Astrology of Now: The Brexit Collywobbles

Wednesday March 13th 2019
The Ship of fools -- Hieronymous Bosch

The Ship of fools — Hieronymous Bosch

Yet again, the Prime Minister, was defeated in the Commons. Members of Parliament voted down her withdrawal agreement with the EU for the second time by a massive majority last night.

On March 29, Britain is due to leave the European Union. Meanwhile, both parties still seem to believe that Brexit is about party politics — not healing the soul of this country.

The country’s soul is, of course, a sad, confused thing right now, like some poor dog gnawing at its own leg, wondering why its masters could be so cruel.

So it’s interesting during this run-up to the abyss’ edge that we’re in the midst of a super confusing Mercury Retrograde — and indeed that this Retrograde ends on the day before the cut off. It is, to use a very English word, a muddle.

Mercury, the messenger, is now in the very last degrees of the Zodiac, on the road to nowhere. He started his reverse on March 5 at 29° and will continue going backwards until March 28 at 16°. He will remain in Pisces until April 17, only coming out of the shadow of the retrograde the day before. It’s time for something to be unravelled.

Mercury Rx is currently transiting directly opposite the natal Mercury Rx of Theresa May, the Prime Minister. Her Mercury is at 28° Virgo. Mercury turned Rx at 29° Pisces. The situation is completely out of her hands and out of her control. She is the last person able to guide the country through this national crisis.

Mr Corbyn, leader of the opposition and his close cohort hope to force a general election. Then they could create the Brexit they want. Corbyn’s natal Mercury is also Rx — and you guessed it — also being transited by this current Rx in Pisces. His is in Gemini and at 16°, the degree where this current Mercury Rx turns direct on March 29. The situation is out of his hands too.

Far right parliamentarians voted against May’s deal because they are hoping to force a “no deal” Brexit — a catastrophic outcome for this country. But for disaster capitalists: a bonanza.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, leader of the far right group, was also (yes!) born with Mercury Rx in a mutable sign. Like Mr Corbyn, his Mercury Rx is in Gemini — although it won’t be directly in aspect to the current Merc Rx. His is at 10°.

This is a hugely unpredictable Mercury Retrograde in slippery Pisces. Both Neptune and Jupiter are also entangled with it too. The lies are going to be huge, claims will get wilder. Hopes will be raised — and dashed.

Keep an eye on March 15, when Mercury makes its conjunction to the Sun, usually a certain amount of clarity begins after this point during a retrograde. On the same day, the UK has its annual Venus Return — so let’s hope it’s lucky.

What we’re seeing now is the Mother of Parliaments lumbering into action, attempting to take control of Brexit, after the government’s failure. This could be a good result, since one of the reasons the whole thing has gone off the rails is because of Mrs May’s inability to co-operate. However, parliamentarians  are also divided. Some actively seek to drive the country over the edge, while others want another referendum now that the people know what Brexit really means.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the first referendum was corrupt. This dirty linen needs to be washed out in public. There’s a chance that can happen under this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces — indeed some of the skulduggery of Arron Banks, the man who bankrolled Brexit with funds from African mines, was revealed by Channel 4 last week.

One thing that’s absolutely certain — the best laid plans gang aft agley. Nothing decided now will stick. This not a time to make decisions, but to revise positions, rewind, reverse, review and put things off.

If the cut-off is not postponed, the country will leave the EU in total chaos, like a heap of flotsam falling over a cascade, breaking apart as it plummets into the abyss.

Massive damage has already been done, but it could get so much worse.

A date to watch is the solar eclipse on July 2, which takes place exactly on the UK midheaven.




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  1. Ghislaine winning says:

    Governing by plebiscite is not good got in my view
    It is so divisive.

    • Louise Larchbourne says:

      I absolutely agree Ghislaine; that is not democracy; elected representatives have the responsibility of informing themselves, using their knowledge and and conveying it to their constituencies where possible. But we have a Northern Ireland secretary who was surprised to find that there was disagreement about the Union, and seems to not have informed herself any further since that news popped out. That needs fixing.

  2. Louise Larchbourne says:

    Also of interest may be that Mercury ‘falls’ back to the brink of the degree of his fall, 15 Pisces. The brink? Haven’t got much time to examine charts now but it is UK 9th chart ruler – aptly (and 12th, also spot on – self-undoing retrograde in fall anyone?); and 3rd in referendum charts (a 12th connection there too). Brinkmanship. May’s MC ruler… her career in freefall?

