Tories at the Guillotine

Thursday May 23rd 2019

Data from Book of World Horoscopes.

The Grim Reaper is currently making a second approach to the Ascendant of the British Conservative party. The last time Saturn was in these degrees of Capricorn, 1990, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was dispatched in a bloodless coup by her back benchers.

Another Prime Minister is about to be disposed of by her own party, but this time the situation is much, much worse for the Tories. They are in an existential crisis.

This is because both Pluto, the Lord of Hell himself, and the South Node, the point of dissipation and release are also hovering around that Ascendant. Indeed, the South Node is right on the Ascendant now.

The trouble kicked in when Pluto transited the Ascendant in the year of the Brexit Referendum, but now Saturn is here to finish the job. Pluto took the party hostage; but Saturn is the guillotine.

It is possible to survive this transit, I suppose, but it’s curious to see how mythology — the story of Cronus/Saturn eating his children — is being played out. The Conservative party is eating itself.

The Party’s Scorpio Sun, MC and Saturn speak of its ability to die and be reborn. This is what has made it such a successful political party. Note that those Capricorn planets are actually sextiling the Scorpio pair, so there is a faint possibility of resurrection.

The coming sacrifice of Theresa May will not be enough to save the party. If all goes according to the planets, the Tories will need to be reduced to nothing before they rise again — if they ever do. The case could be terminal.

Unfortunately, this leaves a neat space for someone like Nigel Farage to fill. Today the Moon joined Saturn and Pluto, triggering those planets.

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  1. Vesta says:

    Wow, the Tory Scorpio sun is conjunct my neptune/sun-moon midpoint. As if that wasn’t sensitive enough already. I can see why they’re perfectly happy killing their citizens too. Absolutely no compunction. The only tears they have are for themselves when they’re not allowed to do what they want. And yes, I can say that, they did it to me and nearly succeeded. I will never forgive them. If they’re terminal now, good. That’s karma for you.
    Don’t they say that Scorpio brings your karma? I’m sure I read something along those lines somewhere. I know Saturn is karma.
    I have been reflecting on their future for some years now, and I don’t see one. Look at where we’re at, climate breakdown, the collapse of the West, burgeoning new power axis between China/Russia. We can’t continue as we are, we only accelerate our collapse, enabling China to swoop in to ‘help’ struggling countries with funding – because of course with extreme capitalism (neoliberalism), money siphons up and offshore – giving China a foot in the door where they can start interfering politically. It’s already happening, I’ve been watching it for a few years, and it’s why I voted Remain.
    Climate breakdown is the most urgent. Can we tackle that with Conservative style capitalism? When it’s exactly Conservative capitalism that got us here?? No.
    But yes, the way is open for the extreme far right/alt-right. People who buy-in to propaganda and unthinkingly repeat headlines as opinions, ‘Corbyn is unelectable’ blah blah are vulnerable to the extreme far right. When you are so busy focused on what you don’t want, you’re not paying attention to what you’re aligning yourself with. Before you know it, you are condoning the extreme far right. Centrists, floating voters, and politically homeless right wing voters are susceptible to fascism. These are the same people who turn a blind eye to homelessness, who don’t care what’s happening to the NHS. Yes, they might pay lip-service, but when it comes down to it, it’s self-interest. This is where individualism has got us. It’s endemic. If you can’t break free from it, you’re vulnerable.
    So there are a few forces at play here. It’s almost biblical, forces of good and evil. Which side do you think you’re on? Which side are you *really* on??
    We have been going through an awakening since 2008, but not everyone is on the same page yet. Some people need to see things play out, or get worse, before they ‘realise’. It’s terrifying. They need to see evidence of more deaths, more hardship, they need nazis marching down their streets before they go ‘oh, maybe Corbyn isn’t so bad then, maybe the papers are wrong.’ We don’t have a single newspaper reporting accurately. We have individual journalists and we have alternative media like Novara, that’s it. How do they reach everyone?
    Sorry for a long one. Lot to say. 🙁 Tory Saturn is conjunct my Mercury. And those early Sag planets are on my moon and south node. I think Tory Uranus is on my MC. Yes, very disturbing. Wow. They hit me hard. I’m not beaten, I’m hitting them back.

