A Mercury Retrograde for Mystics, Dreamers and Junkies

Monday March 4th 2019

I thought I’d have a quick bit of shut-eye this afternoon — and woke up totally disoriented from a mad series of dreams two hours later. Mercury Retrograde in Pisces = more dreamtime.

The shadow of this Mercury Rx has already brought us some truths stranger than fiction — if you watched Michael Cohen’s deposition you’ll know what I mean.

Mercury is stationing in Pisces right now, and turns retrograde tomorrow at 29° — the very last degree of the Zodiac.

Mercury in Pisces 10 Feb — 17 April

Mercury into the shadow — Feb 19
Mercury Retrograde — March 5
Mercury conjunct Sun — March 15
Mercury Direct — March 28
Mercury out the shadow – 17 April

During this period, Mercury is also conjoining the king of the deep, Neptune, three times — and making a dynamic square to Pisces other ruler Jupiter, in Sagittarius. A tangled web…

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  1. Louise Larchbourne says:

    Yes, notably also Mercury is turning on Scheat. May be worth noting. (shipwreck)…

    • Sabrina says:

      Lovely to see you! I actually had few minutes to myself and watched the video on the tv screen (instead of the usual smart phone). Very glamorous.
      A very dear friend with a Pisces moon actually texted me last night, she had a beautiful dream. I was luminous, pregnant and happy, wearing a blue dress with white flowers and I was visiting them.
      This is unusual and it really gave me hope. With both Saturn and Pluto in my 4th it’s been just work…does feel like a ‘gestational’ period in life, and certainly not feeling luminous!

      Mercury just crossed my DC and now will go back to the 6th. Jupiter is approaching my IC and NN, and then go back…

    • Rob van Steensel says:

      The film All is Lost with Robert Redford about a shipwreck is a good example Watched it a few days ago

  2. Doug says:

    Objectivly speaking the recent ‘ Cohen’ hearing brought little new information to see the light of day , also some urban legends about Trump were dispelled by him in the hearing.Whether you like him or not there were no smoking guns that I observed in the hearing , certainly nothing linking him to any type of collusion with Russia.Many astrologers predicted that he wouldn’t win the election in 2016.I am just an ametuer astrologer but I’ve studied it on my own for many years and I predicted a win for him.A president is not an Emporer or a king , but Americans love their. ‘ Camelots ‘
    His Mars / Regulus conjunction Leo rising and his Sun / Uranus conjunction in Gemini natally gives him.his genius wit.These placements all contributed to his win.
    At one time Trump was a Democrat and a ‘ darling ‘ with the democrats.Certainly. ; some of his policies as president have been more left of center.He is not a conservative republican..

  3. Louise Larchbourne says:

    I very much agree about Regulus bringing his win. Have you looked at it in Corbyn’s chart?

  4. Doug says:

    No Louise I’m from illinois and am not that familiar with British politics ; although I do recognize the name.
    I have been doing a lot of research on Regulus : Some notables : Bill Gates Jupiter / Pluto , Robert Mueller Venus / Jupiter , Bill Clinton / Sun , Monica Lewinsky / venus Annie Oakley / Saturn.
    Her Sun , Jupiter,Retrograde mercury elevated.( 1st American female superstar !) Later started a school for training women how to use firearms ( Saturn the teacher conjunct Regulus.Alex Hannold.the gifted rock climber Sun / mars / Regulus . with retro merc. natally.Even with people who are less known nationally or internationally seem to find a prominent position at the top of organizations or professions that they belong to , and seem to enjoy a certain amount of popular public acclaim.Isn’t astrology great ! Sorry ; if you talk about the British invasion of the 60 ‘ s I can help u out better.Love u guys on the other side of the pond ! Have a good day ! ????♍????

  5. Louise Larchbourne says:

    🙂 Jeremy Corbyn is the UK opposition party leader, and has a powerful and pretty constant swell of popular support, although many many people believe he is not able to lead effectively. No known birth time, Gemini sun, Regulus cj Saturn and I would bet he has either Capricorn or (more likely) Aquarius asc. I believe that star, as with Trump, gives him the hold.

    • Doug says:

      That alone may not help his popularity being the sober nature of Saturn , but should give good teaching and lecturing capabilities.Trump has the fame placement with his Sun also in the communicative sign of Gemini.Transits might help like it did with Obama when Uranus trined his Sun. As far as I know Saturn / regulus is positive..

  6. Louise Larchbourne says:

    if it’s the chart ruler it represents him. I take that to be of overriding importance. And Saturn is durable. It is not glamour that calls people. The HH chart; with Venus ruling the 12th, I suspect this has to do with his celebrated reclusiveness….

