Your Monthly Podcast (Feb 19-Mar20)

Tuesday February 19th 2019

Oh my!  We are deep into Poseidon’s watery territory this month. Watch out for the jellyfish and the sharks. On the other hand, look at those flashing schools of multi-coloured fish over on that coral reef, and some dolphins disporting themselves on those waves and a mermaid on that rock singing hallelujahs.

Pour yourself a Cosmopolitan and have a listen! And maybe slap some slices of cucumber on your eyelids…

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  1. Doug says:

    Up for my morning coffee and newspaper.
    Neptune is one of my favorite planets.Its spiritual . It’s the planet of inspiration ! It s magical , and musical ! It’s the planet that rains diamonds.
    It’s mysterious , and foggy.I love the water but I don’t swim very well.I’d rather catch the fish and pull it on the land.I’ve had some close calls around water.I love it but I respect it.
    The best way I’ve found to manage it is to try and keep my intentions pure and honest. ( once you jump into its waters it can be addictive .Keep a close eye on your heart ! ) Have a good day !

  2. Doug says:

    I never delved that deeply in numerology ; although I’ve found inadvertently probably consequent to my metaphysical interests that synchronicity is quite common. , but requires some questioning and searching beneath the surface ; so fairly recently I had found 1st that my birth number is 11 and even more recently my life path number also equals 11 ; so 11 /11. So when I read its numerical meaning ; it seemed to fit .Venus rules my chart and conjuncts Neptune exact in Libra.I am very , ‘artsy’ , musical , and non conventional spiritually; so yeah I enjoy the ‘spectre’ of Neptune. Thanks Christina !♍

  3. Chrissy Faith says:

    Thanks, Christina. Now I’m really nervous. Our house deal has been dragging since first bid in September. NOW the signing date is March 5th and there’s nothing we can do about it, except to research thoroughly, know the fine print. OH, we’re in Italy and I speak but hubby doesn’t, but we will get the contract in advance to review. I’ve already felt the deceptive side of the seller (a Neapolitan Pisces–double slippery!) so there’s much to be on edge about. Only slightly relieved at your saying it’s a good month for Scorpios, and my transiting Pluto/4th house in loose conjunct Saturn (by 4º) trines natal Mars which sits on my Asc (making a mover out of me in this location, where I used to have Cancer rising, now Virgo!) and Mercury’s drifting through my 7th. IF I make it through this, there may be some light at the end of that tunnel. I’ve never had “my own” home before and this ones glows on Lake Como! After hearing you and Sally muse, methinks it best to call a lawyer…..peace

  4. 44 and counting says:

    There will be a shock for some of those Aries natives who’ve got used to the zeitgeist of look-before-you-leap and speak-before-you-think supporting their archetypal shadow traits.

    But I’m not sure Uranus moving into Taurus is going to be any much better. It’s in its fall there because fixed earth is the most stubborn of all signs against change. But Taurus is just as “me, me, me” as Aries – so if the change isn’t personally beneficial – it’ll block it. Won’t necessarily fight openly, can be passive-aggressive or just plain ignoring what is asked.

    Taurus can hold onto grudges and have so much pent-up anger that I fear we may see released by the stresses of Uranus. People don’t change their values easily so all that hidden xenophobia in Britain may be coming out openly in the next few years. With ever dwindling resources being distributed by the powers that be, Taurus will be the first to fight for what it already has and not give any to ‘them’. Even if Taurus already has more than enough.

    Of course the longer term, beneficial aim of all this is for Uranus to help us reset our values and find out what really matters to us but given what occurred last time it was there, I do feel life could begin to get even uglier.

    I hope I’m wrong but I see such an imbalance in the system that we’re going to have to have some kind of extreme reset to get us back to equilibrium.

    I really do hope I’m wrong.

  5. Doug says:

    Hmmm ? Sort of like entering its ‘ terrible ‘ twos.
    Nice metaphor 44 and counting.
    Uranus rules Aquarius a fixed sign which squares the fixed sign of Taurus.Taurus is tradition and a conservative earth sign ; whereas Uranus is non traditional.Being that they have this incombatability is what makes them square .Being that these energies are fixed there is no negotiabiliy , no middle of the road.They just swing like a pendulum from one extreme to the other.No doubt egos will do battle and clashes will occur.Could be like throwing water into a pan of burning oil.I agree ; keeping an even keel and try to ignore the chaos as best you can , and if necessary: ‘ run and live to run another day ‘ 🙂
    Have a good day !

  6. Amazing prediction. I’m planning to get the yearly subscription.

  7. Christina says:

    Hi 44, I think you’re right about the dark side of this Uranus in Taurus passage. It could go quite wrong — and the terrible twos metaphor is accurate.

    As you know, Uranus was in Taurus in the lead up to and start of WW2 last time. Before that was the 1850s — along with Neptune in Pisces.

  8. Doug says:

    Might mean sudden earth changes also , I’m thinking.

  9. Doug says:

    And Neptune is the veil.Its true face is always hidden.It’s the super salesman that convinces you to sell yourself down river. ( if you throw caution to the wind.) I like the correlation that you make Christina ! Have a good day ????????????????????

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