  3. Kerstin says:

    I really love your work and your analyses of the political situation. This was a very interesting article until you veered into Remainer bias. I know its your site and your opinion but I do think astrologers should try to be neutral and just read the stars. Some of us think Brexit is a necessary step in reforming the corrupt EU. Some of us think Brexit is in the long term a good thing. I believe that our elected representatives should respect the decision of the people and that it will be a VERY dangerous thing for our democracy if they don’t. The decline in respect for politicians and ‘democracy’ started when Blair ignored the million person march against the Iraq war. To ignore the rest of the referendum will lead to people simply giving up on democracy. The remain campaign was also corrupt and outspent the leave campaign. Despite that, the will of the people triumphed despite months of fear mongering. I realise you are American and possibly this colours your opinion. But I would really like to read a more neutral analysis of the Brexit chart and the current political situation. Even if it isn’t what you want personally.

    • Christina says:

      You are right. This is my site and my opinion. In fact, I called the referendum vote correctly precisely because I could see how destructive it was — Pluto Rising.

      Actually, I’m one of those people that Mrs May so despises, a dual citizen, and I was born that way: half-American, half-English — and a proud European — just like Churchill, for example. So I feel perfectly qualified to comment on this as both an outsider and an insider. You think I’m saying Brexit is an act of self-harm? You should see what the rest of the world writes.

      I am afraid you have to accept that astrology is always interpreted by an astrologer. Anyone who claims to look at the stars without bias is kidding themselves. There is no neutral. You are always the filter. Unless you understand that first, you can’t do astrology. It’s like thinking that a musician doesn’t interpret the music she’s playing.

      As for the referendum — follow the link to the Washington Post article and ask yourself, seriously, if maybe, just maybe, the author has a point. Who do you really think benefits from the destruction of the British economy? It’s not the people of these islands, that’s for sure. Maybe this is your opportunity, during the Mercury Rx, to revise your own opinion, and look at some other points of view.

  4. Faye Blake says:

    Thanks Christina – just done a post on how Ceres fits in and in passing saw Pallas Athena doing interesting things. Would love your take on this strategic goddess! Esp Jeremy Corbyn who has Pluto transit in exact opposition to her. And Theresa May has a natal Pallas Jupiter quincunx – what are we to make of that? And in the sky she is also retro like Mercury and in aspect to him.

  5. Doug says:

    When I 1st joined the union committee where I worked my fellow stewards told me: ” once you give up something its hard to get it back. I think that works across the board.
    Britain no doubt has a unique position different than the other EU members.I’m sure there’s a lot of sentimentality there still , As Britain was once such a great world player. I understand where disparities could arise in a more ‘ watered down ‘ version of having to share economic power with other countries in a broader spectrum
    Maybe there’s a ‘ middle ground where it can retain its uniqueness and still be apart of the EU.

  6. AquarianMoon says:

    Taking a break from the Great American Meltdown coverage that is America’s usual news fare, yesterday Ali Velshi did a segment on Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland and the steadfast refusal on both sides for a “hard” border check for customs purposes, as both sides point to concerns of The Troubles being picked up again.

    In the valiant effort to combat the Uninformed American boogey, Ali gave a brief history lesson and had a succinct overview of the current political entanglements May now finds herself in.

    Makes me wonder about RoI and NI’s charts compared to May’s and Corbyn’s actually.

    [i did some minor wiki surfing on him and hes October 29 1969 in Nirobi, Kenya. No wonder I like him so much! And hes so young, too!]

    I will fully admit that America’s rabid, illogical insistence on a two party system has in all likelihood warped and/or atrophied the part of my brain that can understand how this whole … multiparty … system Thing works however, I ask this question in the spirit of tech support everywhere:

    have you all tried …. turning it off and then on again? …… i mean, having a new vote on whether to Brexit or BrexNot?

    • Christina says:

      Absolutely correct. I have been writing an article comparing UK chart with Irish chart for several months, because this is such an important point. But every time I get ready to publish, something else happens.

      In short, Ireland’s is not looking too bad… I will just publish anyway I think…

      • Monnina says:

        As a fellow half breed US (Manhattan native) UK ( raised and educated in London and Somerset ) who has lived the past 20 or so years in County Antrim ( DUP Sammy Wilson’s constituency) and amateur astrologer, cultural anthropologist, film maker and publisher,
        Please, please, please publish your take on the astrological relationship between Ireland, post partition N.I. and Britain. It is key to beginning to understand the historico- cultural crisis presently unfolding and just how we all might envision a better shared Way Forward.

        Thanks !

