Podcast: Jupiter Special + Your Month Ahead

Thursday November 22nd 2018

This month’s podcast is now available at RadioPublic. We talk about how Jupiter’s change of sign will affect each of us, about the grooviest sign in the Zodiac, Sagittarius, and take a look at that pesky Mercury Retrograde plus New and Full Moons.  Click here to listen.

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  1. 44 and counting says:

    As a Taurus ascendant, Jupiter’s just moved from my 7H to 8H. Its time in 7H didn’t bring a love relationship but it helped me reconnect with some old friends so it worked in that way.

    As for its move into 8H, the full moon has highlighted that I’ve gone over the limit on my credit card. The irony is they notified me two weeks ago to say they’re increasing the limit in mid-December! Hopefully it’s all rather benign as my direct debit goes out on Monday to clear off last month’s balance and it’s a major one-off purchase that unexpectedly pushed me over the limit. Common sense says it should all resolve equitably but with increasingly automated systems and pluto in cap hardline policies I’m not entirely sure!

    I feel quite re-energised by Jupiter’s transit over this section of my chart. I lost my verve, confidence and daring since Saturn hit it in 2015. Certainly beginning to feel an itch to get stuff done.

    • Christina says:

      I’ve noticed that Jupiter in the 7th is often about widening friendships.

      • 44 and counting says:

        Indeed that’s what you said on the podcast, so I want to provide reinforcement to that.

        (Think the reconnections have been assisted by the node going through my 4H)

  2. Vesta says:

    Feels like a biggie for me. I’m wondering if I’ve been feeling it since mid-June? Something shifted then which I’m starting to understand now, but not fully, I’m still journaling and thinking.
    I could use some help, if anyone has time? My moon is 5 Sag, conjunct south node (mean) 6 Sag, 3rd house. So this transiting Jupiter/Sun conjunct is applying.
    I’ve barely slept last few days, when I do, I don’t stay asleep. But I don’t feel drained. I feel like I’m downloading something from the universe. Something lovely, healing, soothing, there’s a warm feeling.
    My POF is 5 Virgo 11th house, so it’s square to tr sun/jupiter conjunct. My Saturn is opposite, 10 Pisces 5th house. So that’s a grand square lit up. Also aspected are my sun, juno, pallas athena, my AC. It’s a christmas tree, basically, the list continues.
    I wasn’t putting any store by sun/jupiter conjunct being lucky after one year when I had appallingly bad luck on a sun/jupiter day. I ignore claims like that in horoscopes now.
    But this one today is deeply healing. I think moon and pluto opposed each other today, which might have something to do with how deep I’ve been able to go. I really dug up some new layers!
    The healing has been about injustice and figuring out how to put things right in my heart. It’s about love and trust, but so deep, it’s life-changing. It’s like a complete overhaul of me.
    I’m still figuring it out. I keep going down blind alleys and getting confused! haha But I think I’m on to something today. 🙂