What Astrologers Are Saying About the Coronavirus

Monday March 23rd 2020
Before the Storm, Isaac Levitan

Before the Storm, Isaac Levitan

Right now, I am sitting in my bedroom, looking out at a clear blue sky. It’s very quiet, because there’s so little traffic and I can hear bird song several gardens away, children playing next door. The air is clear and easy on the lungs. It smells different: good. There’s a strange stillness as we ready ourselves for the coming storm.

On Friday, both my daughters had their last day of school. All the teachers lined up outside to wave goodbye and cheer the girls, some were crying. The girls in their final year, who will never go back, were in tears too. There was a peculiar atmosphere, as we knew that some parents, the health workers, would soon be on the frontline of a battle taking place in the midst of our own community, and some of us might be losing friends or relatives.

Many friends have already seen their future income completely wiped out as the entire economy grinds to a juddering halt. Who knows how we will all make ends meet, who will depart and who will stay. One thing is certain, when the children return to school some things will not be the same.

We have now separated out to our own family pods. And we’ll be seeing each other again on the other side…

It’s an extraordinary time. As you know if you read this website, I see this as a massive stress test for our systems of governance, hierarchies, economy etc. Some will fail, and some will come through. What we need now is solidarity and co-operation. How we treat each other now is crucial.

And I think our relationship with the planet has to change.

Here is what some astrologers have to say about it.

• Steven Forrest

Pluto Eris and the Evolutionary Meaning of Coronavirus 


• Faye Blake

Coronavirus: An Unsung Hero


• Sue Kientz

Dwarf Planets and the Pandemic


• Alex Miller



• Lynn Bell

Saturn, Pluto and Current Events 2020


• Robert Wilkinson

We Will Not Pass This Way Again — Reflections on the End of A Way of Life


• Sally Kirkman

Coronavirus: The Astrology 


• Ray Grasse

Reflections on the Coronavirus and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction


• Ray Merriman

Weekly Forecast


Capricorn Research

The Future of Coronavirus and the Need for a Science of Astrology


• Me

Coronavirus, China, and the WHO


Giving You the Heads Up

Stay safe and take care of the ones you’re with.

BTW I am sure there are more good astrological insights on the web, please feel free to add them in the comments.


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  1. Faye Blake says:

    Thanks for putting this together Christina!

  2. Attached is a link to the PDF of my notes for the two videos I want to make which analyzes the astrological metaphysics of the pandemic using the little-known method of Structural Astrology from the Netherlands. Although in note form, it is 14 pages of text, providing sufficient background information for other astrologers to be able to understand it.

  3. Ellen M says:

    As always Christina you eloquently sum up the situation exactly. Thank you so much!

  4. Pamela Archambault says:

    This is a wonderful piece by astrologer Lee Lehman PhD.

    • Christina says:

      Thank you, Pamela. watching now.

      • Christina says:

        Exceptionally interesting about the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction. She talks about this after 50 minute mark.

        • Pamela Archambault says:

          Yes, Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in an air sign versus an earth sign. “The difference between how set into physical, tangible life do you have to be comfortable versus how comfortable you are with a system that changes within weeks”, and how a larger number of older generation people are now a part of this change.

  5. I looked at the charts of the beginnings of the Coronoa Virus and how they are related to the eclipses in my podcast on Radiant Astrology with my guest, astrologer Melissa LaFara. https://radiantastrology.com/aries-equinox-and-the-astrology-of-covid-19/

  6. Antony L Milner says:

    Hello Christina, I have been a keen follower of your blog for a couple of years now. Thanks for your really excellent work. And particularly for this compilation of relevant commentary on our present state of affairs. I recently wrote an article subtitled: A brief overview of Gaia, Chiron, Covid-19, Genetic intervention and the astrological times we are living through. The main points focus on the 50.25 year Chiron cycle (currently transiting the early degrees of Aries in 2020) as it was during the devastating Spanish flu of 1918-19, and later in 1968 during the Asian flu resulting in over 1 million deaths. Of note, yesterday’s New Moon was conjunct Chiron. The article also mentions that Chiron was discovered (1977) concurrent with major discoveries in genetic science. To this point, in May of last year there was a paper published in the journal Nature by the Wuhan Institute of Virology, titled: Bat adeno-associated viruses as gene therapy vectors with the potential to evade human neutralizing antibodies. The link is here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41434-019-0081-8. More is discussed on these factors in the article. Perhaps most importantly is the discussion that the current crisis may the Gaia Principle at work. As you may know, the Gaia hypothesis proposes that living organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a synergistic and self-regulating, complex system that helps to maintain and perpetuate the conditions for life on the planet.Over the past two weeks alone we have not been pumping hundreds of thousands of tons of Co2 into our atmosphere for example.I should add it is not all doom and gloom and apocalyptic. I see the recent Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn with all its disruption, changing very much for the better as Saturn takes on its new message in Aquarius.
    Here is the link to the Article:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/zjmt3owjihmwud5/Hold%20Firm%20to%20the%20Bow%20Rails%20-%203.24.pdf?dl=0Thanks again for all work.

    Very best wishes and stay well.

    • Christina says:

      Thank you so much for this link, Anthony. I’m glad to have found your work & that you’ve brought in Chiron, which is so clearly relevant.

      Also, I agree with you about Gaia theory. I was talking today with someone about how this period we are in reminds me of when my daughter had ME. She had to stop everything and just be.

  7. Denise says:

    Thanks much for the links and discussion space. Your Hesse quote today is perfect.


    This is not astrology, but it is beautifully written, and I think the potential for positive outcomes expressed in this article correspond nicely with the potentials inherent in Jupiter and Saturn moving into Aquarius. He touches on the Ceres issues as well. The author sums up what I have been thinking over the past couple weeks, but much more eloquently than I could say it. The lesson going forward is interconnectedness.

  8. I can add to the list of articles: “Why I did Not Predict COVID-19” available at https://wp.me/pcGXY-j2
    I am currently working on the “Astrological Stages of COVID-19” as there are 6 distinct astrological stages with their approximate timeframes as follows:
    Stage 0 – to December 2019 (cover-up stage)
    Stage 2 – Dec 19 – Apr 20 (serious China and worldwide inception stage)
    Stage 3 – Apr 20 – Jun/Jul 20 (Serious stage)
    Stage 4 – Jun/Jul 20 – Aug-Sep 20 (Serious stage plus some diminishing in some localities)
    Stage 5 – Aug-Sep 20 – Oct 20 (possible easing in many localities but serious elsewhere)
    Stage 6 – Oct 20+ – extraction from pandemic