What Astrologers Are Saying About The UK December Election

Wednesday December 11th 2019

This picture of a sick little boy on the floor in Leeds hospital, which went viral this week, sums up an election where harsh Saturn opposes the nation’s Moon — the people, the children.

What a lousy election. What a lousy choice. Still, there’s always astrology to ding around with while the old structures crumble around our ears during this Pluto-Saturn cheek-to-cheek.

A Void of Course Moon in Gemini on the night means, traditionally, it ain’t goin’ nowhere — nothing will come of it. Furthermore, Saturn in Capricorn will be opposing the UK Moon: the people will be the losers either way.

As usual astrologers are divided in their predictions, but I note there are far fewer this time around. Maybe everyone’s as disgusted as I am. Here’s a round-up of astrologers willing to stick their necks out. If you know of any other predictions, please link them in comments.

In a very complete overview, Capricorn Astrology Research points out that the leader with the best chart on the day of the election is Brexit panjandrum Nigel Farage. But he says a hung parliament is likely and adds, “Farage and Johnson being the fools that they are could split the fascist vote and Corbyn, on the back of a good personal campaign would make a deal with Swinson and Sturgeon to hold two referendums, one for Brexit and another for Scotland.  This uneasy truce is unlikely to last long, and it won’t  give Corbyn enough support to truly govern in the way that he would like, given that it would be the barest of minority coalition numbers, but at the moment Capricorn Research would take that scenario. Whatever happens, the Full Void of Course Moon on December 12th doesn’t look like saving us from a winter of discontent.”

Elizabeth Hathway has also written a very interesting piece. She takes Venus, the UK chart ruler, as her starting point. She goes for a slender Conservative win, but not enough to do much.

Smiljana Gavrancic at astro.com wrote a thorough piece too, looking at all the leaders’ horoscopes, plus the Queen’s chart and the UK chart as well as the chart for the election, plus solar arcs. It’s an interesting read in itself. She says the opposition looks strong and Johnson will probably have to make a coalition.

Paul Saunders, only on his Facebook page, predicts a hard swing to the right. Mark Cullen, moderator at the excellent traditional astrology website Skyscript, also went for a Conservative slam-dunk..

Marjorie Orr is pithy as ever — and sees confusion, disillusionment and an indecisive result.

Traditional astrologer Peter Stockinger comes to the same conclusion using different methodology. He thinks a possible slender Tory majority but not enough to govern.

Faye Cossar takes a helicopter view of the whole question.

For what it’s worth, I think we often ask the wrong question in mundane astrology eg who will win the election?  I remember back in 2015 — was it only four years ago? — wondering why both David Cameron and the opposition leader Ed Miliband looked like losers. The only winner I could pick back then was Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish Nationalists.  It turned out that Miliband lost that election, Cameron resigned in less than a year — and Sturgeon is still with us.

A better question might be: how will this election affect the country?

Still to this election, wiping the tears from my eyes. I’m viewing this as a test of different approaches, since, after all, we’ll know the result fairly soon so this is just an exercise.

Looking only at the close of polls chart for 10pm on the night of the election. It looks like the incumbents do not win a majority, the opposition (whoever that is) look stronger. But the opposition may be an amorphous coalition of some kind — including Brexit, Greens, Lib-Dems, Welsh, Irish and Scottish Nats, Independents and Labour. Furthermore, whoever gets in doesn’t last long, so there may have to be another election in 2020. Here’s why.

• If you look at this as a straight contest chart. The ASC is the incumbents, which means you need to look at Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, which is in fall in Sagittarius — so that looks bad for the Tories. Pisces on the DESC is the opposition. Neptune is strongly placed — and could be idealistic but disorganised., Pisces other ruler Jupiter is not so cheerful on the IC and in Capricorn. So this scenario looks messy. This is the method I prefer. Since “the opposition” is just as likely to be a coalition as the actual Labour Party, I think you’d need to look deeper into more charts.

• But some astrologers use the MC/IC axis instead. In which case, you get Venus as the ruler of the incumbent Tories besieged by Pluto and Saturn — nasty — and Scorpio on the IC with Mars in Scorpio. So the opposition looks very strong. I’d be surprised if that were the case, but we shall see.

• Void of course Moon promises nothing will come out of this election. But the very late degree of this Moon could indicate that we are finally in the end game of this Brexit fandango. That would fit with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the upcoming eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer.

So there we have a test of IC/MC vs ASC/DESC. This chart is not as dramatic as the referendum chart, which had Pluto rising.

