The Unstoppable AOC: A Mighty Saturn Return

Saturday February 9th 2019
Campaign poster

Campaign poster

It’s easy to forget in all the fuss about the youngest ever congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, that her main asset is her mind (Mercury on the MC). Her evisceration of the campaign finance laws this week demonstrated her razor sharp intelligence and ability to get to the heart of an issue fast. She is not just young, charismatic and dedicated, she is brilliant.

AOC is a member of the “Berlin Wall” generation, born with a triple conjunction of revolutionary Uranus, practical Saturn and idealistic Neptune in Capricorn. These folks were born within a tight  period, November 1988 through February 1991, when Saturn was last in Capricorn, and the Wall came down. They are all having their Saturn Returns — watch out world because this crew means serious business.

But in AOC’s case, this conjunction opposes Jupiter, her chart ruler, in patriotic Cancer. Indeed her Jupiter conjoins the USA’s Sun.

Her chart is dominated by a Cardinal Grand Cross. Now this configuration is really tough, and it can stop you from getting anywhere in life as you are pulled in different directions. Getting a balance can be almost impossible, but if you can find that harmony, you are unstoppable.

Last year, as AOC transformed from bartender to congresswoman, Saturn was activating that entire Grand Cross.

Chart is from astrodienst and has an A rating

AOC is, of course, a Libra Sun, one of the most political signs, the sign represented by the scales of justice. Indeed she is a warrior for justice, with fiery Mars in Libra on her Midheaven.

Of course, Mars conjunct Mercury in Libra would be likely to give you a sharp legal mind, and a powerful ability to argue. This is balanced by her fiery Moon in Aries right on her IC. Her mother is probably quite a woman. Mars at the top of the chart is brave, and so is Moon in Aries. AOC has had to do battle to get where she is right now. She’s sacrificed a huge chunk of privacy to achieve her goals so far.

Her Instagram feed about her first week in congress was a pioneering piece of public communication — classic Aries Moon opposite Libra Mercury. She made us all feel as if we were right there with her.

I have looked at two other clients charts this week with Moon-Pallas conjunctions — and interestingly, like AOC, they are both extremely popular. This might be worth looking into further.

AOC has a facility for public speaking — Mercury in Libra on the MC.

One of the words most often used about her is “revolutionary” — maybe not a surprise with Uranus Rising, and a Sagittarian Ascendant. And that’s a powerful ascendant anyway, 15° Sag can sometimes give enough charisma to fill a stadium  —  Shania Twain, Elvis, Elton John, Bob Marley. The chart ruler, Jupiter, is also exalted when it’s in Cancer, which gives the whole chart even more energy.

So AOC is getting a lot of attention right now, with Jupiter transiting her first house, and her Saturn Return in full swing. Although Saturn is now past the actual exact Return, he’s still busy empowering her chart. And Saturn is, of course, all about rules, regulation and the holding people to account. Indeed, AOC, despite her youth, seems to be embodying Saturn in the US Congress now, as she chases down Pluto. She’s been a lesson in how to do a Saturn Return — take responsibility.

Next year, Jupiter will follow Saturn’s footsteps in Capricorn and there will be more work for her to do.

AOC’s chart is demanding, powerful and stressful — but there is a planet that shows us her way to destress. Venus nestled safely in her 12th house alleviates the tension in the Grand Cross. Looking at this, I wondered if she was a religious person, and in fact she does seem to be a practicing Catholic. She wrote this article for the Jesuit Review. Her private faith will help keep her connected to the people (the Moon), and her mission (the MC).

On a lighter Venusian note, she’s also the first congresswoman to Instagram her multi-step beauty regime.

Watch her in action here.

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  1. Vesta says:

