.

  5. Dawn252 says:

    Been racking my brains the last few weeks since you asked Pisceans to look back at 2016/7 and couldn’t think of anything important. Finally realised I met my partner Dec 2016! Do relationships have a Jupiter return?!

  6. Ellen says:

    Jupiter is now in my 6th house of health and work environment. I am disabled from a brutal attack 13 years ago. At that time, I recovered fairly quickly with reiki, nutrition, and acupuncture providing wonderful support despite the permanent damage I sustained. Oddly enough, my work opportunities went through the roof and I was offered a prestigious administrative position as well as a full load of classes at the college where I was teaching. Now, I have been managing the effects of Jupiter in Scorpio square my natal Jupiter and later my natal Pluto: uterine cancer that I caught very early on and had a hysterectomy for on Jan 11 this year. A recent PET scan revealed a tiny growth in the remaining tissue and some oddities with my liver. I have 2 possible results from Jupiter’s entry into my 6th house: an amazing increase in good health with excellent support or an expansion of the issue, and an uptick in work opportunities. Already, the phone calls for my persitting service have doubled this week. My Mars return is happening now, and it will soon transit my natal Chiron, followed by Pluto. This is an interesting time!

    • Christina says:

      That is a really fascinating and dramatic series of events.

      I agree with your interpretation of Jupiter in the 6th for you. Does Jupiter trine or sextile your natal Jupiter too during this transit?

      Mars and Pluto do suggest some sharp intervention.

      Would love an update.