Stocking Stuffers for the Astrofan

Wednesday December 12th 2018

Gemini ring from Givenchy.

Taurus ring from Givenchy.











It’s that time of year again, and I have had a shufti around the internet and found some astrowonders to stiffen even the floppiest stocking.

Every year one or other couture house goes astrowild — and this year it’s Givenchy, under the direction of Claire Waight Keller. The jewellery line is truly gorgeous — although you need a pretty long neck to get away with the earrings — and fat wallet, too. Someone would like you a lot if they received one of these little trifles in a stocking. There are really beautiful shirts too. Here’s a link. 

However, not all of us wear huge, fancy earrings, but most of us like to look at the stars. You may want to point people the way to the fantastic apps of the heavens. These are just so useful and there are plenty to choose from. You point and these pocket planetaria tell you exactly what you’re seeing. This is the one I use. It’s called Night Sky. It’s free, so you may have to actually buy the phone to go with it, if you need to make a Christmas statement. However, you’ll definitely need a thermos of mulled wine while you’re out there — and here’s the flask for it.

To keep warm, there are a zillion Zodiac sweatshirts to choose from on Etsy and around the web.

But you’ll need the appropriate footwear — or your teenage daughter might.

May I humbly suggest these from Etsy.

If your view of the heavens is from an old deckchair in the veg patch, you might consider this Lunar Gardening calendar. It’s about the right size to stick on the back of the garden shed.

There’s plenty of Zodiac stationery all over the intenet, but I did think this was rather super notebook for a stargazers diary or gardener’s record

On a different note, there’s the matter of catching them young. You have a vast choice of Zodiac onesies for the freshly minted baby astrologers. This one is rather eye-catching. 

From Inchworm on Amazon.

If you envy that baby its covering of stars, Diane Von Furstenberg has a night-time Zodiac Collection, featuring astro-jimjams, and an eye mask.

If you have teenagers to cater for, you could do worse than buy them some vinyl — if they have a record-player, of course.

Check out this video of Travis Scott’s Astroworld.

Once you’re back in the warm, you might want to fragrance your burrow with an appropriately astrological scent.

Again, people have gone to town on this. There’s a lot of choice. I can only judge by the packaging, since I have never tried any of these…

But I like the look of this set of essential oils. Very fun.

And these candles are pretty too.

Now some of you may have a rich lover who really ought to be splashing out. How would you feel if you found this glorious watch from Jaeger LeCoultre dangling from a branch of the tree?

If fancy watches are just not anyone’s thing. How about some books?

My friend Sally Kirkman’s little Sun Sign books are just adorable. Frankly, why look further for stocking stuffers.

If you’re interested in astrological novels, I can recommend The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton and The Book of Heaven (which posits a completely different set of constellations) by Patricia Storace. You have to be quite a serious reader for those two, but there seems to be an entire sub-genre these days of astrological detective fiction. I think this might turn into a series on the blog, since I haven’t read any of them. I note that quite a few my fellow astrologers – Joyce Mason, Stephen Forrest, Alan Anand to name a few –  have a sideline as writers of astro-mysteries. Could be a fun project for 2019 to read a few.

One book that came into my hands this year that I really thought was marvellous was Eranos edition of the I Ching published by Watkins Books.

If you have young teenagers to cater for, take a look at this manga series, Fruits Basket, which is based on the Chinese Zodiac. A new series is about to be streamed in 2019, so your teen (or anime-loving adult) may want to start catching up now.

Of course, if you really want to give someone an affordable treat, you could give them a year of horoscopes at The Oxford Astrologer.

Happy Holidays!




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  1. Angelena Boden says:

    Definitely going for the baby astro onesie. The soon to arrive first grand baby needs to get in the groove from day 1. Twill be a Pisces bundle of gorgeousness.

  2. Christina says:

    Congratulations in advance! It looks like you’ll be able to get a whole range…

  3. Aparna says:

    It makes me so happy that you mentioned Fruits Basket!

  4. Les says:

    Nice! I just bought “Astrology Pencils” for a couple of my friends as fun add-ons. One is a Cancer Sun (“I’m just gonna stay home tonight”) and the other a Capricorn Sun (“Because I read the manual”).

  5. Myke Kofi says:

    ***Thank you Oxford astrologer for your inspiring festive post.
    Season’s greetings ***