  2. Christina says:

    So Prime Minister Theresa May has resigned the day after I wrote this piece about her imminent dispatch. She announced her resignation at 10.05 this morning , so Leo 9° Rising plus Moon at 7° Aquarius.

    This means that the Moon was at a precise supportive angle to Mrs May’s own Sun, and the UK ASC-Pallas opposition. It was a dignified departure in the end. (especially compared to both Cameron’s and Thatcher’s.) I hope Mrs May gets some rest now. She’s had Neptune sitting right on her Mars for ages.

    For the country, this is still all about the SN-Saturn-Pluto opposition to the Moon. SN will be squaring the natal nodes and then crossing the Sun and IC later this year. Saturn and Pluto will both oppose the Moon again. 🙁

    • Vesta says:

      Well, as dignified as she could be. She lied and lied, which people spent the rest of the day refuting. Nice suit though, that was a nice colour. She will have a nice time the rest of her life, she has got away with everything she did. She has no conscience so nothing will bother her.

  3. Jenny says:

    I’ve always felt it was my duty (considering many people died for the right/still do not have the right to vote) to be engaged in politics, but I cannot stand to listen nowadays. Give me something for the pain and let Brexit die!

    I’ve never been a fan of Theresa- the unnecessary 2017 power-grab election, her obstinate approach to Brexit from beginning to end (was it you Christina who spoke of her unaspected sun?) and draconian policies established whilst everyone’s distracted… but damn, at least she was going to finish the job and we could all move onto more pressing matters.

    May, Johnson, Hunt, Farage– they’re all just spokes on a wheel. This one’s on top, then that one’s on top, and on and on it spins, crushing those on the ground. Which head of the hydra is up next? (Not to worry, there will always be backups.)

    (Pls excuse the multiple GOT references, I’m not ready to move on yet.)

  4. Chris Wright says:

    A complete novice writes.
    I am interested in the change that seems to have happened worldwide in politics and those in power generally, whereby a sense of “honour” and doing the right thing seems to have become passé.
    Where there are huge errors of judgement amongst the powerful,
    Or even just blatant lies, there is an absence of resignation . It seems to be the norm now where those responsible can just apologise say” lessons will be learned” and that appears to be the end of the matter. Of course such common practice, merely renders any apologies vacuous and meaningless.
    What in the heavens has caused this shift in values and principles or is it just my imagination?

    • Christina says:

      Hi Chris
      Yes, I am pondering this idea too. I don’t think our politicians were ever that good — look at Anthony Eden and the Suez Crisis for an excellent example of incompetence and mendacity — however, I think we all recognise that there has been a shift in what is considered decent pubic behaviour. Goebbels advice to make your lies bigger and bolder if you wanted to sway the public seems to have been taken to heart by many.
      I want to think about this further though, before writing about it. Some of the rot set in in the late 1980s with the rise of the Murdoch Press, and changes in legislation in the US which allowed “shock jocks” on the airwaves.
      One could start with where do we locate “honour” in the chart anyway?

  5. 44 and counting says:

    I’m wondering whether the Scorpio-Cap heavy Conservative party can survive the upcoming Pluto in Aqua era?

    Note that while Uranus and Neptune were in Aqua, the Cons were out of power with Labour in place.

    At the end of 2020 we also have a new Jupiter-Saturn era beginning in Aqua so that’s another challenge to them.

    The only thing I see saving them is their opportunistic Sag venus-Mars-Mercury which can come out and say something that sounds great. But I suspect their core supporters are now the Pluto in Leo generation who will be dying off in the upcoming years.

    • Vesta says:

      You don’t see a future for them either? What do you think about the future for right wing / conservatism? If there’s no Tory party, where do these core supporters go? There’s a vacuum if the Tories collapse.

      • 44 and counting says:

        I’m asking whether they will survive – that’s the question. History shows that things change. Just because we can’t imagine it, doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

        Back in the 1800s the Whig party was often governing the country before they morphed into the Liberals. Where are they now? Then Labour became the primary opposition in the 1920s but their left-wing policies fell out of favour and Blair reinvented them as a neptune fairytale of the Tories – where are traditional Labour in the past 30 years?

