America’s Pluto Transit: The Ravaging

Thursday May 16th 2019
Darth Vader is an avatar of Pluto.

Darth Vader is an avatar of Pluto.

A few weeks ago, The New York Times carried an editorial by Charles Blow, which begins like this:

“America, as we knew it, is lost.

“Not completely gone and not irrevocably ended, but forever altered. Or, maybe it is fair to say that our concept of America itself was a concoction, that it was always one solid body blow away from buckling at the knees.”

And here is the penultimate paragraph.

“I am saying…that the best time to truly rebuild a thing is when it has been destroyed, when the slate is clear and people are champing for change.”

He could be describing a personal Pluto transit. Some part of you is destroyed — and then it is rebuilt.

No living human will ever experience a Pluto Return, since it takes the Lord of Darkness more than two centuries to make a circuit of the zodiac. But the United States will be having just such a transit in the 2020s. That’s when Pluto returns to the exact spot where he was on that July day in 1776 when the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence.

However, the USA is feeling Pluto in all his power right now — and has been since around 2008. This is because Pluto has in the past decade opposed the US’ natal Venus, Jupiter and Sun in Cancer, and is currently within orb of opposing the US Mercury in Cancer.

Anyone who has experienced a Pluto opposition to the Sun knows that this can feel like a laser pointed straight between your eyes.

You’ve probably noted already that 2008 was the year that Obama won the presidency, and immediately had to tackle the banking crisis. So we can see that this process of the dismantling of American institutions — because that is what Capricorn is — was already under way back then.

Pluto corrupts. Pluto exposes corruption.

Again from Charles Blow.

“…it is certainly true now that Donald Trump has tested our institutions and our constitutions — both government and personal — and found them all wanting, found them all weak, found them all vulnerable to the ravaging.

“In the course of three years, he has completely taken over one of America’s two primary political parties, the Republican Party, a 165-year-old institution, the party of Abraham Lincoln.

“He has cowed once anti-Trump Republican lawmakers into being his…”

The unmaking of America is happening now — and has been in process for years. Solid Saturn has come along to make the changes real. It’s not often that Donald Trump is fingered as an avatar of Saturn — but he is an old man, like Saturn, and as his presidency began, Saturn opposed his Sun. What’s really intriguing though is that his own natal Saturn is at 23° Cancer. It’s getting the full force of Pluto and Saturn from now until January 2020 and beyond — and it sits on America’s natal Mercury

The remaking can begin now too, but the transition may not complete until 2027, when Pluto begins his transit through America’s South Node in Aquarius.

On 9/11 Pluto was at 12° Sagittarius, right on the US Ascendant in this chart. Note where aggressive Mars is today, approaching the US Venus...

On 9/11 Pluto was at 12° Sagittarius, right on the US Ascendant in this chart.
Note where aggressive Mars is today, approaching the US Venus…

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  1. Jlrupert says:

    Very interesting. When Pluto opposed my sun in 1995, my first husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. I have Scorpio in the 8th.

  2. Julie Francoeur says:

    …and by then, Neptune will be in Aries!

  3. Di says:

    I was born with Pluto opp. my Sun (Pluto in Libra 1st house/ Sun in Aries 7th house). Still trying to understand it. Pluto is not near my Asc., but I’m guessing it is still a strong aspect.

  4. Isy says:

    I dowsed a birth time (1354-1355) for Mitch McConnell — the leader of the US Congress, who has blocked every possible good and meaningful issue from being voted on by the legislature — and it puts his Asc within a few minutes of the US’s natal Venus in Cancer (7th H of partnerships & open enemies), in a tight stellium with Jupiter and the North Node; also, tr Mars is currently on his Asc if that birth tme is accurate. It puts his Asc @3* Cancer, making Neptune the Deluder his chart ruler — and putting Neptune right at the bottom of his chart, in retrograde; a twist on the twist of the twit in the pit. He is a twisty piece of work.

    Ignoring the faster-moving planets and lunar node, his birthdate still puts Jupiter there, and his natal Chiron is still exactly conjunct Trump’s Pluto! Chills down my spine. Trump’s Ceres is within a degree of McC’s Mercury — 45 does like to hear what he wants to hear, and I guess M is good at telling him.

    Most of those wouldn’t be changed much by a different time.

    McConnell is a quiet-seeming man in a position of power which was designed for an enabler. In his case, he’s enabling the unprecedented president, rather than the nation he purports to love. It was meant to be a position that enables legislation. This is the one who decides what issues go to the floor to be debated and voted on. He has proven that it doesn’t matter what the public or legislative consensus is: if he doesn’t want it to be heard, he can shut it down as long as he’s in that role. He’s holding the entire legislature hostage. It’s boggling.

  5. Isy says:

    BTW, I strongly support the understanding that all the lovely ideas of who we like to think we are, as Americans, are just that — lovely ideas. There is substantial good-will sloshing around, but mostly face-to-face; generally and generically, the willful blindness/self-deception and collective amnesia are so vast, so entrenched, and so criminal it’s really time for a reckoning.

    These oafs show us the worst in ourselves.

  6. Severne says:

    This makes so much sense. I will look for the article. Thanks Christina…I’ve been out of the news loop for a bit. Worth keeping an eye on the NN as it keeps going through the Sun, Jupiter and venus.
    Looking at the many connections of the US chart and my own, as I live here now.