A Few Reasons Why Jupiter’s Not Always Fabulous

Tuesday June 25th 2019

A reader wrote to me: “I am supposed to have Jupiter in my first house of Sag all year but it’s been just awful!” And asked me why this was so.

Here is my response.

This is a good question.

1. We tend to over-egg the whole luck thing with Jupiter in an attempt to look on the bright side, and forget that above all Jupiter magnifies. So in your first house he can make you somehow โ€œlargerโ€. This has a good side. Do you want to be noticed? Or be pregnant? But it also can go the other way. Do you want your enemies to notice you? Become a bigger target? Gain a spare tire?

Look at the condition of Jupiter in your natal chart anyway, and of the planets heโ€™s magnifying by aspect. And look at what aspects transiting Jupiter makes to other planets in your chart too.

2. (The reader also has also had a bereavement.) Jupiter is associated with death in my opinion. You often see a Jupiter transit when someone dies. More often than a Saturn or Pluto transit. These latter show one grimly carrying on, but Jupiter shows a release beyond the boundary.

I also believe that a Jupiter death is probably lovely for the one departing.

3. Jupiter is squaring Neptune this year. This is boundlessness to the power of 10. Super-duper boundlessness. Again, this might be great: real spiritual or artistic breakthrough and awakening; the potential for washing clean long-held wounds is enormous. Or it might be awful: a feeling of disintegrating, a loss of proper boundaries, a reversion to drug dependency, that kind of loss of control.

4. The Full Moon in June brought all this out & we’re then crashing into the eclipses but that’s another story.

5. Jupiter goes direct in August, and you should feel the beneficial side of this transit more than the tragic side after that.

6. It may help you to look back at previous Jupiter transits to see how it worked for you. Although, of course, each time is different, you may see some themes emerging.

That’s for starters.

Here’s more on Jupiter and Death, written when I was still being kind about David Cameron.

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  1. Lisa says:

    At first I was sceptical, but I just looked up the date of when my grandmother, my mother’s mum, died; it was around the time of my Jupiter return in the 8th house. And on the same day, Mars was exactly conjunct my mother’s and my sister’s natal Jupiter (they have the same Jupiter) and sextile my father’s Jupiter!

  2. Vesta says:

    I’ve been watching this for a while. For starters, I’m still trying to shift the Jupiter weight I gained when it crossed my Libra AC and went through my 1st house. It’s so stubborn! Jupiter is in my 3rd house now and it’s not gone yet! grrrr. I was thinking maybe it didn’t help when Jupiter transited Scorpio and it conjunct my sun and trined my natal jupiter. I’m not normally one for sugar, I’ve always preferred salt, but I’ve really been into sugar during this time. I’ll get my discipline back soon, I hope.
    But to be fair, I’ve had a tough time of it. I was watching an Eckhart Tolle video yesterday about karma which I want to understand, and he talked about accelerated awakening. I hadn’t heard the term before but that’s me for sure. It’s been very hard! I did learn that I can ask the Universe or whatever to slow it down so it’s more comfortable, which worked. It’s been going so fast, I’ve barely kept up. I’ve got his books, it feels like by the time I’m settled enough to read them, I’ll be looking back to understand. I’m reaching that point now, I think, not sure, things are still turbulent but in a good way. Positive changes are happening. It does feel like loss of control, but I learned you can do it in a way that’s your choice, you can choose to surrender. It takes faith to know you’re heading in the right direction. You have to trust. (hope that helps someone)
    Jupiter square Neptune. Transiting Neptune is trine my natal neptune/sun-moon midpoint, so it could be that too, more spiritual growth than I know what to do with.
    Jupiter in the mid degrees of Sag is triggering my t-square. It’s conjunct my venus/mars in Sag, which square uranus/pluto in virgo, and Saturn in pisces. Like I said, turbulent. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    Ooh jupiter conjunct venus is nice though, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚ Jupiter is conjunct my MC so it’s quite an important planet for me, plus I have a Sag stellium and a Pisces one, so that’s rather a lot of jupiter.
    I haven’t had a Jupiter transit and bereavement, but I’ve seen astrologers look at charts of famous people who just died and Jupiter appears quite often.

  3. roman says:

    Jupiter needs to be in sect to be helpful so it would be if it was a daytime birthchart

  4. Lorrie Underwood says:

    I lost my dad at my first Jupiter return!

    • H. says:

      I have Jupiter at 0 degrees Aquarius. In 1997, I lost my father (Aquarius, heart attack); in 2009, another close relative (Capricorn); and in 2021, yet another close relative (Aquarius, heart attack). In all three cases, Jupiter had just entered Aquarius.
      Only one relative died when Jupiter was NOT in Aquarius, i.e. during my Jupiter return.

  5. Catriona Mundle says:

    Jupiter means inflation – OTT – and Neptune no boundaries, or seduction, dreams and fantasies which can be insidious. More Saturn required. But Saturn – established checks and balances – is breaking down, displaying cracks, conjunct S Node. Self aggrandising politicians, lies legitimised when crowdfunded cases against Boris for lying are thrown out of court and lying is legitimised as long as perpetrator has dramatic value and public is seduced by narrative appeal. At this moment telecom companies are launching a take over bid for our planet with 5 G, including a network of satellites which will impedite and disrupt weather forecasting and indeed astronomy and any kind of space travel, not to mention its genocidal function of damaging DNA, mitochondria, sperm, ova – life itself in fact, animal vegetable and mineral, for even the microbes so essential for agriculture and the human biome will be damaged. I think of Indra’s web, such a poetic metaphor and entirely appropriate for Jupiter Neptune, in taking shape in a poisonous demonic and destructive form. Yes Jupiter in a death chart signifies a beatific departure and release, but 5G heralds the departure and release of life as we know it within a few generations, and in species which reproduce faster than humans this will come sooner. The ‘heavens’ – or sublunary heavens, our atmosphere – are being tainted by aluminium and weapons grade microwaves and who knows what else. Our oceans are also being poisoned chemically and electronically by military sonar. More Saturn, more love of the earth, less megalomania about take overs of space are urgently required. Apologies to any who are not familiar with the facts and have been lulled into false security about such things like assurances that radiation falls within the govt’s ‘safety limits’ – a government which is being paid, and which has conspiciously avoided familiarising itself with any scientifically peer reviewed studies or indeed sponsoring its own studies. Those people might care to watch some of the many youtube clips on the subject, e.g. Dr Barrie Trower. This is Jupiter as delusions of grandeur and megalomania.