  7. Vesta says:

    Great description of the collapse and chaos right now. I saw your post in Instagram and tried to comment but haha mercury retrograde, Insta’s down! 🙂 My comment was about staying positive, letting go of the need to know, releasing control etc so it was quite perfect really. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I’m intuitive and I’ve tried to keep up with events so I can see the trajectory but today, *whew!* Nothing! Right, so ok, nothing it is. Radical acceptance. No point wasting energy on anxiety, we’re all exhausted enough as it is.
    My chart angles are the same as the UK’s. So last week, I had that therapy appointment that I was dreading where I talked about the worst bits of the recent uranus/pluto squares. It’s true what they say about talking about trauma, you do relive it, the last few days have been topsy turvy. But there’s also a kind of unburdening. I can’t say I feel lighter, but in a way I do. I feel like I could journal that time myself now till it’s healed. So things peaked and now that’s it, I’m on the road to healing. 🙂 I’m healing huge things like identity, like the UK, I have had my own collapse and chaos. As without so within, so I can relate these two, I think.
    I’ve been feeling very anxious about what’s ahead, both for me and for the country, and I’ve been looking at astrology, doing my tarot cards, just really seeking answers. But there aren’t any. So today, I released the need to know.
    Releasing that anxiety brings calm. Calm brings you back to your centre. And then you can start seeing what’s around you. I did this during the peak of the uranus/pluto years and it works, even if only to get through the moment.
    As for hopes, false or not, whatever gets you through the moment is ok. If it’s a false hope, who cares, it got you through the moment. You know it’s false, you’ll forget about it once you feel safer. Done this one too. Works.
    I think these are important things to do right now. The old identity of the country is being shed, which means a new identity is being formed. What clues do you see that point towards what it might be?
    Old politics are being shed, new politics are being formed. We’re in the transition period between the two (we = a lot of countries but the two written about the most are USA and UK). What clues do you see? I’ve started collecting articles to see if I can build a picture.
    Just like me, things have peaked for the Tories and they’re now collapsing in office, which some of us knew they would after they painted themselves in a corner with their fixed term parliament act.
    If a general election or a second referendum is announced, it’s an automatic extension to Article 50 and buys us more time.
    One thing that really concerns me is if the Tories attempt to buy another general election or referendum. We’re seeing news stories it’s the Russian bots wot dunnit but we also know the Tories have their own little effort at cyberwar going on, if anyone remembers the remote shed in Scotland. Both are happening, but only one gets reported. If there is a general election or another referendum and Tories/Leave cheat and commit fraud again, then we’re nothing but an outpost for Trumpland where the country is stripped and sold off for parts.
    We will continue to be encouraged to find fault with Corbyn and the left. I don’t have the energy or inclination to entertain this bs. It’s a distraction tactic.
    People who are most at risk are the ones to listen to in a crisis. Your imminent death does focus the mind! Ignore people with any modicum of privilege, they’re not feeling what the most vulnerable are feeling. The most vulnerable are the most vocal supporters of Corbyn, who the right wing will continue to describe in the most disparaging terms. Any criticism of Corbyn feels like a death threat to the vulnerable. How is their anxiety described? ‘Cult’. But the fear and anxiety are real, as we know from the death stats. Everyone really needs to see this. Yes, we’re in a time of illusion, but some of that is manufactured by the powerful. This isn’t anything new, it’s been like this since the Tories got in.
    Power on the left is grassroots up. If it’s not Corbyn, it will be someone also anti-austerity, it doesn’t matter, power is in our hands. He does what we collectively decide.
    For the right wing and centrists, power continues to be top down and they have to rely on personality politics, people have no say, you do what Theresa tells you.
    I could happily write more, and I really want to! 🙂 But I’ll leave it there. It’s a collywobble day and we’re all discombobulated. 🙂 xx

    • Vesta says:

      Oh I forgot to say – No Deal won’t happen, it’s unlawful.
      The only reason it’s constantly on the front pages is so we don’t talk about other options, the various soft Brexits, or Remain.
      Interesting, eh?! 🙂 Don’t worry about No Deal.

  8. Shirley Bolton says:

    Not true. No deal is not unlawful and there is a real fear that it will happen.

  9. Denise says:

    From across the pond, wishing y’all the best possible outcome. Seems like high time we got together – USA, Britain, and France – to call Russia on their election meddling, and demand they stop. (oh, just remembered, we have a President who might not agree with that…)

    Collywobble is a great word – have not heard that one before.

  10. Pamela says:

    I’m reminded of the expression ‘be careful what you wish for’,as I see it the UK is stuck, it is never going to agree or get the deal that they want,and the longer this takes the weaker the negotiating position becomes for the UK and the stronger the negotiating power of the EU. Now I hear the UK wants more time – they have had 2 years. It’s time to have a second referendum. IMHO.