  7. Doug says:

    Makes sense.I think the Pluto rising comes into play here with the ‘ hermit ‘ thing also and the the unusual behavior. John Nash also had his merc.conjunct Pluto natal near the 1st house cusp in the 12th plus a couple of other planets there. As you may know he spent part of his life in confinement and was diagnosed schizophrenic.They both had that ‘collective. ‘ Pluto influence thing going on ♍

  8. Vesta says:

    I am so glad I have nothing scheduled or anything urgent to do (*touch wood* may it remain so). For me, this is a welcome break after the complete sh**show of recent years. Something that previously affected me very badly and got me down doesn’t seem to be bothering me as much. I’m not sure why. Maybe I’ve learnt to be resilient? Maybe this is a sign the uranus/pluto breakdown is ending and I’m through the other side? Maybe with this mercury retrograde in Pisces, it’s time for me to dream a new dream? I was just going to keep my head down, relax and watch TV but maybe I’ll journal a little as well.
    My 6th house is about 15 Pisces. Doesn’t look like mercury goes back any further than that, so the entire retrograde is in my 6th house, work and service, health. What else? My chiron and ceres are in the 6th house. My neptune/sun-moon midpoint is 19 Scorpio, so mercury will trine that. Again, it doesn’t seem to be affecting me negatively, instead, I think I’m more intuitive and having lots of insights. I do feel very vulnerable though! Like, I want to wrap a duvet around myself! haha! I can’t be around negative energy, it’s just urgh. Quite a good boundary, maybe. 🙂

  9. Doug says:

    65 and 66 were 2 of my favorite years! ; now I’m dating myself.

  10. Denise says:

    Sleep and dreams – yes. Since Friday it has been really difficult to drag myself up out of sleep, and not because I’ve had less sleep than usual. Just feel compelled to go back to those dreams, and vivid ones they have been, with obvious subconscious themes like caves. Hoping this does not last 3+ weeks. It’s entertaining enough, but getting up and going to work is just so hard!

    • Christina says:

      Me too, Denise — and it actually started a bit when Mercury went into Pisces and since then has just ramped up.

      • Vesta says:

        Me too. I don’t always remember the dreams though, which is unusual for me. I’m telling myself it’s ok to stop and simply be. Today, I kind of daydream/meditated. I can feel the energy, it’s kind of ugly, like 10 of swords in tarot. So I stayed cosy under my duvet! 🙂

  11. 44 and counting says:

    Ah this explains it … this retrograde is stationing opposite my 5H Pluto – ruler of my 7H.

    Was wondering why I’d gone back to overanalysing and self-doubt about my past relationships. I really thought I’d done all that to death over the years and finally rebuilt my confidence.

    But got talking to a friend on Saturday who’d never heard the details and she managed to ask enough questions that the self-blame crept back in. Mind’s been whirring as to whether there is something I should have done differently even though deepdown I know there isn’t. I just dated crappy people.

    • Vesta says:

      @ 44 and counting
      I got counselling through my doctor and last week, we started on the detail of what happened in recent years. It was weird because I haven’t been able to tell anyone the whole story, people tend to vanish as soon as I start! 🙁 I could tell my therapist was struggling, and I haven’t even got to the worse bits yet. I thought maybe I should help her, or ask her if she’s ok? I don’t know what to do. She’s not into astrology, so she doesn’t have that understanding. I wonder if there are astrologer therapists? Hmm.
      The last few weeks have been dizzying, things have been upended.

      • 44 and counting says:

        Vesta – absolutely talk to your therapist about this.

        In highlighting that you’re perceiving her as reacting badly to your stories, she’ll be able to clarify what’s going on for her. There may be an element of your baggage that is causing you to interpret this perception in a negative way. (Used to do this with my 8H neptune reading non-responses as rejection because of my low self-esteem).

        I’d add that not all therapists are built equally. Someone can do a counselling course in a year or two. But she should have been pre-assessed to ensure she’s suitable to help someone at your level of distress. But with the pressures in the NHS, I wouldn’t guarantee it.

        • Vesta says:

          I wish you were my therapist! 🙂 That’s insightful. Yes, both sides. My next appointment is tomorrow, I was thinking maybe I should talk to her first before we continue. My neptune is 2H 19 Scorpio, transiting neptune is 16 Pisces in my 6H. That’s a whole lot of neptune! But trine, they’re helping each other. Hmmm. Not sure which planets or aspects cause me to see things negatively, there’s loads. Maybe it’s an overall thing, like my awful t-square.
          I think she’s highly qualified, but I think you’re right, she doesn’t have a handle on my level of distress.

          • Vesta says:

            Thanks, Doug, but no. She made it about her, which was inappropriate. This wasn’t a normal conversation, nor could it ever be.

          • Louise Larchbourne says:

            Hi Doug,
            I became interested in your virgo asc friend. Tell me, where is his Mercury? That should give a good account of his intelligence and communicative modes. Does it aspect or receive the Pluto?

          • Doug says:

            Hi Vests ,I know someone with Uranus and Pluto on the asc. in Virgo. The individual is very intelligent ( Virgo rising ) and very interesting to talk to about a wide range of subjects.I tease him a lot , because to use my expression : ” you like to express too much of the ‘ ether ‘ at one time and it’s gets to hard to follow your line of thought.Since I understand the topic he’s engaged in I can figure where most of its leading. I let him talk for a while and sometimes he gets angry if I interrupt him.Then I point out that I don’t ever have that problem with him because he never lets me talk ! , so I have to interrupt him.( we have a good laugh about it.)
            It sounds as if the individual wants you to talk about one thing at a time.Sometimes it can be hard to relate to someone if your giving them a lot at one time.
            Don’t take it personal. they are just trying to do their job.Try maybe engaging more like a normal conversation.I think they could help you better.Have a good day ????!