    I knew I clicked with her! Her MC is conjunct my AC. 🙂 Her chart angles aren’t the same as mine, but her AC is conjunct my mars/venus conjunct in Sag, so she triggers my t-square with u/plu and saturn. She’s very important to me. I imagine AOC is inspiring a lot of women, though. 🙂
    Libra knows when balance is needed, Scorpio does the research, Sag is the judge, balance is found.
    Sag is also opinionated. All there is is opinion, but sometimes, we need to hear things said.
    I also find she thinks clearly, as in clarity of thought. It’s like she knows what to focus on, she has an incisive mind. She’s to the point. That’s Sag. She’s the antidote for neptune in pisces confusion. Through all the fake news, disinformation, misinformation, psyops etc etc going on right now, we see and hear her loud and clear.
    What would you look for for integrity? She strikes me as someone with integrity in spades.
    Her venus is conjunct my moon/SN! Awww! Well there it is. I’m a super-fan. 🙂
    Her pluto is conjunct my neptune/sun-moon midpoint in scorpio. That’s interesting. Pluto on such a sensitive point. As soon as I became aware of her, she had an immediate impact on me. Could have been this.
    To me, I have never related to a woman in a position of power so much before, and I grew up under Thatcher as prime minister. AOC is young in years, but she’s a grown up, the most mature person in politics we have had in a very long time. That will be her Capricorn stellium?
    She is getting a lot of attention right now, but for women like me, it’s visceral. That attention isn’t going away. Which means she’s here to stay, and there are many more AOCs in the pipeline. Good.
    She has lots of squares, like me. I have moon/saturn square. I have a grand mutable cross with moon/lunar nodes, saturn, and POF. Doesn’t dominate though, I think, not like the u/plu t-square and the grand water trine. Or does it, with moon and saturn in the mix?
    Thanks for writing about her! I love her! 🙂

    • Vesta says:

      Awww! Her Vesta is opposite mine! 🙂 Brilliant. And her jupiter is conjunct my MC and Vesta. Vesta is the activist.

      • Vesta says:

        I was just thinking she has goddess energy. I was thinking about the light that comes from her and how everybody sees it. Then I thought, is it just me admiring her so much? But I don’t think it is. I think it’s her. This video went viral within 24 hours. It’s like we’ve been in the dark then she came in and brought the light. I think she is the first of many, we shouldn’t put her on a pedestal, instead, we should look at who else is coming up. We’ll know them by the light they bring.
        The old ways are gone. You said in a recent video or podcast that you hesitated to say it was the end of patriarchy or paradigm, but I don’t share your caution, I think your intuition is right. I’ve been trying to see the new picture forming, but I think first, I have to understand what we’re looking at, which means releasing my own conditioning and patterns. It’s a new way of being and I feel like I only have a glimpse. I might journal and reflect on this later. I feel compelled! If I figure out anything useful, I’ll share it. 🙂

  2. Doug says:

    The cardinal energetic.However what’s lacking in her Geometry is moderation.The merc. opposition Aries moon can be impetuous.She’s very enthusiastic and jumps into a lot of things.What she is lacking is moderation.
    I don’t know the sound of one hand clapping , but I heard and saw 4 hands clapping during the S.O.U. address by her party leaders .It wasn’t for her but it was towards her. ( she has a lot to learn , but will she listen? That would be her downfall. )

  3. Faye Blake says:

    Great post Christina but that video is pretty scary! She’s great though – if you add Ceres, and indeed Pallas as we were playing with generally on our goddess weekend… that gives her the mind ( Merc) of a strategist ( Pallas( as you said) but Ceres makes her not only a strong negotiator but a lobbyist for good democracy and politics and a defender of the underdog. Pluto ( power) and Jupiter ( greed) don’t stand much of a chance against Ceres! 🙂

    • Christina says:

      It’s a stunning chart. Then there’s the Lilith-Sun conjunction too. She has many enemies as well as admirers.

      • Doug says:

        Can’t say much about lilith or some of the other asteroids.I’ve only begun to back track on some of the consequential relationships I ‘ve had.I have lilith on my 7th house cusp in Scorpio.Many women that I’ve had close relationships with it turns up a lot in our synestry.As I work with animals a lot most of the stronger lilith connections have been to women who also have this interest.I think I read that there may be a link to animals.Ceres has been an interesting one.It conjuncted my venus / Neptune ceres natal in transit recently.This period saw a lot of xtra income come my way.It does seem to have a kind of.’ harvest ‘ energy attached to it.I do have a female friend that has the same birthday as Barbara Hand Clow who has lilith exact conjunct my natal Jupiter in Cancer this is an interesting relationship we have.

      • Vesta says:

        What does Ceres do?

        • Christina says:

          Among other things, she negotiates.

