Shakira’s Channeling the Wild Goddess

Monday February 3rd 2020


Last night, pop diva Shakira ululated at the Superbowl: a first outing on prime time American TV  for this exuberant, controlled shriek of celebration that you’ll hear at any fiesta from Syria to Morocco. Apparently it’s used in other parts of Africa, the Balkans and Asia too. There are records of its use in ancient Egypt. Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was a sound you heard at the Eleusinian mysteries or down at the temples to the goddess on the Arabian peninsula before the birth of Muhammad.

It was part of the half-time performance that she shared with Jennifer Lopez.

You can see her here —

In Arabic, this sound is called “zaghrouta”. And  in the Middle East, it’s mainly  a sound made by women. A chthonic female declaration of fire, and aliveness and joy. It’s so important that you might actually some professionals to make your “hafla” swing. In societies where women are so unvoiced, the zaghrouta is a fantastic release of raw energy.

So if you’ve seen the clip of Shakira, you’ll know just how wild the zaghrouta looks and feels. And yes, I thought when I saw it, we’re dealing with Lilith. (There’s an interesting connection between wild woman Lilith and the tongue. See Miley Cyrus in her Wrecking Ball phase and Kali!)

So here’s Shakira’s chart and, lo, she does have an exact conjunction of Lilith and Jupiter. In other words, Jupiter amplifies that Lilith, and it’s coming straight out of Taurus, the sign of earth and sound in the second house of talent.

But, you know, I really love astrology when this happens. Yesterday, Lilith was at 0° Aries, the very first moment of Zodiac cycle. And look at Shakir’a’s Venus — 0° Aries. So Lilith got to stick her tongue out at millions of viewers and declare her entry into a new cycle.

I’m expecting a lot more zaghareet this year.

(I rest my case for Mean Lilith BTW)



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  1. Lauren says:

    This a a sound you often hear in South Africa during celebrations, ritual and protests.

  2. Patterns | says:

    […] note that Shakira’s breakout Lilith performance at the Superbowl was one such personal Saturn-Pluto triumph. The conjunction took place less than […]