Your Month Ahead: March 20-April 20

Wednesday March 18th 2020

As usual, we’re looking at the month ahead, but in the circumstances, we talk a lot about the pandemic — a lot.

We’re looking at the big astrology between March 20 and April 20 — including Mars’ conjunctions with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, plus Saturn’s change of signs.

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  1. 44 and counting says:

    What a month!

    I’ve been stunned by how talk of isolating the over-70s, lockdowns, banning mass gatherings is perfect symbology of a Saturn-Pluto conjunction especially in Capricorn. Like living in some kind of dystopian dictatorship. (That’s not to say the Government is wrong about any of these). Walking into the supermarket and seeing empty shelves reminded me of watching the news in the 80s where they would show people in communist Russia or Poland queuing for hours to get a loaf of bread or cabbage.

    As for the situation, I personally think it has to last long enough to get people to reconsider how they live their lives. If everything corrects in a couple of weeks time then we all go back to our old habits and nothing changes until the next crisis hits. After all these years in Cap, Pluto moving into Aquarius is only three years away. Saturn will be bridging that those three years and I believe we’re all going to really look a lot harder at what our communities mean to us. As Christina said, her street are pulling together to help each other through.

    A month ago Brexit was all the headlines were about. Now everybody is shutting their borders and so on. I commented previously that the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in the EU chart of Nov 1993 is getting hit by Pluto this year. Is it possible that Brexit deal happens by default as the EU falls apart?

    • Christina says:

      Not sure about the EU. But I so agree with you about Saturn-Pluto and prison… Last month I pointed out to a fellow astrologer, a Capricorn who was wondering why she felt so stuck, that Saturn-Pluto is “jail”.