          • Doug says:

            Hi Christina ; I read your comment that ceres negotiates and at 1st I had a brain cramp.Then I thought about it some and I realised that I do do a lot of negotiation , and then I remembered the ‘ myth ‘ thing with Pluto.I’m not an expert on Greek mythology , but its uncanny the indight they had about planetary energies and how they humanized them and wove them into stories.The nurturing , harvesting ,negotiating themes all ring true ! I watch ceres a lot now.I can see where some say it has attributes of Cancer.I think Jupiter also with abundance.In my case also it is with Neptune and I use humor a lot in my negotiating. ( a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down ; as they say ! ) Don’t want to get into current politics too much.Its a touchy subject in the U. S. right now , but I appreciate your objectivity on the subject.I like it when people read what they see without subjective bias.Have a good day ! : )

          • Vesta says:

            Ceres is dominant in my chart, 6H, conjunct chiron, part of my t-square with u/plu/mars venus, and just noticed another where ceres is trine neptune/sun-moon midpoint, which are sextile that u/plu. There’s more but they look like the main ones. I have it in mind Ceres is about caring, I don’t know why. 🙂 Or harvest? Yes, cereal. It’s where the word comes from.

  4. Doug says:

    My ceres and my venus Neptune moon and Saturn are also in my 6th..that’s the dharma house.Sounds like u work in some healing capacity.

  5. Christina says:

    I have written quite a lot about Ceres on this site — just put Ceres into the search site box on the top right.
    But she is certainly about nourishing, cherishing, caring — but not in a lunar way — more practical. Also negotiating, releasing prisoners (yes!), seasonal cycles.

    • Vesta says:

      I thought you had, I was going to look later. 🙂 When I journal, I often ask what my purpose is and I always get a blank. My NN is Gemini, so I settled with being curious, keeping an open mind, etc. This time I got that I’m here to help and support, so that makes sense with 6h Ceres in pisces. I’ve got all that u/plu and all this powerful stuff in my chart, but I’m not meant to be in the spotlight, I get behind people like AOC, Corbyn, help them to help us. I don’t know, but as long as I don’t know what my purpose is, this feels like a good fit.

  6. Doug says:

    Ill buy that !

  7. Doug says:

    Sounds like your very compassionate vesta. The Gemini node would have to do with communication.Look at the house it’s in and any planets on the nodes .That might give u a clue.I’m sure Christina could help u out.Chiron also shows an area where there’s a wounding ; perhaps with employment.Have a nice day !!! : )

    • Vesta says:

      yes, grand water trine, I’m maybe too compassionate, empathetic, over-generous, understanding. I have Libra AC, Libra tends towards codependency. I’m learning about boundaries right now. Gemini NN is in 9H, so higher learning, philosophy? Don’t really understand the 9th house. It’s trine to my AC, so there must be a way forward there. SN is conjunct moon and pulled into all that powerful stuff I don’t know what to do with. I’m thinking I should get a proper astrologer to help me, I’m out of my depth. :/ I’ve got those computer printout reads, but they don’t connect the dots.

  8. Doug says:

    Yes your right on the 9th house. ; higher learning and philosophy ; like what your doing now on your posts . ( spiritual questing. ) Libra is other oriented.My limited personal observation about vesta seems to have to do with devotion to what it is conjunct to in synestry.For instance mine is in Gemini and I seem to get a lot of support from people regarding communication with another’s planet ( Whatever that is.) In that arena of communication. Your doing good ! Socrates said : ” know thyself “

    • Vesta says:

      That’s interesting! Thank you. 🙂 One thing I’ve learnt is you can’t push spiritual study, you have to wait till you understand things first. And before that, you have to know what questions to ask. :/ My vesta is in Cancer 10H conjunct my MC, sextile u/plu in 12th, so it’s dominant, I think? Top of the chart. I only know it as the activist, which makes sense, devotion to a cause. I’ll have a look at synastry. I’m learning to know myself! Uranus/pluto in the 12th is about intuition and also a kind of deep knowing. But I never trusted it, I trusted logic instead. So that’s something else I’m learning now, to trust my inner knowing and intuition. That’s what I meant about releasing conditioning and patterns. It’s going to take a while, I think. 🙂

  9. Doug says:

    Hi vesta , Uranus and Pluto are generational planets and as far as I know they would be more important to you if they aspect a personal planet.They have small orbs , so it would have to be within 1 / 3 degrees or so to be of impact.I think I’ve read that the asteroids have more influence with the conjunction.So I would look at conjunctions with vesta in a synestry chart ; also someone else’s personal planets in aspect to Uranus / Pluto in synestry.. There are several books that talk about the nodes.Off hand I would have to look it up , but the S.node I think is more of a comfort zone from past experiences that we fall back on.Ill take a stab at it here : the moon here could represent the mother nurturing. energy .it also has to do with the public , its in sag. I assume in your 3rd house.( a communication house. ) I would say : communicates with mom ( 3rd house ) who may be at a distance ( Sagittarius ) when you need her nurturing advice.That’s one way u could look at it.Cancer in the 10th could be working with the public as some sort of hostess type thingy , real estate. … and the vesta there probably means your devoted to that aspect for a career . (10 house) with astrology nothing is written in stone.You look at the energy , sign and house placement and make an educated guess.That’s the way I do it.I hope that helps. : )