For more details on leaders’ charts and so on, take a look at Capricorn Research, Smiljana Gavrancic, Marjorie Orr, Mark Cullen or Elizabeth Hathway. And see what you think the outcome will be.

And as for that question: how will this election affect the country? Well, look to Saturn in Capricorn precisely opposing the UK Moon, which represents the people. If we don’t grow up or we’re prevented from growing up, we’ll suffer some more. So get out there and do your duty… even if you have to hold your nose.

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  1. Tom Snood says:

    For what it’s worth, in uk astrology group, Lynn Holt (I hope she won’t mind me reporting on her behalf) using conventional horary, and I (contest chart) arrived at the same conclusion, narrow tory majority needing support from elements of the opposition.
    Liz Hathaway seems more gung ho for a Boris win
    It would be good to see a regular site of this sort to record predictions (maybe with a more objective commentary!)

  2. Alan says:

    Thanks Christina for this review. I have been canvassing this election and yes, everyone feels we are faced with a lousy choice. The parties have played, gaslit and lied to the electorate, and the main party leaders are both utterly contemptible in completely different ways. The campaigns have all been risible and press coverage has been lame.

    Perhaps the astrology is saying simply that people will be holding their noses tomorrow as they vote for the least nauseating turd!

  3. Vesta says:

    A “lousy choice” for you, but as a sick/disabled person, life or death for me. If it’s too hard to care about the most vulnerable and vote for the “lousy choice”, then there’s a whole list of things we lost under the Tories to chose from, not least our future. It can’t be a “lousy choice” to want to tackle climate change. The Labour party has the best Green policies, they collaborated with the Green party to develop them and it has been 11 years in the making.
    If you’re still voting for personality over policy, then don’t. The shallow shiny days of neoliberalism are over. We’re voting for politicians now, not RADA-trained stuffed shirts. Times have changed but some are holding on to the past. That’s not disgust I’m seeing, it’s resistance/avoidance. We don’t have time to wait for people to get it. The changes we need to make will be made anyway. The battles we need to fight have already started. If Tories win tomorrow, the battles will be bitter and harder. If Labour win, or even if we have a hung parliament, then we have the wind at our backs and we can get going. I don’t understand how that’s a lousy choice.
    To the person in the comments who is trying to ‘both sides’ lying in the campaign, only the Tories did that. 88% of their ads have been found to be misleading. 0% for Labour.
    I take astrology predictions for elections with a big pinch of salt. I remember being desperate for the Tories to go as soon as they got in, especially when I realised my life was under threat. There was one article you wrote on Cameron. I hung on every word. But it didn’t come to pass. The astrology was terrible for him. And yet it didn’t seem to touch him.
    I have seen that for others too. The astrology can look extreme and dire, you’re almost expecting thunderbolts from the sky. And nothing. Nothing happens to them. I have uranus opposite my sun, had it for my birthday, got it for the year ahead. Nothing.
    The most important sentence here is the last one: ‘If we don’t grow up or we’re prevented from growing up, we’ll suffer some more. So get out there and do your duty… even if you have to hold your nose.’
    How do I make that huge letters and bold and drop a disco ball around it. Absolutely 100% that. ^^
    Because as I look ahead, I don’t see us returning to the lazy hazy days of the 1990s when things seemed alright. We were watching Friends, had money to go out, pay the rent etc etc and still treat ourselves. We were comfortable, things were ticking along ok.
    As I look ahead I see climate change getting worse. We’re not going to tackle that if we divide ourselves up with boundaries, borders, all the various parties, etc etc. We have to unite and cooperate. Not just in our communities but on a wider scale, across the country, the continent, and around the world. Secretive China will have to get over their secrecy, for instance. Not gonna work.
    The division, as we look ahead, is fear-based or love-based. Fear of change, fear of not enough, fear of ‘coming over here eating our food’, ‘growing all the food and not sharing it with us’. Or ‘there’s plenty for everyone, but we have to organise ourselves better, cooperate, learn to share’, ‘we have to look after climate refugees’, ‘we’re climate refugees please will you help’.
    There’s a book due next year about climate change and how it’s likely to affect global politics. eg no point having wars in the middle east if everyone’s switched to renewables. And what happens to Saudi Arabia if we all stop relying on oil. And maybe being nicer to Russia isn’t a bad idea considering they may have the best climate for growing the world’s food.
    As we look ahead, we need peacekeepers, not warmongers in nice suits looking rich. As for looking rich, the system is broken if a handful of people can take your money and call it personal success.
    A hung parliament is still a transformational parliament. We can start making the most important changes so at least people can stop dying at such an incredible rate.
    Yes to this – ‘the opposition (whoever that is) look stronger. But the opposition may be an amorphous coalition of some kind — including Brexit, Greens, Lib-Dems, Welsh, Irish and Scottish Nats, Independents and Labour’
    If we could unite behind the largest party, we’d outnumber the Tories. But no, we’re scattered to the four winds. Cos that’s helpful. 🙁
    Personally, I’m feeling that mars in Scorpio very much. But I agree with you, I don’t see it for Labour even though, yes, they are very strong. I’d love to stand corrected though! Labour manifesto is inspired. It’s the paradigm shift everyone’s been predicting, basically. Age of Aquarius. But I know how bad the Tory disinformation campaign has been, I know how gaslit people are, the narratives that have become core beliefs. That’s not going to change yet even though it needs to and is going to eventually, unless the human race ends before then in which case it’s a moot point. But you never know. People can surprise you.
    I’ve got a bottle of bubbles in the fridge to celebrate or commiserate tomorrow. If the Tories win, I don’t know if I survive to the next election, just as I haven’t known every election since Cameron was PM. Living day to day like this is hard to describe. It’s a terrifying way to be. So I make no apologies for my tone or anything. I’m not kidding about it being life or death and it saddens me that people are still so neoliberal and still haven’t got their social conscience back yet, their sense of society. That has to return because that’s how we’re going to tackle climate change, all of us together, not off in our separate corners.