        But it occurs to me that perhaps the rise of the right-wing is always aligned to a rise in our fear levels. When resources and services are scarce, people stop caring about the greater good and do what’s good for themselves and their own. The 80s was a time when we were constantly hearing about nuclear war, aids, strikes but once those threats receded; people lost interest in the Tories and bought into Blair’s vision.

        So it’s quite possible with the changing astrological trends towards Aqua that we’ll build community and togetherness, and begin to feel less fearful and the need for a right wing diminishes.

        Those kids born under the Uranus-Neptune in Aqua years will be coming into position as Pluto in Aqua (2024-40ish) followed by in Pisces (2040-60ish). GenZ seem more interested in saving the planet than being wealthy for the sake of themselves but youthful idealism does change.

        Honestly I don’t know. Maybe the world gets even more materialistic and driven by money but what I’ve really come to appreciate about astrology is how much people’s lives reflect what the big planets are up to.

        • Vesta says:

          I follow a few astrologers who look at politics, social trends etc, and they’re all talking about the trends towards Aquarius, collectivism, community, togetherness. A move away from individualism which has marked society for the last 50 years. Polar opposite in fact. It’s non-negotiable if we want to turn climate breakdown around. Individualism and extreme capitalism accelerated climate change, not to mention being lied to. 🙁
          Mid-2020s is when they’re talking about too, although some are saying it’s starting now, so maybe that’s how long change takes, outliers today, the norm tomorrow.
          I see this too, and I can’t see where right wing Conservatism fits, or at least, my understanding of Conservatism. Maybe the idea of right wing is set for transformation. Where before it represented the interests of the elite and business class, now it represents those who are cautious, laissez faire, resistant to change, traditional, religious. (although my thinking is religion/faith is going through transformation too).
          The last 50 years (uranus/pluto conjunct to the recent squares) were characterised by a sharp turn to the right which was then taken to the extreme. Labour as it was, the traditional left, didn’t stand a chance, people were dazzled by what appeared to be wealth. Neptune was prominent in the 1990s, they do seem to be hazy dreamy halcyon days. There was news, but no one cared, focus was on Charles and Diana, Blur vs Oasis, football, the new cult of celebrity, who wore what where, followed by the internet and boom/bust. The early 00s saw sudden huge wealth, or so it seemed. The inequality gap became Victorian. People were tightening their belts and trying not to think about it. Living standards started to fall in the late 1990s, but again, ‘this is fine’ prevailed.
          Hmmmm! Thinking out loud. 🙂
          I’m GenZ. That’s me. 🙂
          I’m seeing materialism being guilt-tripped and shamed. e.g. people are made to feel bad for flying. I’m already seeing people say ‘well I like my holidays so’. I was just reading an article of the best beauty products and there are awards for sustainability, changes in packaging, etc. I can see this continuing.
          I am wondering if materialism won’t be considered something old people do? Certainly Boomers have given it a bad name, the most loved generation, given everything, even our futures. :/
          Now it’s about sharing resources, which is something we had better get used to as climate breakdown worsens.
          So if that’s where we’re heading, right wing Conservatism doesn’t really fit, does it.

          • DanielJUK says:

            I enjoyed reading your comments thread.

            I don’t think it is about the rich and a certain generation or maybe that is a part of it. On social media, influencers flaunt their wealth, they are young and show their expensive make up / clothes / cars / homes. So young people are still flaunting wealth on social media if not in normal life. This is the opposite to sharing, it’s sort of the end game of the 80’s Tory Yuppies.

            I wonder if there will be a backlash against them. I wander also with Pluto and Capricorn that we will see a turn against inherited wealth, the rich families who keep passing it down and have all the best privileges. Definitely I think we are so divided with the haves and have nots but I think for a sharing generation there will be a backlash on those who don’t share!

  6. sb says:

    Saturn at 25 degrees the moon at 25 degrees, must be why the tories are so good at sharing /s.

    Work until your 75 is the latest, to stop the poverty of the old, doesnt matter if you have contributed to NI all your working life to have a pension in your retirement, because your not retiring – just dieing on the job /s.

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