    • Vesta says:

      haha that’s pretty good! 🙂 I’ve got my chart in, I can see all the aspects etc. All sounds amazing. Just, I don’t know what to do with it, as in make the most of it once I know my purpose. I’ve worked with the public in various different roles, I’ve always found it easy. Hmmm.

  10. Doug says:

    See how easy that is ? The Libra asc. should present a gracious. , accommodating image.( libras like balance and fair play and diplomacy.Don’t get too crazy with that rebellious stuff Rebebelion isn’t necessarily a good attribute.It can be like saying. ; ” the people from my ethnic group are good drinkers. “Excessive drinking producs alcoholism.That’s not a good thing. ” May God bless and keep u always stand upright and be strong , and may you have a STRONG foundation when the winds of changes shift.May you stay forever young. ! Have a good day !

  11. Doug says:

    Oh and one last thing vesta.Chiron in legend was the 1St astrologer , palmist.Maybe that could be something you might want to look into since its on your 6th house of work.I started reading palms around 1977 when Chiron was discovered.I didn’t hear about Chiron until years later.There is a lot of synchronicity in life that manifests in each individual whether it’s conscious or unconscious.And then I found out that I have Chiron in my 10 house on my zenith , and like Chiron I am self taught.Not just in that but in almost everything.Make your own original way ! Its a lot of fun !

  12. Severne says:

    She’s da bomb! (And the girl can dance. Some of that Sag Venus).
    Donna Cunningham would’ve had a kick out of this. She was looking closely to that generation and looking forward to the time they’d be stepping into their power.

  13. Doug says:

    I think u said she had venus in the 12th Christina , could have something to do with this investigation coming up ♍

  14. PG says:

    When I first heard of AOC, I was like, woaaah, what.a.woman. She deeply resonated with everything I feel is important and my general take on life. Then I saw her chart – we are born only 2 days apart!! She gave me hope for my Saturn return – which so far has gone uneventfully because it seems like I did a lot of work when Pluto was squaring my tsq. Saturn will be coming back to my tsq later this year, so let’s see what happens.

    • Christina says:

      I have a lot of clients with this Saturn, and they are all really remarkable people. Some are finding it quite hard though, because they have such high expectations of themselves.

  15. Doug says:

    High on idealism , low on pragmatism.
    Too much : ” me against the world ” complex.
    That only makes enemies , she needs to promote more realistic solutions .Her party leaders see her as an. ‘ upstart ‘ .She needs to fall in rank and show more respect , otherwise she will just be a ‘ flash ‘ in the pan.She needs to moderate. ♍

  16. Doug says:

    There have been 2 major tsunamis in the last decade.There are faults off the east and west coast’s of North America.I would rather see a focus on an infrastructure ‘ exit ‘ strategy than a gradual rise in sea level that we have somewhat of a control over.It would take only hours for a tsunami to hit the coast’s .The ensueing bottleneck of panicking people trying to escape would create a human carnage that would make a rise in sea level look like a foot note.
    It may not happen in our lifetime , but the recent historical and prehistorical record shows that its not just a. ‘ possibility ‘ but a definite. ‘ probability ‘♍

  17. Audrey Gardner says:

    I’ve loved AOC from the beginning and I’m 62. Her north node is on my mercury, I was struck by the comments of others here who were extremely affected by her. I was trolling for her chart many months ago and when the 11:50 am birth time came up, I was ecstatic. It’s been a joy to watch AOC’s congressional questioning, her impromptu answers to the press when cornered and her fearlessness when speaking her mind. And always watching her actions through the lens of her amazing chart. Nobody mentioned her Jupiter square 11th house Pluto, which is another stress reliever for the grand cross. And her sun trine/sextile the nodes! Aquarius north node in the 3rd! And all her asteroids recapitulating the cardinal grand cross. There are no wasted planets here – just one laser-focused destiny. Because she doesn’t have to dial for $$, she spends much of her time in committee meetings learning her craft. Just image AOC 5-10 years from now! S