  4. Michael Bunn says:

    If only people could give up the habit of a lifetime (forced upon us by the media) and instead of obsessing about the party leaders, actually consider the policies that their parties are presenting.
    It has already been proven that if you ask people in the street whether they like the policies included in the Labour manifesto (without mentioning the party), everyone will approve. But just mention that they are Labour policies and everyone will go “Oh, no, Corbyn, yuck.”
    Because the media’s vicious, unremitting smear campaign – particularly regarding anti-Semitism in the party, when the data actually show that there is no more anti-Semitism in Labour than any other party, or society in general, sadly – has succeeded in destroying Corbyn’s image in the eyes of many people.
    But it’s not even about Corbyn, it’s about socialism – the people who control the newspapers don’t want any kind of socialism to be reintroduced into British politics, and they certainly don’t want the general populace to start believing that it’s possible to make a better country via these ideas. So 90% of the media attack the messenger, the leader of the party, which means that nobody has to even think about the party’s policies.
    The same has happened to Pablo Iglesias, leader of the slightly left-wing Podemos party where I live in Spain. Smear and destroy the leaders, and thus the party’s reputation and credibility.
    Hold your nose, indeed.
    Until we develop some political sophistication, we will be doomed to live in austerity forever. That’s all, rant over, happy Christmas!

  5. CatLover says:

    Vesta, thank you so much for your heartfelt comment. I’ve felt so so disheartened over the last few years. I am seeing the true colours of so many people within their ‘back boris’ slogans. As someone who has greatly suffered under the policies of the govt, I am immigrant, my partner lost their PIP due to the cruel DWP, my friends are struggling to pay their rent and eat food due to bedroom tax, I can understand, this is a life/death situation for many.

    People who have a certain level of privilege/income may be safe from Tory policies and say they are “politically homeless” but many 1000s have been made homeless due to the cruelty of the Tories. I am too scared to hope for any sort of letting up from the clasp of Tory rule. Just don’t want a Tory outright majority, with Priti Patel as Home Sec, we are well and truly f***d, and may not even have much of the planet left with another 5 years of Johnson in charge. it’ll be the highway to hell.

  6. Lena says:

    Well many of them were wrong about a hung parliament. Saturn pluto was enough for me to conclude that it would be a significant swing to the right and a strengthening of the harshness of Saturn in capricorn. As as a Cap born on Jan 13th I’m picking this up in my own life but am not going into a melt down over it.
    The global story reflects this shift too and . 2020 to 25 will feel like the end of the world until pluto enters aquarius. Sad but necessary for a global rebuild on new foundations. Nature and the cosmos doesn’t care one iota about the earthlings’ suffering. It has a job to do and is putting the most vile people in place to do it. Just my take on it as an intuitive, social scientist and a student of astrology.

  7. Christina says:

    Lena, I’m afraid you are right. This is Saturn-Pluto at work bringing the whole system down — and it is heartless.

