Astrology of Now: The Law

Wednesday September 25th 2019
The scales of justice

Statue of Justice with sword and scales

Well, yesterday was quite the day for the law and democracy on both sides of the Atlantic.

In London, the Supreme Court found that the government, and therefore Prime Minister Boris Johnson had broken the law when it suspended parliament. In fact, Judge Hale said that legally the “prorogation” did not happen. So parliament is back in business today.

In the US, top democrat Nancy Pelosi has finally started an impeachment enquiry against Trump.

“No one is above the law,”  she said.

Both these legal decisions will have long-term effects on the law in both countries. The British Supreme Court has set a new precedent: the government cannot ignore parliament. And in the States, impeaching the president will have massive legal implications for future presidencies.

So what’s happening in the sky?

Chart drawn up for noon in UK

Well, I’ve been waiting for a while for the law to be enforced, since Saturn represents rules and regulations and he’s coming to deal with Pluto’s ravaging of our democracies. But Saturn only just turned direct last week — and that’s when things started moving. Saturn is also about reaping what you sow, of course.

“It was a day where the system began to work.” – presidential historian Jon Meacham on MSNBC. That’s Saturn in Capricorn.

Ceres, as my colleague Faye Blake Cossar has shown, seems to be involved with the idea of democracy, and the goddess of abundance is currently in a slow conjunction (exact 25 October) with Jupiter, the planet associated with courts.

Note that both Johnson and Trump are Sun Gemini, so this conjunction opposes their Suns by sign.

Furthermore, the Sun has just entered the sign of legal decisions, weighing the evidence, hearing both sides of the argument — Libra. Both Venus and Mercury are also in Libra — working co-operatively and having discussions. Note that both these decisions were arrived at by groups. There are 11 judges on the British Supreme Court and they reached a unanimous decision that the government had broken the law. Pelosi’s decision was also reached in committee.

I’m curious also that Lilith and Neptune are making a conjunction which will last few days. That conjunction sextiles Saturn-Pluto. Brace yourself for a tidal wave of fake news, hysteria, attempts to change the discourse and lies.

Expect more drama as Saturn rejoins the South Node, and Pluto turns direct in early October.

Pass the popcorn.

(On a personal note. Two police detectives knocked at the door yesterday, here to investigate thefts that took place in May and June. So the long arm of the law even reached into my world.)

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  1. Faye Blake says:

    Thanks for mentioning my blog Christina – indeed fascinating to see what happens and Ceres meetings do appear to show what happens – 2 of the relevant posts for dates if you are interested are ‘Brexit all at sea’ and ‘Democracy strikes back’. Two interesting dates for her are 9th Oct when she squares Neptune again and indeed when she and Jupiter are conjunct just before the brexit deadline. Yes USA on the same path – thanks for bringing those together – not getting much work done here! A big fan of Lady Hale and her black outfit with Tarantula brooch! Acting out the Pluto of the Supreme Court which is exactly on Boris’s Ceres. Love astrology!

  2. Rachel Shelton says:

    Hi Christina – I was waiting impatiently for one of your excellent takes on the current situation, and I wasn’t disappointed! Thank you! Yesterday was one when I think many people like you and I heaved a sigh of relief, although I think we are a long way from resolving the situation, and I still worry about what will happen at the end of next month, particularly as my son is resident in Spain.

    I also wonder about my own 2nd Saturn return next January (Saturn in Capricorn conjunct my Jupiter – yippee!) . Life has become harder over the past 12 months since my elder sister died and my elderly mother’s health has deteriorated – so I appear to be feeling the weight of Saturn already…

    • Christina says:

      That does sound very Saturnian.

      Another important court case resolved yesterday was actually in Spain. The courts have given permission for Franco’s body to be exhumed and removed from the fancy mausoleum where it now.

  3. Denise says:

    Thanks for this. As it all came down yesterday, I was wondering if you had any more thoughts on Pallas, as discussed in your recent podcast. Wikipedia mentions her weaving competition with Arachne (spider brooch). And now today, more than even yesterday, Ms. Pelosi is showing her warrior side.

    • Christina says:

      Aha — yes indeed. I note that Baroness Hale has a Pallas-Lilith conjunction in Libra! in the midst of a stellium. That works with a spider brooch. She is one of the Fates.

      As for Pallas now in Scorpio, I do think there’s a certain amount of ruthless, calculated reckoning in all this. The goddess of wisdom now has Scorpionic focus.

  4. sb says:

    You may see things differently once you realise that the so-called justice system is not about justice – it is about winning. You can be in the right, yet still lose.

    Even Trump said he is not worried about breaking the rules, only what the judge thinks! A variation of Stalins not worried about how the vote goes, but who is counting.

  5. Faye Blake says:

    Looks like that Neptune Ceres square is true to form – although it is exact tomorrow it is very close today as it seems ( but do we really know with Neptune) that Angela Merkel has put any deal to rest. Various speculation as to what she really said and what Boris said is apparently not the European line – confusion all round but also a deal perhaps vanishing into thin air? with Neptune you can never tell.