The Absolutely Fabulous Laura Dern

Monday February 10th 2020

Laura Dern as the terrifying, yet warm, divorce lawyer in Marriage Story. Note the shoes. A pair of red shoes plays a role in Wild at Heart too.

Laura Dern just won the Oscar for best supporting actress. A well-deserved tribute to an actress whose electric screen presence is always mesmerising — even when she’s just ordering a kale salad in Marriage Story.

Dern’s chart is just so Hollywood, with a massive stellium in glamorous Pisces plus shimmery, glittery, mutable, mirrory Pisces Rising. Her Aquarian Sun is in the 12th house of the collective, a great placement for anyone who needs some mass appeal.  That dangerously charming Mars in Libra is actually the only traditional planet aspecting the Sun.

She’s also really lucky. Look at the giant kite formation in her chart. It connects a watery grand trine — Saturn (hard work and longevity) in Pisces, with Jupiter in Cancer (family) and Neptune (movies) in Scorpio. She’s from a movie family  and she must create and look for family whenever she works. But the Grand Trine is given tension and drive by the generational conjunction of Uranus-Pluto in Virgo. Her breakout role was as the curious, clever virginal Sandy in Blue Velvet — a Virgoan archetype in a nasty, nasty world. That came out when Jupiter, the magnifier, was cruising through all her Pisces planets.

Well, this has been a great year for Dern with both her films (Marriage Story and Little Women) up for numerous prizes. It certainly seems to help when the Oscars are the day before your birthday. (I’ve always thought that part of British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s success was due to his scheduling elections near his own birthday on May 6, and look at Shakira’s birthday Superbowl.) It means the Sun is shining right on you. Something to keep in mind for your next awards ceremony!

Laura Dern in Marriage Story. Note the red shoes. A similar pair played an important role in Wild at Heart too.

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  1. Samma Madsen says:

    I love the article on Laura Dern and you talk about her chart but I do not see it. Am I missing something about where to find it. I would love to see the Kite formation and her Mars to the Sun. I’m hoping yuo might send the chart. Thank you so much, and also thank you for the article and chart on the Coronavirus in China and around the world. So vital and important.