  11. blob69 says:

    Have to disagree with certain points you make.

    “…since one of the reasons the whole thing has gone off the rails is because of Mrs May’s inability to co-operate.” I doubt that, not that I am for the woman, but there has been a concerted effort to not do what the people voted for, and to scupper the process, take over, and hold a ‘peoples referendum’, when the people have already made their choice clear in a referendum.

    Europe has not helped either, but lets face it, Theresa May should not have gone into a deal with Europe from a position of weakness – the UK depends on Europe more than Europe depends on the UK – apart from maybe Germany.

    “If the cut-off is not postponed, the country will leave the EU in total chaos, like a heap of flotsam falling over a cascade, breaking apart as it plummets into the abyss.” The plan has been all along not to leave, and as a means to course as much confusion as possible till the original goal and peoples choice is buried, and the parliamentarians have their way. They are even talking about this.

    Not that I am for or against the idea, as I did not vote in the first place.

    How much does Uranus hanging over TM’s Saturn have to play?

  12. Peter Holmes says:

    The ‘new’ European Parliament, elected in the coming May, convenes for its inaugural session on the 2nd July, exactly coincident with that solar eclipse.

    The significance of this I do not pretend to know.

    • roman says:

      This eclipse falls in twelve house whole house system of the EU chart opposes the Uranus Neptune conjunction in the sixth house . The Uranus/ Neptune conjunction is the sacred freedom of movement of workers ( 6 th house ) & services this is also being activated by Pluto Saturn transits .So the eclipse will be the seed of the undermining of this principle as the eclipse is in the 12th house This may even be linked to Brexit in some way but whatever is initiated here will come to fruition in 18 months time ,it could be that the entire social vision of the EU principle will be seeded in July & come to fruition in 18 months time.

    • Christina says:

      Suspect that’s Brexit for reals.

      • Vesta says:

        I was hoping for Remain. I’m worried about July, how we get there and what it could mean.

        • Christina says:

          Well, it could be that the government falls.

          Either way, it’s a total mess.

          • Vesta says:

            Major energy shift last couple of days. As if the full moon, sun into Aries and equinox formed a kind of portal and we all went through en masse. I felt it personally and I’m seeing it collectively. Out of the blue, revocation and Remain are the mainstream position. Exciting!
            We haven’t had a functioning government for years, don’t know what difference it would make when they totally collapse. How would we know.

  13. roman says:

    I noticed that Jupiter is entering the Gandanta degree as it moves from a water to a fire sign in Vedic astrology this is a time of drowning not only is there more flooding & rain around at the moment but the whole Brexit negotiations are trying to grasp at something solid as the politicians’ flounder & sink taking the constitutional processes under with them. This is a time of uncertainty whereby even an extension to article 50 may be voted down by Farage’s Eurosceptic Italian
    friends forcing a Hard Brexit, definitely a hard cliff edge Brexit drowning in the Gandanta sea. This point in the UK 1801 chart falls in the third house which is the immediate neighbour’s brothers, sisters, i.e. linking EU & NI.

  14. DanielJUK says:

    love your astrology site Christina and a site well worth subscribing to, I am so glad I did about 6 months ago! <3

    About the 15th March, I can't see anything really big happened or seems big right now. Around that time the first attempt for seizing control of parliament happened and lost by 2 votes. There was also a vote in the days before to extend Brexit day, May announced on the 15th exactly that she would write to Europe for an extension, so that was the event on that day. So her progress began with asking for this request but she left it way too many days the next week and missed the European Summit the next week for it doh! They had to fit it in urgently.

    On the week after that, on the 20th March, Margaret Georgiadou started her revoke article 50 petition which currently stands at 6million signatures, it gained momentum in the last weeks of March and there was the huge march for remain on the 23rd. Brexitcentral has what events happened per day which is useful for looking up astrology references afterwards.

    The things that happened gave me as a remainer some hope, there was a lot of people who share the same opinion as me, it all seems confusing and upsetting again about what is going on but I think the 15th started some important things about giving the other side a voice! A little hope during the confusing Merc retrograde.

  15. tarsem says:

    it’s not only sad but also infuriating situation!

  16. S.J. Hunt says:

    How is October 31 looking? Will the cut-off be postponed, or will “the country will leave the EU in total chaos, like a heap of flotsam falling over a cascade, breaking apart as it plummets into the abyss”? Dangerous gamesmanship going on now to force ‘the will of the people’ onto those whose will it never was. I am a supporter of “Lead not Leave” so hope of any different approach than confrontation is wearing thin right now!