Astrology of Now: Sorry!

Wednesday December 5th 2018
Reliquary of the jaw of St Anthony of Padua, Finder of Lost Things.

Reliquary of the jaw and tongue of St Anthony of Padua, Finder of Lost Things.

If you have written to me in the last few months and have heard nothing in response, I apologise. Yesterday, I found that, for reasons too boring to explain, one of my email addresses has not been functioning for months! I am so sorry and I am endeavouring to respond to each of you this week.

Now this is, of course, not brilliant, but on the other hand, thank you Mercury Retrograde, because it might have gone on even longer. ¬†When little Mercury is retrograde, he is excellent at finding lost things. And in my case, he had just slipped into the third house — of, well, mail (among other stuff).

Right now, he is pretty much at a standstill, getting ready to turn direct, a particularly potent moment for all things retrogradey.

You have until tomorrow at 22.22 GMT (when Mercury turns direct) to find great-granny’s emerald brooch, the source of that weird smell under the stairs — and get a refund on that useless potato peeler.

PS Isn’t it odd that the relic of the saint for lost things, Anthony, should be his tongue! St Anthony was famous for his oratory…. Mercury much?



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  1. Angelena Boden says:

    Like the source of flea bites when there are no fleas in the house following treatment? Only me getting bitten. Driving me nuts.

  2. 44 and counting says:

    Refound my mojo

    Feared it was gone forever

    Lost seven years ago

  3. Severne says:

    Ohhh, Mercury!

    I emailed a while ago but had forgotten about it. Was about Primary directions and Atacires (in Spanish, no idea how it translates into english). A old friend brought it up and have never really heard about it.
    Hope you found more interesting things with Mercury turning direct!