Oh The Magnficence: Scott Walker

Monday March 25th 2019

I sometimes feel I need to shake myself like a wet dog after listening to Scott Walker, and, maybe, watch the droplets turn into glorious rainbows, transform into hummingbirds. Two lines into a Scott Walker song and you are immersed, taken into another, magical dimension. His perfect diction, histrionic delivery and psychedelic imagery are somehow “drenching” — that is the word that occurs to me.

Scott Walker’s work is both unashamedly intellectual and emotional at the same time. His art is profoundly cathartic — a gift to the listener.

He passed yesterday, but he sang songs about this moment a long time ago. Of course, he did: the man was a visionary. It’s wonderful that he has been folded into the eternal by the embrace of the angels of music — tr Neptune on the MC and trVenus on the South Node opposite Chiron.

I hope his passing introduces even more people to his glorious world, the image-laden storytelling, the passion and the beauty.

His songs are filled with extraordinary imagery.

Hope for me, I hope for you,
We’re snowdrops falling through the night.

We’ll melt away before we land,
Two teardrops for somebody’s hand.

Follow me into just one more Spring.

Copenhagen, you’re the end,
Gone and made me a child again.
Warmed my feet beneath cold sheets,
Dyed my hair with your sunny streets.

from Copenhagen

And, he must be one of the most influential musicians of the last half of the 20th century. What would Bowie have sounded like without Scott? Or Radiohead? Or Lana del Rey? Or Mark E Smith? Jeff Buckley?

Here is his chart. I find myself crying too much to carry on. Not because he’s gone, which I feel is a blessing for him, but because I’ve just listened to half a dozen songs in a row, and that’s just too much melancholy, magnificence and pain in one afternoon.

Emotional drenching?

Jupiter in Cancer — magnified emotion, magnificent emotion
Moon in Pisces trine Cancer ASC — straight from the soul
MC in Pisces — a musician

Story-telling time-traveller?

Grand Trine in Air — teller of tales
Uranus (time-travel) to Venus (art&music) to Neptune (art&magic)

Musical genius?

Perfect Venus-Neptune trine + Uranus (genius)

One last thought before I go blow my nose and wash my face, Scott Walker had Lilith Rising. You see a strong Lilith in truly transformer-type musician’s charts sometimes. He blows an emotional fuse every time. It must have been hard being him. Lilith is often the place where we can reach further and deeper. There she is in Cancer. He explored far into the human psyche, deep into the darkest caverns, breaking through the usual boundaries, especially, he explored his own extremes.


The rhymes of a woman’s
a river that never ends
The rhymes of dimension
surrounds us with fire and friends
and roaring through darkness
the night children fly
I still hear them singing
the rhymes of goodbye

Thank you, Scott.

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  1. Vesta says:

    I have jupiter in cancer too. I’m not surprised my synastry with him is good but wow, his AC 9 Cancer is my MC, and his DC 9 Cap is my IC. So his sun falls in my 4th house and it’s true, I’m very at home with all his work. Although I found tracks like Clara quite difficult but only because of the subject matter. His saturn is trine my AC and conjunct my north node, that’s interesting. Aww and his neptune is conjunct my AC. 🙂 Yes, dreamy and magical. His mars is conjunct my mars and venus. His moon is conjunct my Saturn and square my moon, and trine my sun and jupiter! What a chart. I don’t feel drenched by his music, but maybe with my jupiter in cancer, I have an advantage there.

    I played his lighter work today, the covers album and Walker Brothers hits. I grew up hearing them on the radio all the time, always loved his voice especially. I understand how you felt today, Christina. I was so shocked when I heard the news.

    He really was a genius. You can lose yourself in his lyrics.

    There’s a typo in the heading by the way, Christina. That’s what happens when you cry and type. xx

  2. Theresa Jacobs says:

    Thankyou for remembering Scott Christina I couldn’t believe the news when I heard it. He has worked prolifically over the past decade and I thought he had a few years left in him. I have been a big fan since I was fifteen, I am sixty-nine now!! He was very special. I too have Cancer rising with a Pisces midheaven and Neptune in the fourth house. I can’t believe the world is still turning with Scott not in it anymore. Lots of love Theresa