Baroness Hale’s Spider Brooch

Wednesday September 25th 2019

Baroness Brenda Hale, head of the Supreme Court, delivered the devastating verdict on the government’s attempt at prorogation, yesterday.

Her language was exceptionally clear and easy for even the most unlearned friend to understand.

Also she looks like a sweet grandma out of a story book but she wears a giant spider on her left shoulder. Does that sound like an archetype to you?

She really is rocking the Pluto meets Saturn look here. So I had to look at her chart — just quickly.

I don’t have a birth time, of course, but ladies & gents, take a look at her stellium in Capricorn. Pluto is right on her Mercury now, she’s having a nodal return and her Mars is snugly in there too. Mercury-Mars is often a sign of a very incisive, quick mind. Combine that with a Virgo Moon and you get a mind like a steel trap.

Yesterday the Moon was on her Pluto in Leo! And is there any item of jewellery more Plutonic yet showy than that brooch?

She’s also having her second Chiron half-Return — to the degree — which squares her Saturn in Cancer. That’s interesting. She certainly appears to be righting a wrong, and laying down some rules about it.

And anyone who thought Venus in Pisces had to be all mermaid floatiness needs to think again. I expect she’s an extremely charming woman when necessary.

I wonder if I could get her to cast a spell for me?

A natal chart of Lady Hale

No birth time

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  1. antonia monson says:

    Very interesting -I’m fascinated by that stellium in Libra too-what could be more appropriate for a Justice! One personal thing – as a Plutonian, I dislike spiders automatically being correlated with Pluto as I’m phobic about them. I believe they are considered an ancient symbol of the Great Mother and can see the connection,but as they are kind of land-crabs, so to speak, I wonder if they might also be connected with Cancer ,another primeval sign.

  2. Sarah says:

    Spiders eat the Male.

  3. Jane says:

    Asteroid Arachne, weaver and Greek for ‘spider’ is at 18 Cancer at the moment. She aligns with Lady Hale’s South Node in Cancer. Asteroid Atropus, named for the oldest one of the three Fates, is at 17 Aries now, squaring that nodal axis. Mythological Atropus carries “shears” with which to cut the thread of life. Lady Hale is noted for keeping two pairs of scissors on her desk, a habit that’s fascinated observers! The Fates were said to operate outside the realms of both the gods, and human beings….. Mercury was busy passing through 14-17 legal Libra between 23 and 25 September, bringing these images of spider and scissors out into the media. Astrology eh?

  4. S.J. Hunt says:

    Fascinating! I have often wondered about stelliums and whether having one is a benefit or a burden? I speak as somone who has a stellium in Leo in the 2nd and whose daughter has a stellium in Taurus in the 5th. We are both each other’s mirror and nemesis.

    • Christina says:

      I know that particular Leo-Taurus dynamic well, since I live with them! As for stellium, both burden and talent. Donna Cunningham has a good discussion about this on her website, which I believe is still up.

  5. AquarianMoon says:

    Just look at that Libra stellium!!! 5, count em, 5 placements! Combined with those Capricorn placements, its no wonder she chose law as a profession.


    Perhaps her love of the spider brooch is an affectionate connection (either personal or with a grandchild’s) awe of the spider in the film “Charlotte’s Web”. As a Scorpio Ascendant with Pluto/Leo connecting my sunsign Neptune in a yod, I always protect spiders and feel an affinity with them. There’s always a positive explanation folks.