Harry Styles: Beloved by Venus

Saturday March 14th 2020

Sporting a pearl necklace
She lives in daydreams with me
She’s the first one that I see
And I don’t know why
I don’t know who she is … ” — She

Talented, graceful Aquarian Harry Styles is much more than a pop star, indeed he appears to be channelling something bigger than himself — a kind of feminine power.

You have only to look at him, in his gorgeous, louche attire, velvet and paisley, leather and chiffon, lace and pearls, with painted nails and beringed fingers, glossy locks and the face of cupid. Bedizened, dazzling, shimmering: he wears the totems of Venus — makeup, jewellery, a sunny smile — flounces and frills.

Not only does Styles have Libra Rising, which is often so pleasant to look at; Venus, the chart ruler conjoins his Sun in Aquarius, which in turn trines his Libra Moon. It’s perfectly mesmerising circuit of charm. People who have met him say his unforced ability to get a smile out of anyone is almost uncanny — and he’s famously pleasant, a most Libran word. Venusians can be so polite, add a stellium in humanitarian Aquarius and you’re likely to get a most civil person. No wonder he’s written a song called Treat People With Kindness.


Styles is not just a fashion plate, of course. His latest album Fine Lines is beautiful. A perfectly playful display of musical prowess from the emotional, flexible vocals to the mysterious, sometimes mystical words to the wondrous, lush production. It’s no surprise that he cites Joni Mitchell’s gorgeous masterpiece Blue and Van Morrison’s soul-expanding Astral Weeks as influences.

You could say he’s having a moment as he takes his new album on a world tour — (although we’ll see how that goes with the pandemic). But really he’s been having a moment since he first stepped into the public eye back in 2010, and became famous within weeks.

On April 11, 2010, his mother suggested Harry should try for a place on the British TV show The X Factor. It was a decision that would rocket him to almost overnight stardom. The kind of meteoric rise that has sent countless young people over the edge into a kind of fame-madness — sex, drugs, suicide and misery. Yet Styles stepped into stardom as if it were a well-fitting suit.

In fact, this is one of the oddities sometimes of a 12th house Moon. Since you’re at home with the collective, you might be comfortable being world famous, with a face and voice owned by millions.

But what was happening that day and that year?

Neptune, the planet of music and magic, was at the very end of Aquarius, making a conjunction with Styles’ Mercury (the voice) in Aquarius and with his Saturn at 0° Pisces. These two would receive a conjunction from Neptune three times that year. The Lord of the Sea washing away any boundaries or obstacles (Saturn) to Harry’s rise to the top, and at the same time speaking directly through Styles via his Mercury.

His entire career so far has been under the umbrella of Neptune in Pisces, a period which has been marvellous for fashion, music, film and TV, for the stuff of dreams and glamour.

Styles’ Mercury in Aquarius trines his Ascendant, so it is part of that charmed circle of grace in his chart. So in 2010, Neptune was bringing that Mercury to life — and changing signs into Pisces.

Four planets in  Aquarius gives Styles’ the common touch, and it may contribute to his gender-fluid style. It also makes him a team player — no wonder he started out in a boy band — and just plain friendly.

Another major planet was also changing signs in that year. Uranus was at 28° Pisces on April 11, 2010. Also making an aspect to Styles Ascendant — a quincunx and a semi-sextile to his Mercury. During those years, Neptune and Uranus were, of course, in mutual reception, that is in each other’s signs, so functioning beautifully together. Don’t forget this was when the smartphone was born, the perfect combination of technology and magic.

Styles was born with that generational Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. These are people totally at home with the marriage of art and technology. This particular conjunction is being wildly energised right now by Pluto and Saturn. It was on this very spot 23° Capricorn that Pluto, Saturn and Ceres had their historic meeting in January 2020. No wonder Styles is seemingly everywhere.

Styles waves the rainbow flag, and his style is certainly somewhat gender-fluid. This reflects that Uranus-Neptune conjunction. Although at the same time, like his music, it’s referring back to earlier rockers — Mick Jagger and Stevie Nicks seem obvious sources for the floppy hats and velvet suits. This homage to the tradition of rock and roll is interesting.

