Sexy Talk on the Passionfruit Podcast

Saturday May 4th 2019

Last week, the brilliant, funny women at Passionfruit Podcast interviewed me.

It was a hoot but if you don’t want to hear an explicit discussion of sex, skip this one. On the other hand, if you’re unlikely to be fazed by women talking dirty, have a listen.

I, of course, offered astrological wisdom during the podcast, rather than sex counselling. Always eager to bring some real astrology to a new audience!

It did occur to me though, since I also happen to be reading AndrĂ© Aciman’s Enigma Variations, that there’s a lot of sex-verbiage in my world at the moment. I wondered if that had something to do with the current passage of libidinous Mars through chatty Gemini. Combined with Mercury in Aries, that makes for some hot words.

Here’s the podcast on Spotify, Apple, and their own website.

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