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Wednesday January 22nd 2020
Michelle Pfeiffer really does have Lilith in Aries at 9°. (That's the Mean Lilith).

A cat bursting out of the bag: Michelle Pfeiffer really does have Lilith in Aries at 9°. (That’s the Mean Lilith).

In a few days time, January 27, Lilith, that strange mathematical point in the sky — an empty space, an idea, a void? — shifts into the realm of Aries, where she might burst into flame.  

Her first contact will be Chiron, the centaur who weaves the outer and inner planets together, so often the place of a wound that cannot heal. These two will be meeting on the IC, the root, of the US chart during or just after the impeachment hearings.

From her position in Aries, Lilith will make tough aspects to the powerhouse stellium in Capricorn (Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn), although this may need to be triggered by faster moving planets. The Sun and Mercury will oblige in April, and the Moon will have a go once a month until she leaves Aries in October.

Last time Lilith was in Aries was 2011, the year of the uprisings across the Arab world. Those were, of course, associated with the rebel planet Uranus’ presence in Aries, the sign of the individual, making tough aspects to Pluto in Capricorn. In the end, Pluto won that skirmish. Government forces — including secret police, mass arrests, dirty money, illegal detention and general oppression — won that round. 

Things are stirring in Aries again this year. Mars will be there, in his own sign for an unusually long time — from June 28 until next January. Mars, the planet of bravery, foolhardiness, strength,  physical power, aggression and anger, is strengthened here. Last time he and Lilith met in Aries was also in 2011, when there was a triple conjunction — Uranus, Lilith and Mars at 1° Aries in early April.

This year, 2020, Mars will be in Aries so long because of retrograde — and, of course, making tough aspects to the planets in Capricorn several times, too. During this time, the god of war will be dancing a bossa nova with Lilith. Around August 15, these two rather blood-thirsty deities meet and then they have a second rendezvous around September 17 during Mars retrograde.

This definitely looks like a stirring of animal spirits. These two will be working together in the same space they co-operated in 2011, but with more intensity and without the help of Uranus. On the day of their first encounter, they will be making an exact square to Pluto in Capricorn — back on the same degree as the conjunction of January 12. Their conjunction in September will square Saturn in Capricorn. 

This looks argumentative, and like the Arab Spring, an argument between spring and winter, youth and old age. Mars is, of course, strong in Aries, his own sign, but then Saturn is strong in Capricorn. The two will be butting heads for months.

Wherever these two signs fall in your chart, there’s bound to be action this year. In the Aries house, a cat may burst out of the bag. For example, that might be a surge of creative power or an unruly child if you have Leo Rising, or a high fever if you have Virgo Rising. This cat will be blocked from turning into a wildcat by the Capricorn planets. If you have Sagittarius Rising that might be a teacher or even a court ruling, for example, or if you have Pisces Rising that could be a committee. Each of us is likely to have some kind of struggle, or be witness to one, depending on how this fits with your chart. 

Residents of Hong Kong or Baghdad probably don’t have to look far to find what this is about.

If, like the country of Australia, you have Aries Rising in a late degree, you may find yourself doing quite a lot of soul searching in the final six months of 2020, and you might run up against some powerful vested interests. Mars’s passage through Aries is definitely a tense, volatile period during which we’d all do well to mind our ps and qs.

Lilith moves into Taurus on October 21, where she will meet Uranus again for the first time since 2011. These two may have a calmer confab this time round. She shares a spirit of rebellion with Uranus, although in Lilith’s case it’s more “what the hell let’s make chaos”, and with Uranus there may well be some community spirit. They won’t actually meet until mid-December. 

Then in January 2021, Mars, Uranus and Lilith will be meeting just as they did in that spring of 2011, but this time in the earthiest earth sign of them all. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of rebellion bursts out then, and what rules are broken.

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