Saturn in Pisces often needs to make its own authority. You sometimes see it in the charts of people who have lost their father, for example. At 0° this might be quite pressing. But you also choose your own heroes. You’re not bound by hierarchical structures. Saturn is the planet of tradition and the old rules, of course, but in Pisces those are dissolved.

When Styles made the fateful decision to try for The X factor, Saturn was also at 29°, opposite to Uranus, and also in the sign opposite to Styles own Saturn. All teenagers experience the opposition of Saturn to its natal position between the ages of around 14 and 16. It’s a time of seriously questioning authority. But since his own Saturn is at 0° Pisces, this would have been some time before. Saturn is just on the cusp of leaving Virgo and directly opposite transiting Uranus. Styles was about to break free (Uranus) in a way that most teenagers will only dream of.

The passing on of tradition seems to be connected with Vesta too, and you’ll note that Styles’ Vesta is in the very last degree of the entire Zodiac — and it was being transited by Uranus back in 2010. Vesta in Pisces might be about a musical tradition, and here was the right person to give an injection of life into a genre of music that might have been getting a little stale.

In short, maybe it’s no surprise that Styles solo albums have been so sublimely retro, and simultaneously current. There is Uranus and Neptune again: the wildly innovative and the eternal.

There are two other significant objects at 28°-29°. Chiron, the centaur, was making a conjunction to Neptune as the Lord of the Sea swam into Pisces from the rocky beach of Aquarius. Perhaps this simply showed that Styles was about to encounter a series of mentors who helped him on his way. The other is the natal Ceres at 29° Aries, making a sextile to those planets in Aquarius. It was after all, the teenager’s mother who suggested he have a go at The X Factor. I suspect Harry and his mother are close.

Styles with one of his heroes Stevie Nicks — and a really fabulous corduroy suit.

There’s another goddess — and maybe the most important one of all — who demands attention. Juno, the queen of the gods, sits right on Styles’ Ascendant. You know when you have the protection of Juno (Hera), you’ll go far, like Jason of the Argonauts.

I’ve noticed that a strong Juno can be an immense confidence-booster. These people often seem to have a kind of inner certainty, a self-sufficiency.

Other people with Juno conjunct the Ascendant include Pope Francis, Einstein and Mae West. Another super-glamourous singer, Brian Ferry, also famous for knowing how to wear a suit, has the same placement also in Scorpio. If you have a planet this tight to the Ascendant, she may be speaking through you. I’d like to hear Styles cover These Foolish Things, a song of nostalgic yearning, written by Eric Maschwitz (Venus-Juno conjunction) and sung so memorably by Ferry (Juno Rising).

Styles does not just have the protection of Juno; she is joined by her husband, the Lord of Luck himself in Styles first house. And boy, has he been lucky.

Maybe though, it’s not just Venus, but also Juno who is the source of Styles’ feminine power.

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  1. Christina says:

    Just like to point out that Harry Styles works with a rather brilliant stylist, Harry Lambert. Here he is on instagram. https://www.instagram.com/harry_lambert/?hl=en

  2. AquarianMoon says:

    Outing myself as a Harry fan and part timeOone Direction historian: yes, Harry and his mom Anne are very close, as well as his older sister Gemma (tabloids will label her either ‘fan’ or ‘girlfriend’ 8 times out of 10) who Harry says takes her role of sisterly teaser very seriously.

    Another ‘quirk’ of Harry’s is that he is absolutely baby minded. He loves them. He once told Barbara Walters he wants loads of children. His One Direction hair stylist was able to take her infant daughter on tour with them along with her crew member husband, and Harry was almost always in their company while traveling. He is the girl’s godfather. I’m surprised he doesnt have anything in Cancer, but all that Libra energy does make sense.

    One thing that does not surprise me is that Pisces Vesta in Uranus… Unwavering dedication to Innovation in such Picean themes as creativity and illusion … that is Harry Styles to a T.