    I think Mark Cullen is closest in his analysis. But, as with the Trump election, no one, unless already politically inclined that way, takes any pleasure in predicting a win for the hard right. The close of polls chart only gives part of the story, and does not, no matter how you parse it, show the size of the Tory win — unless you compare it to Johnson’s natal chart — in which case the Moon’s directly on his Sun-Venus. It also does not work if you read the MC/IC axis. However, it clearly shows the potential for cruelty ahead, which is very depressing. It will also be interesting to see this VOC Moon work out. Johnson’s popularity may be short-lived — a year or a month, using the rule of one degree.

    Personally, this Conservative victory saddens me a great deal: for the people who have already been so badly affected by the years of austerity, for the loss of our European citizenship, for the country’s reputation, for the NHS, for the climate, but also for something else, the end of a particular understanding of what it means to be a citizen of this country, and of certain dreams for the future. Truth, integrity, patriotism, respect and honour — all were cast aside in this despicable election. And along the way, the famous British sense of humour got lost too.

  8. 44 and counting says:

    Overall as a Mars/NN in Aqua 10th saddened by this result but like Lena accepting it as what the universe is promoting. It’s readying us for a Pluto in Aqua period which I’ve always felt will be about people taking local stuff into their own hands. You already see it with litter picks, community-run libraries etc, etc.

    Astrologically I think we underestimate the presence of Uranus in the me-me-me signs of Aries and Taurus. Signs that want immediate gratification, not to be thinking about others, or strategically, or of Aquarian/Piscean utopias of what’s best for us all. Seems to be the hallmark of this election. Many people VOTING NOW who will MOAN LATER when NHS can’t help them, children’s school is asking for money, council cuts more services etc, etc.

    As an aside, I’ve been wondering why Geminis have been coming to the forefront in so many areas and my guess is that it’s because its where Aries-Taurus evolve to. Geminis appear like they understand the world and can communicate that me-me-me energy. In the end, integrity and honesty are things you need for successful relationships – Aries-Taurus-Gemini are not relationship signs so they don’t understand the importance of those things.

    Christina – I’m sure you’ve tackled it before but astrologically what does this say for the future of the United Kingdom itself? Scotland may vote for independence, Ireland will could go back to terrorising the mainland and wanting reunification, if Brexit brings in borders. There’s always been astro talk that Charles won’t be king, or that William’s chart suggests he’s the end of the monarchy. Would be interested in your analysis if you should feel inclined.

  9. Eleonora says:

    @ Vesta

    I also didn’t see it as a “lousy choice”. In fact, none of the Germans (or continental Europeans in general) I know, did. There is obviously a huge gap between how Labour is perceived at home and abroad. Hello tricky Neptune in Pisces. Sadly, while I do not believe that Jeremy Corbyn is some sort of british Willy Brandt, his election might have had a similar impact on the UK, as Willy’s did on Germany.

    Btw, the last weekend I witnessed firsthand a swing to the left among the german social democrats, announcing an end to Merkels age of austerity. It would have been great, if we had got an opportunity to work with the Labour, shaping the plans for the Green New Deal and ending the austerity in the EU. But that’s an alternative history / future, the actual realty is odd. If the UK was the Campbell’s Hero, it just failed the second test. And it might take a while for it, to find it’s way again. And in the process, it might become something completely different.

  10. Christina says:

    @44 I’ve just posted a short piece on this subject.

  11. Christina says:

    @Vesta 🙁
    I am sending you a virtual hug. So sorry.

  12. Isy says:

    I notice that most planets are below the horizon, and only dreamy/delusional Neptune, painful teacher Chiron with chaotic Uranus in the 9th house of big lessons, homey-or-sacrificial Vesta, emotional/populist (it is a vote, after all) Moon, and — perhaps most chillingly — fateful North Node just coming into the collective’s 11th house in clutching Cancer.

    It’s like the UK is getting a hell of a paddling for not learning its lessons as a people.

    As an American, I say this with a whole world of sympathy and fellow-feeling.

  13. Christina says:

    @Isy yes

  14. Vesta says:

    Thank you for the virtual hug. Much appreciated 🙂
    Thank you to everyone for your support too. Solidarity. xx
    In the face of the rise of the right, there needs to be an alliance of the centre and left. Personally, I think we can do away with any division on our side and stand together. We’re going to have to as we look ahead and tackle climate change.
    Hope this posts, I’m having trouble today for some reason.

  15. […] I used for that article was of the angel of death. It’s also worth revisiting some of the predictions by other astrologers about the election, since those too make more sense in the current crisis. Note the picture I chose […]