Tuesday March 10th 2020


One of the lessons of astrology is that it takes all sorts to run the world. We need Aquarian teamwork, Cancerian nurturing, Aries can-do, Leonine playfulness — or to put that in modern terms, we need Aquarian autism, Cancerian hypochondria, Arien sadism and Leonine narcissism. Problems arise when we get too much of one or two or three. We need a balance of all 12 ways of being crazy, sane, constructive, destructive, creative — alive.

Happily, each of us contain the whole Zodiac in the map of our souls. You can read this in your chart.

Even if you have no planets in a sign, that sign is still meaningful for you. And the sign’s ruler is probably doing something, too.

So, for example, maybe you have nothing in the sign Leo. But the Sun rules the sign of the Lion — and you know how important your Sun is right? What’s more the house placement of Leo tells you something about yourself too. When you do the same for every planet and every sign, you get extraordinary depth and complexity of character.

The necessity for diversity translates into the wider world too.

Say you work in an office with a dozen Taureans. You’re making consistently beautiful textiles, but the tendency is to stick to what you know. The place is stagnating. You might welcome some Aries chutzpah, or a touch of Scorpionic criticism to get things moving. It’s true of all teams — diversity helps. One person might be great at accounting, but you need the other guy with imagination. Isn’t this what all those boring heist movies are about — gathering the team of experts? And there’s another thing, you need the person who loves Ocean’s Umpteen, and the people who would rather eat worms than watch another bro-flick.

It’s useful to keep this perspective as the Sun takes its 12-month tour through the signs of the Zodiac — and for a time, the one sign is pulling things into focus. Right now, we’re reaching the end of that tour in the mystic, magical, manipulative, imaginative sign of the influencer, Pisces.

Pisces, of course, provides imagination. My colleague at Capricorn Research, who loves a statistic (how Capricorn!), has found that artists are far more likely Pisces than any other sign. That’s a very satisfying confirmation of simple Sun sign astrology. And of the traditional role we assign to Pisces as the Zodiac’s dreamers.

And, of course, we need those dreamers, to envision the future, sing our present and mythologise our past. Pisces spin those magic threads of imagination that we can follow  to the depths of Hades, the heights of Heaven or just deep into the ocean of self-loss.

In this decade, with the great god Neptune resident in this sign, Pisces, and the things of Pisces are very powerful. That includes the great beauty, but also the grand illusion. Remember that the master of media himself, Rupert Murdoch, Prince of Lies, has the Sun in Pisces…

Pisces, of course, has not boundaries at all…

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  1. Severne says:

    Fabulous! Diversity is absolutely necessary and so is to learn how to embrace it and channel it, the way you connect that to Astrology is just beautiful and clear. Yesterday, after few weeks of witnessing few (unnecessary) sparks fly on my new job I realized that two of my coworkers have cardinal sun signs, and they’re both type A…
    As a Pisces it is hard for me to adjust to a world of rules, schedules, to do lists. I love and need structure, but a kind, flexible and intelligent one.