August Asteroids

Thursday August 15th 2019

Taking a quick look at what the asteroids are up to at the moment. Juno, Pallas, Ceres and Vesta move slowly enough to have serious impact, and quickly enough to be entertaining. Getting to know your asteroids adds a little turmeric and chili, ginger and garlic to your horoscopic stew.

Especially relevant for some signs, of course.

Some ideas to ponder when it comes to social contracts…

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  1. AquarianMoon says:

    Fascinating tidbits for the Fixed signs in most of these. Kind of picks up o the themes of the L/A Nodal axis we had recently and def resonates for the C/C Nodal axis we are currently in.

    You have me thinking about whats gonna be the tone once these asteroids actually do shift sign, because Pallas going from Libra to Scorpio would definitely strike *me* as when the genteel soft power negotiations are over and the shadowy dealings of counter-intelligence really start to ramp up. And conversely, when the forensic accountants are called in!

    Coincidentally [*raised eyebrow*] with the shift of Juno from Leo to Virgo, I was just ruminating on the way America has begun to be coached to view public service as a sucker’s bet stoked by the current political right as opposed to the more solid Reganites and others of yore during the post war/Cold War era — when did military service become the more lauded heir and public service the black sheep? When did America stop admiring The Story of Cincinnatus? I mean, I have a fair guess it was the American Civil Religion meets post-9/11 paranoia that has made a new generation of Americans who never known an America that wasn’t at war or proxy war of ‘engagement’ somewhere on the globe but the Trump era frothing at F#x News has perplexed me. I suppose my Aqu NN predisposes me to mull this public vs military service question more than most.

    Now with Ceres in Sag going into Capricorn do we suppose that there will be more pressure on ^corporate^ responsibility? Scientists have recently published now the precise number of trees humans need to plant to effectively mitigate carbon and other greenhouse gases to really grapple with climate change.

    Vesta in Taurus to Gemini is gonna be especially interesting given how global society has really bloomed onto the trellis of the information superhighway [does anyone remember when *that* was the hot new buzzword? i feel old, time is a flat circle] … maybe we have the slightest chance of tamping down on propaganda and the disinformation that is Fake News being weaponized???