  6. Gilly says:

    This chimes deeply with me. My natal Jupiter’s in Sag, conjunct Venus, trine Uranus. You’d think that would be lovely. I’m not sure it’s ever been lucky for me.

    Looking back at your David Cameron piece, I see I commented anonymously:
    I was on my Jupiter return when my mother died… Saturn was conjunct Pluto.Despite having a well placed and aspected Jupiter, Iโ€™ve never found it brings good fortune, often quite the opposite.

    In 2013, I had an almost-exact mirror of what I described above: Jupiter opposed my natal Jupiter, Pluto was conjunct natal Saturn, and my elderly father had a fall, and – after 4 months of extraordinary misery – he died.

    Right now, I have Saturn and Pluto hovering over my natal Sun and I have Jupiter return again.
    Imagine my joy…

    I am genuinely very worried about what this might bring, considering past ‘form’. I’ve been quite ill, and just had a serious health problem diagnosed – that has disappeared on subsequent tests. I’m waiting for further (deeply unpleasant) tests to try to see what’s going on. It’s all a bit of a worry – and the astrology really isn’t helping!

    • Christina says:

      Oh Gilly — I’m sorry to hear that. One of the other reasons I was thinking about Jupiter was because of a client’s story. Like you, she was born under a Jupiter Venus conjunction in the fourth. Hers also included Neptune. Now you’d think that would mean a beautiful childhood (perhaps with too much alcohol admittedly), but in fact the opposite was true. Her parents were unbounded, unruly, unkind…

      • Gilly says:

        Your poor client. So many of my friends have had miserable childhoods and it really does leave deep scars. My childhood was lovely, my parents were everything I could have wanted, my extended family kind, generous, happy. The only planet I have in the 4th is Pluto. Go figure. ๐Ÿ™‚ My Jupiter/Venus are in 6th.

        • Vesta says:

          My natal Jupiter is conjunct my MC, which is considered lucky. But it can also mean you burn yourself out at a young age, which is true for me, no thanks to my awful childhood and subsequent workaholism. That’s not lucky by any stretch of the imagination.
          I am sorry to hear of your health issues and am sending you lots of love, Gilly <3 ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Rachel Dalley says:

    Jupiter rules long journeys, makes sense to me, death being the longest journey of all.

  8. CosmicFawn says:

    Jupiter return in the 5th. 5th house stellium, natal Neptune conj Natal S node. Also home to vertex and Uranus… On a scale of one to ten, one being the least jarring, what would you give it? Hmm maybe I should get a reading.

  9. Denise says:

    Interesting – thanks for this. At her passing, my mother was at the tail end of her third Saturn return, but also had transiting Jupiter opposed her natal Jupiter and conjunct vertex and part of fortune. My father passed at the very tail end of a Pluto conjunct natal Sun transit, and transiting Jupiter was conjunct Uranus and square his natal Sun. He passed at home with a smile on his face. Oh, and June 25 was his birthday.

  10. Denise says:

    Last comment was a bit ambiguous – my father had transiting Jupiter conjunct transiting Uranus and both square natal Sun.

  11. Severne says:

    This one hits home. I have that square but Jupiter is in Pisces and Neptune in Sagittarius. Both are in mutual reception and rule my Pisces sun. Jupiter rules my IC and NN. Iโ€™m basically pushing through/swimming along a tough remodel/relocation. And while the vision/project is achievable, the circumstances are just very neptunian and the expansion has been put on hold to focus on the basics. I had to fire a contractor that just wanted to inflate the project.
    Jupiter rx on the 3rd has meant good neighbors reaching out to help (one lovely foreign lady). And the sense of community has felt expanded in a way.
    Since 3rd and 6th houses are involved, my mind is overwhelmed processing it all to make decisions.

  12. 44 and counting says:

    I have Jupiter-Neptune square Sun-Moon-Venus.

    What I’ve come to realise about my life is that I always had boundless expectations that I could go out and achieve stuff. Not to say I could become Prime Minister or be an Oscar winner; but if I’d decided to become a politician or an actor nothing would have stopped me from giving it my best shot and going for it. I go all-in at whatever I try.

    But what I’ve come to see in other people – especially Brits; is how much they hold themselves back. They’ll talk themselves out of stuff before they even give it a try. Or when they do try something, it’s done half-heartedly. Or when they hit a stumbling block, they won’t try a different approach.

    I think this is part of why Jupiter is seen as a ‘lucky’ transit. Because it buoys up people to give things a go. They get presented with opportunities they’d usually miss, or just mentally block out.

    On the other hand, my life has usually been better under Saturn transits. Because they get me to stop exploring the possibilities; and also to set better boundaries so that I’m not expecting as much out of other people who can’t be positive and expansive. That Jupiter-Neptune is in 7th-8th !

  13. Alice says:

    Dear Christina, I totally agree. I would recommend research on this subject by Capricorn Astrology blog author!