          • Vesta says:

            I talked to her. She kind of took it personally, but I can’t worry about that, the whole point of the conversation is my recovery. I didn’t get that she has experience of my level of distress. I think I was right. Another problem was she was stopping to analyse certain points when I was in the middle of reliving events and in no position to stop and think. It was making my head spin. I don’t mind questions for clarity or more detail, that’s fine, but stopping to analyse when you’re in the middle of reliving, no. It surprised me that for someone so highly qualified, she didn’t know that and I had to explain it to her. We wasted half the appointment on this. Eventually she let me tell her some more and we stopped at the point where I reached breaking point. A good place to stop for today. I could hear she was shocked, which I needed to hear, it validated things for me. Isn’t it funny. Moon is still in Pisces, that’s a very Pisces thing, to feel, not analyse or be logical.
            Feels like a weight has been lifted. I don’t have the words for how I feel right now, but something something healing. The energy has changed. I’m not going to analyse. Just had chocolate instead! 🙂

      • Louise Larchbourne says:

        So apt for this retrograde: I suggest looking at Psychosynthesis; it allows for the dimension alluded to by astrology, and you could also find an astrologer there perhaps. Remember the boundless nature of Pisces… you can explore beyond what you knew – imo

    • Christina says:

      Slippery sands beneath one’s feet.

  12. Christina says:

    From Rebeccas Solnit
    “In the most egalitarian of European—and New Mexican—traditions, forests were public commons in which common people could roam, graze flocks, hunt and gather, and this is another way that forests when they are public land and public libraries are alike: as spaces in which everyone is welcome, as places in which we can wander and collect, get lost and find what we’re looking for.” There’s more of this lecture here — https://lithub.com/rebecca-solnit-on-a-childhood-of-reading-and-wandering/ — losing oneself like this is a beautiful thing to do under this Merc Rx.

    • Vesta says:

      I keep being drawn to The Power Of Now on my bookshelf, might read it soon. I’m learning to expand my light and also how to protect it. The more I practice, the more my confidence is growing. I also treated myself to a couple of sets of oracle cards recently, I got the gorgeous new Goddess Power ones which are just beautiful, you can lose yourself in the artwork alone. I’m not losing myself in meditation so much, I never manage to perfectly still my mind, but like expanding my light, I’m curious to expand my thoughts. So that’s interesting! The insights I’m getting. 🙂 This essay looks great. Half hour read, nice. 🙂

  13. Doug says:

    Very nice ‘ Rebecca story ! I can identify with that a lot.I started a rock garden sometime ago with loose flagstone type rocks I found on my property.I spend a lot of time in the outdoors .Little by little I added plants and flowers.Purple and yellow flowered yucca plants , Orange day lillies , prickly pear cactus , dwarf pine, and other native plants I can’t name.I let them grow wild and it has become a refuge for all sorts of critters ; toads , garter snakes , beautiful orb weave spiders , preying mantis ….Last year an eastern chipmunk took up residence there.I ‘ve never seen one in this part of the county ; a bonus!!
    At certain times it seems a little ‘ ratty ‘ and its not like the other neighbors neatly manicured gardens filled with ‘ shopping center ‘ non native plants or land scapeing rock.They all bloom at a different time and it is tolerated and even admired by the neighbors.Their colors and fragrance are awesome! .It took a while to create it.Most of my neighbors that have seen the results ‘ get it ‘ now.Some even wave to me now and say good morning ! How about that ! I like to landscape my own dreams ♍

  14. JR says:

    Tonight on a flight from LA to Seattle, our plane was struck by lightning. We returned safely to LA. Pilot said cockpit systems went haywire. How is that for Mercury Rx?!

  15. Doug says:

    Neptune will start transiting my natal P.O.F.at 18 degrees Pisces at the beginning of May.It will be an interesting time I’m sure !
    Doug 11 /11 ♍

  16. Doug says:

    It will be in my 11th house trining my Cancer Jupiter and sextiling my zenith Pluto transit natal Chiron also
    I have already been noticing an energy shift and have plans with my music ,spiritual questing , and other hobbies and interests.
    Ill keep u posted Christine.These are long long transits.I hope to exploit them for good. A prayer somewhat altered by me that I say at least once a day : ” create in me a clean heart , and renew a right spirit in me .Cast me not away from thy presence , and take not thy holy spirit from me.Thy kingdom come , and may your will manifest in me so that I’m deserving of heaven. ”
    Amen ! Have a good day ! : )

  17. Doug says:

    Hi Louise ! His mercury applying conjunct Jupiter in Taurus 3 degree orb. applying trine to Uranus in Virgo 3 degree orb.Sun in Taurus separating 4 degrees orb .Trining Pluto in Virgo.♍

  18. Doug says:

    Gotchya Vesta ! ♍????????????????????????